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January 27, 2021, 11:59:31 am


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Treefrog's Algebra SWAP Redux

Started by treefrog, January 02, 2021, 04:45:46 pm

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My SWAP is based on the Algebra SWAP formula.  I find thinking in terms of smaller groupings, or 'looks' makes it easier for me to put together a co-ordinated set. It also ticks off most of my garment needs al the moment - jeans, summer pants, hiking set and to use a couple of shirting fabrics that I didn't get to last year.

Inspiration looks

Full details are on my blog, but this is the structure.
  • "3 pack" of Color(s) A (3 garments) - This will be blues - denim + the floral rayon
  • "3 pack" of Color(s) B (3 garments) - This will be naturals - embroidered voile, linen pants and a stripe T
  • "Combo Pack" of Colors A & B (2 garments) - An eyelet voile and cotton sateen
  • "3 pack" of Wild Cards - Hiking group with a linen shirt, drawstring pants & more technical pair of hiking pants

I'm also considering a hiking SWAP, which I'll work on over the course of the year.


January 02, 2021, 05:01:37 pm #1 Last Edit: January 02, 2021, 05:13:38 pm by treefrog
The first 3 pack is for jeans and a floral blouse.

The straight leg jeans was to be my pre-SWAP item.  I'd made a test pair that I'd drafted a non-stretch jeans pattern based on my pants sloper, which had a pretty good fit, but there was a twist in the leg.  I think this is due to the way I'd done a knock-knee adjustment. But I need to give it another try at some stage.  More details on the blog if you are interested.

I went back to an Ottobre pattern for stretch denim and got a good result, so the stretch jeans are done.  They are in a lightweight stretch denim which will be great for summer.


Pattern tetris anyone?

This week, I tried a mock up of the McCall's pattern for the floral blouse.  The pattern was a total failure, but I learnt a new method for making a hidden button placket.  I ended up unpicking the shirt and re-cutting it into another pattern. (More on the blog if you are interested)  Turned out really well.  Will need to re-think which pattern I want to use the floral print on. 

Transforming McCalls 7387 into Ottobre 2/2013 #9