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Author Topic: SWAP 2017 Official Rules  (Read 2119 times)


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SWAP 2017 Official Rules
« on: January 30, 2017, 03:24:07 AM »

Title: SWAP 2017 Official Rules
            Post by: SWAP Coordinator on November 05, 2016, 08:18:04 PM                     

No purchase necessary anywhere; this contest is open to anyone with a needle and thread, regardless of budget or availability of items.  Just jump in and join the fun.

When SWAP first started the emphasis was on building a wardrobe of coordinates using a strict formula of six tops, four bottoms and one jacket, with all pieces working together. Over time other combinations have been used in the rules.

As we are primarily a sewing board, in recent years the emphasis has been shifted to the sewing aspect, with less emphasis on wardrobe or coordination of garments within the SWAP.

 A blend of sewing and wardrobe planning enhances garment sewing. The point of sewing clothes is to gain freedom from the limitations of ready to wear in terms of color, style and personal fit. Having garments in styles, colors and shapes that flatter, that fit well is the best solution to the old lament, “I have nothing to wear!”.  Having your garments coordinate maximizes your investment of time and money in producing them.

I’ve read the discussion and tried to reflect your desires in the plan.

The basis is taken from the original SWAP plan, but more functional. If you shift one top over to be a second layer you expand the versatility of the group. Now you have 5 tops x 4 bottoms, 20 outfits. Add layer one and it goes to 40. Use layer two and you have 60 options. If by some chance you can wear layer one and two together you have a potential of 80 outfits from the 11 garments. I've expanded on this.

2017 Less is More SWAP Rules

Eleven garments divided between Upper, Lower and Over pieces. These are tops and dresses; bottoms; and layers, all defined later. There are minimums and maximums in each category, to provide balance and variety. You decide the final distribution.

: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Lower: Minimum 3, maximum 5.
Over: Minimum 2, maximum 5. No more than ½ may be outerwear.

You decide how many of each, within the numbers above, to total 11 garments.

Your twist: Each garment in a category must work with at least half of the garments in each of the other two categories. Example 5 Upper, 3 Lower, and 3 Over. Each upper would need to work with 2 Lower and 2 Over garments in combinations that you will actually wear.

ROGUE garments. Two dresses may be “rogue” in that they won’t need to work with Lower garments. They still need to work with Over pieces per the rules above. Obviously if you want 5 dresses 3 would need to be styles that work with what you choose as Lower pieces. NOTE: These are not Wild Cards. Only two dresses, no other garments, can be exempted from working with the Lower pieces. They also are still part of the Upper group and must also work with the Over group, per the rules.

This is actually all easy to figure out, but I can explain it later if needed.

I’m sort of redefining the categories a bit and reassigning some garments, such as pinafore/jumper garments, as the layering category is expanded this year. I think this will work nicely for us.

Upper: Tops, shirts, tunics and dresses, etc. intended to cover the upper part of the body but may extend to the floor. Does not have legs. Not primarily intended as overlayers.

Lower: Bottom garments, such as skirts, pants, shorts, leggings, etc. intended to cover the lower part of the body. If it has legs it is always a Lower, so a jumpsuit would be here. NOTE:Dresses, jumpers, etc are not Lower group garments.

ETA: Jumpsuits do not need to be worn with your Upper group garments, only with the proper number of Over group items.

As always, these categories need to avoid being obscene if worn without another layer, as defined by your lifestyle. Remember, there will be photos!

Over: Garments you layer over Upper or Lower garments. This might be a cardigan, vest, suiting type jacket etc. Pinafores and jumpers(American definition) will be Over or layer garments. It also includes outerwear, which are top layers such as parka, heavy coats, raincoats, etc. Outerwear are garments worn to protect from the elements and are frequently removed when one arrives at a destination as opposed to a suit jacket or cardigan which is part of an outfit and you leave on unless it gets hot. There are limits on outerwear.

 If these garments can also be worn alone, that is fine.

: Because the number of layers is expanded and due to current fashion, layers can also be sheer materials, such as lace or eyelet. If Over pieces can also be layered together over other pieces, that is fine.  Having pinafores in this category is also new this year.

: A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 patterns can be used. Two or three items will repeat but the garments don’t need to be identical. Use your imagination. Designed to develop TNT patterns. NOTE: per Wikipedia: a pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric. A wardrobe pattern, magazine or book is not a single pattern; they are collections of patterns.

KNITS: You may include up to 4 crocheted, hand or machine knit garments.

This plan rewards simplicity. The more you coordinate the less trouble you will have getting finished. The more complex you get with your garment types and color choices the more planning you will need to do to pull it off. I highly recommend working it out on paper. With this you will be choosing your difficulty level. Simple is easy to pull off.

You won’t be sewing any orphans or 11 of one category, but it is possible to create different groups in different colorways with more planning. It’s also tricky to make this work with both after 5 garments and athletic wear in the same wardrobe. I know it’s not the best plan for everybody but that one doesn’t actually exist. I also assume that this is not all the sewing you will do this year.

You may use one previously sewn item, completed by November 5th, when the Rules were posted.

You may make 2 “Early Bird” garments, begun on or after November 5th, when the Rules were posted and completed prior to December 26th, the official start of sewing.

You may use one purchased item, bought at any time through April 30th, 2017.

 If you like, one garment may be refashioned. It will replace your previously sewn item or purchased item, which ever you use as your starting point.

The above are tools; use them to your advantage!

Sewing will begin December 26th, your time, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2017.  Muslins, pattern fitting and fabric cutting may be started whenever you are ready.

"Sewing" is a blanket term; you may sew, knit, crochet, weave...whatever works. All garments must follow the timelines stated above to be included.

Photo information to follow

Finally, this year, the individual threads are optional, and should only be posted to by their authors so the moderators don't have to monitor them every day. At the top of your first post please put something similar to this: "NO comments here please! Put all comments on the SWAP Discussion Board." Thank you. This will make it easier on the Mods.

As before, individual fitting issues or other such discussion should be posted on the "individual projects" board:

PS: It's still the 5th my time for many hours but the date stamp might not reflect it. I couldn't change the time for me.  :) Also, I know this is long. I wanted to try to clarify as much as I could to help cut down the questions for you. I can do a little cheat sheet chart later if you like.

NOTE: I put some things in bold that were missed by some of you. New material I added to clarify is in RED and bold. Next week I'll remove the red once you have a chance to see it.

Check attachment for rest of thread in text format.
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