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December 05, 2020, 01:13:52 am


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Luz Clara's "Cut it out and use it. It really isn't that special" SWAP

Started by luz clara, November 20, 2020, 11:57:15 am

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luz clara

Last week I carefully put all of my "special" fabric into a suitcase to take w/me to my temporary place while our house is getting repairs and renovations. The contractor declared that we could not stay here during the construction project. I figure, as long as that special fabric is all in one place, I might as well take off my "ohhh it is too too special" glasses and put on my "get real, it's not that precious" glasses, sharpen my claws, and start cutting and sewing. Life is too short for overly - precious material objects! Do I have a genuine plan for this SWAP? Not quite. But stay tuned, because it will be fun, and possibly crafty. Luz Clara

luz clara

In the frenzy of packing up my sewing stuff I found my collection of vintage and modern passementerie, embellishments, fringe, etc etc and my yearning for a Balenciaga - style toreador jacket has been reborn. My bullfighting career never got off the ground, so I don't need any toreador style outfits but an embellished coat is  putting itself together in my mind. It would be a good and wild "wild card" for a SWAP, I'd say.