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Melinda's Anything Goes SWAP

Started by Melinda_B, December 30, 2020, 07:46:58 pm

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I'm finally starting a topic, if not actually sewing...

Recently I realised that I have very few summer clothes, and I also wear my work clothing as everyday clothing.  I'd like to make some more casual summer tshirts and shirts, and also some more work clothing.  Everything will be from stash, except for finishings such as buttons when required.  I may grab some elements of last years plans, but at present it's going to be what do I want to make first?

And before I can start, I need to make a pair of running tights for a friend before tomorrow....
Melinda<br /><br />Perth, Australia<br />Personal Blog - https://melbrennan.com/


Adding the rules, as I can never find them quickly....

Create a wardrobe collection of 11 garments. How you put them together is up to you.  These garments may or may not co-ordinate with each other, but should dovetail into your existing wardrobe.  Perhaps bring in a new colour; filling gaps; replace items that are wearing out; maybe a project that you've been hankering to do; it could be a mix of work , leisure, exercise or sleepwear.

You  have the option to do either..
FULL MONTY - make all 11 garments.  One garment may be previously sewn, one may be purchased, and one may be sewn up before the official sewing start date.
HALF MONTY - make 6 of the 11 garments.  One may be sewn up before the official sewing start date.  Make up the remaining items from your existing wardrobe; one may be purchased.   
Bonus points items - If make a time consuming garment, you may count it was double points.  Limit of 2.  These garments are typically ones that you would work on over a month. Examples of this would be couture garments, Alabama Chanin style garments, handknitted garments etc.  If in doubt, just ask.


Melinda<br /><br />Perth, Australia<br />Personal Blog - https://melbrennan.com/