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April 20, 2021, 05:56:44 pm


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Boppingbeth’s ABB Swap

Started by boppingbeth, December 17, 2020, 06:02:35 am

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ABB Anything But Black.

I'm taking the approach of sewing more than I need and then letting go of what does not work for this new shape of mine with the extra Covid20 currently hanging around. I am also planning out the mock-up fabrics. I have more than enough fabric to make this work though I may not have enough energy to make things happen.  Last year I got many of the things on the list made, but pictures eluded me. No picture procrastination this year.

My colours are dark grey, plum and pink/cherry. I also have enough to make a full wardrobe in navy, white and teal/aqua, with a smattering of black and dark grey.

1. Jeans-likely a new to me pattern. Boot cut or stove pipe cut. Mock up in dark navy denim; real garment bubble gum pink or burgundy stretch denim.
2. Dress pants with pockets. Three dark grey options, one navy option. There is also always the black option lol. Bootstrap pattern, printed ready to go.
3. Bib front jumper-this is a new to me pattern. It is printed and ready to tape together. The mock up will be made in a soft grey twill; the real garment in a plum baby cord.

1. Scoop neck navy and white striped basic long sleeve tee.  No need for a mock up because live made this pattern a million times. I wear the black and grey version of this all the time. I need a few other versions that are abb.
2. Two piece collared button front shirt-dark grey soft twill as the mock up, chambray as the real deal. I also have a couple of other options for fabrics. This one will take some fitting so it is best to have a few fabric choices.
3. Dress shirt with gathers as yoke-the pretty work basic. This one may wait until the end because I don't know what fabrics I have that will work that are not black, other than the really nice white cotton sheet. Think conservative and soft. If I wimp out, i will make a scoop neck knit top out of a pink/burgundy flowered print.
4. Layering tank top. New to me pattern and pattern company, designed for wovens. Round neck, curved hems, super basic piece that if I can get it to fit will be an amazing wardrobe extender.  I have a knit version of this from p4p that is doll clothes for me (cut, sew, put on in an hour) but I would like a woven pattern. No idea what fabric I have for this except the white sheet.

If I run out of time, or energy, expect to see a lot of knit tanks and knit long sleeve tees instead.

1. Hugo's favourite cardigan-tester in dark grey, real version in burgundy knit. This is a new to me pattern and a sewing adventure because the sizing of these patterns depends on you knowing what you like in rtw. Do I know what I like in rtw?
2. Vneck cardigan in a lightweight knit. Maybe the Silhouette sweater-set pattern, maybe the kiwi sew sweater-set pattern. A basic I wear every day in black. Time to make some in different colours. Tester: Whatever fabric I can find in the stash. Real garment in lightweight cherry knit.
3. Sweater style 3 button Notched collar jacket, long sleeves, probably armhole princess style. I have a rtw version of this in black, but I would love one in burgundy double knit. I should probably make my tester in a basic that goes with the dress pants. I expect this one is going to take some effort to get right.

Wild card: basic black dress. Good version Black eyelet fabric, black rayon lining. Mock up in whatever I can find in the stash. Pattern tbd. Must have pockets.


Well, I make plans and then life happens. I had printed my first two patterns, and then my son-in-law, who had been battling cancer for the last two years, lost his fight this week.

Christmas was already very low key between lockdown, teaching online and his latest stay in the icu which started the beginning of December. I am not sure how it is going to go now as we help my daughter deal with the endless paperwork battle that happens after death. And I don't know what will happen with Swap. I may sew because it is my distraction. I may not because it is hard to focus.


Ok, the apron dress is cut out and partially constructed in the mock up fabric. I've put it onto the new true to me Judy, and I think it is going to be lovely.

I ordered a Lekala pattern for the jacket pattern-armhole princess with a three button closure.

I will tape together the Jean pattern tomorrow and see how far I get.  Tuesday I am at my daughter's house to help her with some things.  Then the deal is the basic black dress which I will need for the funeral.


I love the Apron dress.

 I shortened the pattern 3 1/2 inches so it falls just below my knee when hemmed. I did not shorten the pockets.  They are about an inch too long. I will shorten them in the good version and stitch an inch line higher in the wearable mock up. I did not do the button details on the back. I just stitched it shut. Totally pull on, totally lovely. Maybe not the vibe of a woman in her 50s but it is comfortable and practical and with leggings will be warm enough for teaching from our chilly basement.


The funeral should be Sometime this week.

I kyboshed the eyelet black dress pretty quickly. Too much fitting and the only dress length zippers I have are cream. 

Instead, I made a circle skirt variation of a skater dress from a new to me free pattern. The mock up is purple rayon double knit. I cut an 18, one size larger than I needed and ended up taking out all the extra fabric. I had to take up the bodice an inch to get the waist at the correct spot. Her skirt template is genius. The dress is very comfortable and easy to move in.

The good version of the dress was made from black rayon double knit with an over layer of black stretch lace.  I cut the circle skirt at the sides so I could add pockets.  The lace was narrower than the black under layer so the skirt is only knee length. I edged the top layer with 2" black lace so it is longer than the under layer. The sleeves are stretch lace with a small gathered cap. I didn't have enough fabric to cut more than short sleeves from the lace. Such is life. 

To get the pockets to work, I partially constructed the skirt to about an inch below the pocket opening.  Then I finished the under layer seam, pulling the lace out of the way.  After that I used the sewing machine and zigzagged the lace layer together below the pockets. I may need to topstitch just the first two inches of the top of the pocket to keep it flat to the skirt (just to the under layer).

The neck of the dress is very high. I scooped it to a more flattering shape for me.

Pictures in the morning with the light.

But I feel better knowing I have a black dress ready to go in the closet.


Next up on the plan is the button shirt. I'm using the free Lekala shirt pattern.  I've taped the pattern together and pinned it to Judy. It looks right.

The tester will be from the white sheet.  The good version will be from a lovely over embroidered white viole that had been in my stash for a good ten years. I'm using up some of my gross of cream 3/4 inch buttons on both.


I wore the dress to the funeral (which was beautiful and hard too).  Between tidying our house, which started just before the new year, and the memorial quilt for two baskets of tee in my sewing room, my sewing room ended up a disaster. Next step is to put up the peg boards so that the serger thread has a home and reclaim the cutting table so that I can cut out a shirt or two.


Ok. Grey shirt cut out and half constructed. I have been clearing out the excess in the house which has been interfereing somewhat with the sewing plan. That said, the peg board went up today and the mobile pressing station was also finished. I cut and constructed half of the grey shirt.  It needs sleeves, and the collar attached, but it looks good.