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January 27, 2021, 12:04:21 pm


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Karine's Prints and Burda SWAP

Started by Karamiel, December 29, 2020, 03:57:07 am

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Hello everyone,

For this SWAP, I plan to make :

- 1 or 2 jumpsuits

- 8 or 9 dresses (some formal ones, some casual ones, if possible using a different pattern each time. (The truth is I may end using the same TNT to make multiple dresses by mid-April!)

- 1 pair of pyjamas

I've chosen according to what I need :

work     :      I go to work 4 days a week, and I mainly wear dresses as they are a good
                        option in my hot and humid weather. They also make my life easier in the rush
                        of the morning.

- free time : daytime :  casual dresses are my favourites, although I wear shorts at home
                                      but I have enough of them.

                     evening :  I made a jumpsuit for Christmas (photos to come) that fulfills
                                      the gap. That is the item completed before the beginning of the SWAP.
                      night :  I've got a very nice fabric to make a pair of pyjamas and I
                                     already have the perfect Burda pattern.

As for the fabrics, I'll mainly use patterned ones. Solid fabrics are not easy to wear when you work with no AC and barely a fan. It's not a problem as I like prints and I have a lot in my stash (and some more coming soon. I confess I ordered a few for the SWAP. You won't judge me, will you ? :embarassed: )

The patterns will be exclusively  chosen in my Burda magazines.

Here we go!



January 03, 2021, 02:05:23 pm #1 Last Edit: January 03, 2021, 02:17:51 pm by Karamiel
Here is an attempt to see if I can download pictures.

The jumpsuit is finished but not photographed yet.
The dress is under construction.

I need to bribe a member of my family to take pictures  ^-^

Happy sewing to everyone.


Here is the 1st dress of my never-ending chain of dresses.

Pattern from Burda 08/2020.
Viscose Fabric bought last November.

Modifications :
I made a toile and could see that the dress was too long for me. In the magazine, it is worn with boots and it looks nice. With sandals, not so much.

I shortened the sleeves.

I lined the bodice with cotton voile.

I am very pleased with it and can't wait to wear it to work. The fabric is soft. I like the print and the colours.

As for the jumpsuit I 1st completed, that is another story.
I was happy with it too, until I saw the pictures! The back view is not what I expected! I'm going to see if I can improve the fit.

Next project : a dress of course!
I must say the SWAP is helping me not being (too) distracted. I have all my Burda magazines at hand, and I exclusively look at the dresses. It narrows the choices, which is a good thing for me.

Happy sewing to everyone!



Hello everyone!

Here is the jumpsuit which was in fact my 1st completed item, back in December.
I was pleased with it, until I took pictures to post here and realised it was far from perfect.
I made a few adjustments and it's better I think.
Pattern from Burda magazine 06/2020.
Fabric from Seasalt.Kind of viscose.
Main modifications : I lenghtened the legs, lined the bodice, added darts in the armscye.

I've started a new dress and hope to finish it next week-end.

Happy sewing!