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March 02, 2021, 09:48:54 am


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Elise’s “Sprinkles” 2021 SWAP

Started by Hilda Rose, January 21, 2021, 04:59:12 am

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Hilda Rose

Hi Everyone,

After 6 weeks of keeping the kids occupied during summer holidays, I'm organised & ready to SWAP!
I had a plan & after being diagnosed with an illness that will mean my diet has to change & I'll probably lose some weight (silver lining!) I've decided to rework the plan. I now only wish to sew a "sprinkling" of quick & easy, fabric efficient items to fill gaps in my current wardrobe and a few UFOs that have been cut but not sewn for over a year. I tend to cut out something then get diverted to urgent sewing for the ever-growing kids. It's time to get the UFOs done and some wear out of them before they don't fit. So, the plan is:

1) SOI Susie - Top > Dress (shorten bodice, recut armhole & add a skirt).
2) V8896 - Dress > Skirt / Top (had an oops with cutting & the bodice stripes don't match. Need to salvage fabric).
3) Jocole Skinny Pants - Shorts made for a friend but didn't suit. Unpick resize down & remake.

4) NL 6358 - Tropical Print Board Shorts
5) SA Adrienne Skirt - Red Denim
6) S2188 Top - Rayon floral + lace

7) NL 6269 - Floral Knit Skirt
8 ) I2S Beausoleil - Floral Poplin Top
9) I2S Hermosa - Denim Shorts
10) Cropped Linen Blend Pants - V9176 or B6331 or S5259

11) I2S Crystal Cove Cami - Black or Floral

Any disasters may be replaced by:
S2594 - Linen print front with navy back
NL6284 - Double Gauze & lace

These items obviously aren't planned to coordinate, but they fit my needs at the moment according to each category. If I only get 6 done before uni starts late Feb, I'll be happy. The remaining 5 would be a bonus given my study load & I've been asked to make a "mother of the bride" dress (she's into vintage twirly tulle 50s style, so that'll take some time).

The kids go back to school next Wednesday & I have 3 x uniform skirts to alter & a backpack strap to mend before I can turn my focus to SWAP!

 :D  Elise

Hilda Rose

January 26, 2021, 06:07:04 pm #1 Last Edit: January 27, 2021, 12:20:54 pm by Hilda Rose

Well, the uniform skirts got altered + appliqué name patch for my son's school chair bag done and kids are at school! Backpack strap not fixed, but we had a spare backpack, so all is ok... it will wait.

SWAP plan changing to incorporate a dress for a funeral this Friday afternoon. 2.5 days to toile & sew, which will be tight!

Designer Stitch Valentina Dress

Hilda Rose

Good but bad news: Lots of sewing being done, but all non-SWAP & mostly non-Me.

Thanks to 5kg weight loss, I found a suitable RTW dress in the closet to wear to the funeral. No rushed sewing required, phew 😌! I still plan to make the Valentina dress but not for SWAP - it's on my 2021 Sewing Wish List.

We've finally been able to have "Christmas in February" with 2 sets of good friends. We traveled back home this year to see our actual families for Christmas, but usually have Christmas & Boxing Day with our friends if no one comes to us. Lockdown in January & me being too sick delayed things. Anyway, I had ordered slogan t-shirts and finally made:
* 8 x boxer shorts. Used 5 different patterns depending on size and style. Only hiccup was a drafting error with McCall's 6848 (the newest pattern!). The front side curves way lower/longer than the back although the inseam is correct. Same error on both the shorts & romper pieces.

For my Kids who keep growing!
* Finished a set of summer pjs for DS
* 2 x shorts for very tall + skinny DD & her bestie who's the same build.

Selfish sewing (finished 1/2 made items that can't count towards SWAP):
* I2S Crystal Cove Cami - wearable toile. Will add 1-1.5" extra length at waist for SWAP version.
* K3614 - wearable toile, Navy Sateen Shorts. Still need to take in the inseam more and write up adjustment notes. Overall this pattern has promise, but won't work in denim for SWAP.

Uni starts today & I have 1, possibly 2 formal/prom dresses to make by end of May for close friends' daughters. 2nd dress depends on availability of desired-colour fabric. Although I will say no to making the Mother of the Bride outfit, I'm not sure if SWAP is doable. Maybe a 1/2 Monty? We'll see...

Pics to come later.

Hilda Rose

Photos all done, but need to reactivate Flickr or some such account so I can post!

Forgot I had also made board shorts for my lads who are off to a Father & Son camp next weekend + Lycra swim trunks for my son!

Hilda Rose

Boys PJ set K3042
Boxers S2741 & M9638
Women's boxers M4218 & M6848

Hilda Rose

Board Shorts men's K4321 & boy's K3430. Mesh pockets.
Swim trunks pattern created from outline of RTW trunks.

Hilda Rose

Crystal Cove Cami (back view) & K3614 shorts