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April 20, 2021, 05:01:17 pm


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anna.wahnsinn's MORE OF THE SAME SWAP

Started by anna.wahnsinn, December 06, 2020, 03:20:56 pm

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December 06, 2020, 03:20:56 pm Last Edit: December 23, 2020, 02:13:50 pm by anna.wahnsinn
comments in main thread, please

Rules (KISS style):
Create a wardrobe collection of 11 garments:
- may or may not co-ordinate with each other
- garments should dovetail into your existing wardrobe (a new colour; filling gaps; replace items that are wearing out; maybe a project that you've been hankering to do; it could be a mix of work, leisure, exercise or sleepwear)

You  have the option to do either..
    FULL MONTY - make all 11 garments.  One each may be previously sewn, purchased, sewn up before December 26.
    HALF MONTY - make 6 of the 11 garments.  One may be sewn up before 12/26; make up the remaining items from your existing wardrobe; one may be purchased. 
Bonus points items - a time consuming garment (a month +) may count as double points (limit of 2).

Sewing will begin December 26th, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2021.  Muslins, pattern fitting and cutting may be started whenever you are ready.

Motivation (copied and adjusted from my planned but not sewn SWAP 2020) This is the perfect time to jump into SWAP 2021. I'll be busy tidying up & making space to work both in my new old and the old new craft room, so reclaiming the old one for myself and hopefully making space for the kids in the other one. Also I really need to pull all the fabric I've collected together to evaluate which pieces will go with which patterns. I think I keep buying the same stuff over and over again because I still need and want to make the same pieces. So much fabric and so many patterns for basically just the 4 or 5 different pieces of clothing I want to own over and over again...

I have all my paper patterns ready to pick from, all the Ottobres plus all of my StyleArc patterns - so far I still only made the two pairs of Linda pants that I still wear on a nearly daily basis. They are falling apart indeed.

My current clothes (basically what I had when I started planning for SWAP 2017) are showing even more visible signs of wear and tear today (so my pjama top collection has grown by 2), the now different craft room is still overflowing with stacks and boxes, and I still have the serger sitting in its box.

I really mostly want multiples of what I already have, preferably with improved fit, varied types of fabric, and of course in my favorite colors to make me happy. So this year too there will be lots of black (some of which I will be wearing to work with a ruby/claret colored apron) as well as deep and calm purples, but no teal at all anymore - probably sage or seafoam (I've had that fabric for a year or two now...). I have definitely gone off blueish shades. Even my preferred shades of purple have a higher amount of red. I love that I see this reflected not only in the clothes that I look at and feel I want, but also in the fabrics I bought to make clothes from. Often with a plan to make the items I still want today, so I'm all set. I just need to find the mojo to get started and keep going, as well as finding the perfect patterns and making them work for me - so the garments fit the way I like it, and are easy to sew. Ha. I see no problem there at all. Wonder why I never tried it before...

Come to think of it, I actually did. Once. I scribbled notes on the Linda pattern that I used when I made the second pair. And it worked! That is the one thing I am wearing every day if I can. Right now for example. I think I'll use that as my jumping off point!


Items I want to make for the 2021 SWAP

O easy starter: black skirt from my own pattern (after a purchased H&M skirt) (to go with black pants & purple top)
O easy starter: purple skirt (that solid stripey jersey) (to go with all black)
O black pants (my staple) - copy favorite black corduroy pants or maybe StyleArc Ethel with tiny pintucks/pleats? (ballooney Lagenlook style) (could use 2) (to be worn under dresses and shirts/skirts)
O purple pants (daring!) - see above
O black pants for workwear (simple cut, maybe Linda, not too wide because I will get caught on sharp corners!)
O purple dress (that solid stripey jersey) (Ottobre)
O brown dress with teal polkadots (Ottobre)
O black dress (thanate's pattern, adjust sleeves)
O purple 3/4 sleeve shirt (long, similar to dragonfly shirt, to be worn over black)
O black 3/4 sleeve shirt (long, similar to dragonfly shirt to be worn over purple skirt & black pants)                 
O black simple dress for work (to be worn with black pants and wine coloured apron)

These would bring me to 11, and would also make me very happy!


Seeing the rules for this year's SWAP made me really happy (thank you so much @treefrog!) because this is just what I need:

I need garments that work with my existing wardrobe because that is basically what I like and want to wear. I just want a little more than 2 pants, 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 2 tops. So making any garments now will definitely be filling gaps in my wardrobe!

(You know I'm talking about the items that I actually wear that people get to see. My dresser and actual wardrobe are full, no gaps anywhere. And mostly even with things I like/love, but that I just do not ever wear because they don't fit or aren't comfortable for me to wear anymore. It's time to say goodbye to those.)

So I urgently need to replace items that are wearing out, or at least mend them (as in cut out and replace the crotch/inner thighs from a pair of pants), as well as add a few pieces. My main colour is still black, there will be lots of purple, and then I have that one brown knit with teal polkadots (still loving that one!), and some soft sage with dandelions. And the softest grey sweatshirt stuff with dandelions again. (And one sage with sloths. Don't believe I'm too grown up for sloths yet.)

I can't cut down to six items for a half monty because I really want all of them! But I'm counting each piece I make as a personal win, so however many there will be in the end, I will be happy, and I will keep going!

Things I am still a little afraid of:
1. Using the serger I bought explicitly to make clothes for me and mine.
2. Sleeves & shoulders! I've only sewn sleeves for a few doll clothes so far.
3. Sewing wearable clothes at all (Finding the right stitches. Often what sewing instructions suggest didn't work for me. Necklines for example. Twin needles? Serger?)
4. Most of all: Failure! What if it turns out I can't sew after all? If I made all of those plans, bought the fabric (so much!), bought the serger, all for nothing? I know I made a few pieces, but after all this time I think that this is what I'm most afraid of. Which leads me to
5. Practice! Make muslins! Learn! Take notes! Use said notes! Isn't this just the right place? I can do it, I know I can! Because I have done it before, and because I want to!


Soooo I actually made something for SWAP for once instead of just having lots of fun planning and then (with slightly less fun) pining for the items that would just not happen.

The first thing I tackled was the serger. I got it out of the box, removed all of that icky plastic, tried a seam or two on the little piece of fabric that came with it, and then switched out the thread from white to black and started sewing. It's so fast and so nice, I love it!

My first item was actually the Ethel pants by StyleArc. I had pictured something loose fitting and ankle length. Well. It turned out a tad shorter and with very much fabric around the waist and tummy. (Also not pictured originally was me somehow getting turned around and having the thing upside down. Or something. I'm still not sure what happened but the first version was so strange!)

Small wonder it turned out weird as I decided to not make the pleats the pattern has, but to keep the width and just add elastic. It was just way too much. I may take it in at some point in the future, but for now I'm happy to call it a muslin and move on to more promising things.

I've cut out the pieces to a nice warm sweater dress from a cuddly stretch velvet, using a pattern that a friend created for me. She combined everything I could give her about my favorite dress and what I liked/wanted and my measurements with a medieval (I think) tunic thing, and made a dress from that pattern. Also she included the paper pattern with sewing instructions when she sent the dress. I have been wearing that dress constantly for over a year now (even if the the sleeves are a tad tight) and the time has now come to add more dresses like it. I'll be trying to make the sleeves a little more comfy. And I know I wouldn't dare try that if there were any curves in that part, but it's just straight rectangular pieces. So I'm hoping my calculations will turn out correctly. We will see as soon as I have found the matching purple thread for the neckline. Eggplant? Berry? Weird color. It was supposed to be a blackberry or plum and looked very very dark online but turned out rather light and reddish compared to my other purples. But it's so soft! All the other seams will be done on the serger and won't show. I may decide on a neckband. Not going fabric or thread shopping any time soon here... Anyway this is a rather emotional item.

And lastly I have two pieces of black fabric to make into Linda pants (another StyleArc pattern).  I've made two a couple of years ago, still wearing both but the stretch velvet one has a few big holes and worn out patches. The jersey one is showing lots of wear too. So...

And what I really really WANT to do is to take the pattern from my favorite pair of pants to make more. And to make at least one in a fabric that allows for cycling because thin corduroy did not hold up well either. This is another thing I'm afraid to try, but am determined to do. And soon.


Okay. From my phone, trying to make this a little more interesting: After falling for this twice here's the picture first, with a little text coming, and then another post with another picture...


January 18, 2021, 02:10:26 pm #5 Last Edit: January 18, 2021, 02:29:08 pm by anna.wahnsinn
To show you what I mean by "purple" here is the one shot I have so far from my weird Ethel experience: It seems I am not able to post pictures here. Maybe as in "don't know how yet" - it has been a few years, and on the old site.

And this is the pair of mittens I made to see if I like the Soho Purl ,,Simple Felted Mittens" pattern (I do!) and if it fits (yes, as far as it goes).
Also my phone keeps deleting everything I wrote so now I'm on the laptop. I'll be working on this. Just not right now, before bed, and as my 9yo is trying to distract me while the 7yo is sneaking into the kitchen to have her midnight snack of cucumber and tomatoes at 10.15pm...

Anyway, it's a nice, snug fit. So now I have to add a centimetre or two widthwise and maybe take away a little from the wrist, and then I can make that into an outer shell with the original pattern making a lovely lining. I have just the fabric too, gorgeous purple (boiled? felted?) wool and a cozy sweatshirt knit in grey with dandelions. And purple felt. I'll have to see where I want the fluffiness, on the outside or on the inside.

And maybe even more importantly where I need the hole in my desk top to run the sewing machine cable through so I can reach both the machine and the pedal (it is a rather big desk)... Have to get this little room in working order to be able to play with all of that fabric! I discovered another two boxes with 40-50% teal knits. I don't really wear much teal anymore, so there is my muslin fabric. Also maybe I could do a pair of lounge pants. Those would go with black, and probably also with the brown/teal polka dot fabric I still want to make a dress from.


What I did in January...

After moving a lot of furniture, selling off/giving away a few things and scratching my head about how much stuff has accumulated, especially within the last year, I started moving much of this
craft room progress by Anne Freitag, auf Flickr
and this
craft room progress by Anne Freitag, auf Flickr

over here (haven't gotten much further yet):
New craft room by Anne Freitag, auf Flickr

Now. This room is maybe half the size, used to be the craft room until 9yo wanted her own room 2 (?) years ago, and now I've got it back. It does not look as tidy right now, and there is still soooo much more that will have to fit in. But I think I can only fit beading, cross stitch and sewing stuff in there, leaving the rest (and assorted fabricky things waiting for mending or upcycling) in the other room. For now. The goal is to remove the little wall we built so the kids have their large room back. Or leave the partition and let them have a kind of craft/play/store room too.

The Soho Purl mittens!

I'll definitely be using this pattern again, adding a cm or two width wise so I can have a fluffy outside with a cozy inside.

More craft room: Using my old desk top which has 100cm depth I found that the sewing machine cords are too short. So I could either reach the machine, or the pedal. Not both at the same time.

In non SWAP related news I'm a little late on a few more masks for my nephew, as well as costumes for my little ones. 9yo wants Apple White (Ever After High), 7yo Vida (of the Disney Fairies). These are due on 7am Tuesday, Faschingsdienstag...

So I had marked today for tidying up the desk so I can finally do some sewing again (those costumes!), but then I obviously reading a few posts here (thank you @stephaniecan for reminding me of flickr!) was a better idea. Success! But now I think I actually have to do some tidying...


March 04, 2021, 10:55:59 am #7 Last Edit: March 16, 2021, 08:25:44 am by anna.wahnsinn
Mended two pairs of pants (one was even sewn!), made the Vidia costume completely from scratch in time, altered an existing gownlike thing for the Apple White dress, made a pair of leggings for the 9yo. Still haven't made a proper garment for myself, but have a new list of at least ten more items to make for my daughters...

The legs are so slim the fabric stretched too much on the sewing machine when I made the seam. I guess I will have to find a better way for this.

I was very happy with this! My 7yo insisted on the lines on the feathers - until then I had thought that dress was made from leaves. Ah well... Vest and leggings are made from very cheap crushed velvet, feathers/leaves front are from remnant of the purple velours I've cut a dress for myself from, the leg things too. Feather backs are plain purple cotton so the fabric won't keep curling up. The pattern for the vest was my own draft. I traced a t-shirt the little one likes to wear, added 1cm all around for the seam allowance, and then drew a front half that would overlap. Sewed the halves together, so nothing will fall open when it gets warmer and she will inevitably refuse to wear anything under that top.

Also I used the serger again for the vest and the leggings, it is getting easier and even faster! Also I have learned something again, this time it was "remember to set the presser foot down before you start sewing" - my brother just won't start sewing with the foot up. The gritzner does! For the leaves I used the brother, because I had purple thread there...


Still no clothes for me, but at least something wearable for someone else! A Ren Fair pocket belt for M.



April 10, 2021, 08:38:04 am #9 Last Edit: April 10, 2021, 08:42:09 am by anna.wahnsinn
There's a very fine thread of spider silk in front of the cut out pieces for my purple velour sweater dress. It has gathered some dust. Oh my goodness.

Maybe I was trying to sabotage my SWAP, afraid to screw up the very basic items I want to make? If I didn't start, then in the end I just wouldn't have enough time. Of course I also won't have any clothes, but when has common sense ever won over procrastination...

This fabric has been sitting on my desk for more than three months now! Maybe I should just cut that same dress in the brown polka dot and go for it? It's even on my SWAP plan. I have the serger threaded with brown thread. And even if it doesn't work: the fabric pieces are all just rectangles and I can make lounge pants for my daughters from the velour. So...