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Designaknit 8 (DAK) and Cable for Sale

Started by Diane in Boston, August 15, 2017, 02:58:05 pm

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Diane in Boston

I would like to sell my copy of Designaknit 8 plus the cable and magnetic arm that go with it. This software works only on Windows machines. I have the Machine Pro version, the magnetic arm, and the USB Brotherlink 5 cable. I also have a workbook that goes with the software.

This amazing software can be used for both hand and machine knitting. It has enormous capabilities for standard pattern drafting, original pattern drafting, stitch design, the use of your own designs, etc. For details about the program, please see the following link: https://www.softbyte.co.uk/designaknit.htm. From this link, you can download more detailed information about the program.

The Brotherlink cable that I have can be used on the following Brother machines: KH930, KH940, KH950i, KH965i, KH970,
PPD for KH900, PPD for CK35.

The magnetic arm attaches to the carriage and thereby enables Interactive Knitting with any knitting machine, including non-electronic ones.

I'm selling this software because I am doing very little machine knitting these days and because all my computers are Macs, not Windows machines. The software is in the form of a CD. Once it's loaded into a laptop, you don't need the CD to use the software.

I paid $500 for the software plus $20 shipping and would sell it for $325 including shipping. Unfortunately, the American distributor of the software requires a new owner to pay a registration fee for changing ownership. This fee is either $50 or $75. Once i have an interested buyer, I will contact the dealer on behalf of the buyer and find out what I have to do to transfer the software license.

I paid $120 for the cable plus $15 shipping and would sell the cable and magnetic arm together for $100, including shipping.

Please send me a private message if you would like more information or if you are interested in purchasing this software.