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April 20, 2021, 05:01:57 pm

Linda's Leopard Mania

Started by Upstate Linda, December 04, 2020, 02:47:08 pm

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Upstate Linda

I am finally, after many years, going to commit to a SWAP. I have tried to get back to sewing and have not just been motivated.  I figure this SWAP can be a way for me to get practice and do some fundamentals I have been missing:  like fit some TNTs that I can use over and over.

I have a lot of fabric left over from closing my fabric store in 2013 that have just been in storage costing money to store.  We have moved them to the garage, so now I have easier access.

Now for the explanation of the leopard. In my salad days, I had a signature of using leopard print as my party fabric.  I saved a lot of leopard from my store.  So I am going to use 5 different types of leopard prints, combined with black, to make a Full Monty of clothes for a future social life--after Covid.

The part I am most afraid of is taking the pictures and getting them up on this board.  If any of you can point me to explanations of how to compose and uplink them I will appreciate it.

Thanks for any advice!


Upstate Linda


I finally got this up here!  I will do the next one separately.

Upstate Linda

Upstate Linda

I really had trouble getting these pictures up, but I finally got it.
Explanation of each:
Simplicity 5344 empire dress is a black ponte knit.  This is cut to a 22W, which might be too small, but since it is a wovens pattern I hope it will fit.
Simplicity 5344 vest is a short fur.
Simplicity 8558 is a wide leg split shirt/culotte. It is a rib knit.
Simplicity 9140 is a woven flannel.
Vogue 1522 is a Isaac Mizrahi's top.  I'm using a cheap crinkle poly, as this is to mostly perfect the fit.

Second photo:
Simplicity 5311 is a black cotton herring bone stripe woven pencil skirt.
Simplicity 1071 is a knits only pattern.  I'm using a soft acrylic knit that should be cosy.  I'm using a very old treasured top that had a notched neckline on it to use as a fitting model.  Not sure if I will try and duplicate the neckline.
Simplicity 1623 is a pattern I have been wanting to make for ages.  It is my first serious foray into lagenlook.  The fabric is a knit velour. Also making up the long dress.  I will use their option of a black boucle knit bodice with the printed suede cloth woven skirt.
McCall's 7028 is another pattern I have wanted to try for a while.  I'm using a piece of black boucle like knit that I have been saving.  Time to use it!
The last piece is Butterick 6466, another lagenlook piece. The top of the vest is a ultra suede like fabric, the bottom is another suede cloth with a slight nap.

I should mention that a few years ago I figured out that black was not my color, and switched to brown and navy as my neutrals.  But I could find no browns in my stash that worked with the leopards.  Since the aim of this SWAP is to try new patterns and use up stash, I did what I could with what I had.  I do have a new pair of shoes that are black suede and leopard mary janes, so it will be fun to use them with these pieces!

Comment welcome here or in main thread.thanks

Upstate Linda

I am finally ready to start sewing.  After getting my sewing room cleaned up, I made myself finish hemming the 7 pairs of pants I bought last fall (I lost weight and needed to replace staples).

Among the issues I resolved was how to get my serger working after it accidently fell off its table.  Nothing was broken, but getting the threading fixed was a challenge.  I was proud of myself, I was patient and worked through each issue at a time.  I learned again how to replace a needle and the importance of tension.

Now on to the first black dress!

Upstate Linda

Finally started my first SWAP item, black ponte dress using 5344.  This was supposed to be in a woven, but was cut in a knit instead.  I left off the back ties as they are really not needed.  Extremely boring dress, but I think it will be useful as a dress under vests and sweaters. :ufo

Upstate Linda

Made progress, sort of, on my dress.  Things I learned:
--Dresses cut out 8 years ago are not necessarily going to fit now.
--They make muslins out of white cotton for a reason; black ponte is very difficult to see to sew, let along see to rip seams out.
--All those adjustments that should be made for narrow shoulders cannot be skipped.

Conclusion:  I am going to adjust the pattern and make a proper muslin the next time.  This dress is not unusable; I ripped fabric while trying to take out stitching.

Trying to make "wearable muslins" is not going to work for me.  This SWAP might be reduced to a half-monty.  Or att this point, I might just move to making spring and summer clothes and throw in the towel on this SWAP.  Haven't decided  yet.