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December 05, 2020, 01:17:34 am


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Turquoise's All Seasons All Reasons SWAP

Started by Turquoise, November 19, 2020, 09:49:53 am

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I've learned a lot more about what I actually like to wear and do wear from the previous SWAPs I've joined. 

I already worked from home most of the time before all the lockdowns and mayhem of this year and although I do have some dresses and skirts that I love, most of the time I wear "jeans" in various colours and then vary the tops and layers to suit the season. Most of the time when I go out I want to wear similar outfits but like to have some sort of jacket to give a more smart-casual look. 

I bought a pair of green jeans that I wore a lot in the height of summer with a couple of purchased sleeveless tops and I love the colour but I'm not wearing them now due to a lack of things to wear with them. 

So what I want to do in this year's SWAP is to make some garments so that I can wear these green jeans throughout the year; so have a range of tops and toppers to suit the different seasons and a few smarter co-ordinating pieces.

As yet I've never finished a SWAP so it would be nice this year to try and do that so I'm going to start out with the idea of a half-monty SWAP plan and then see if anything changes as I go along.

As part of the "Loosey-goosey 6-PAC" I've made a green cardigan and a green top that will go with these jeans and I have started knitting a jumper.  I've been pulling out previous makes from my wardrobe to try and see if anything else would also go with these jeans and so would fit the half-monty criteria for items already made.  I've also been pulling out various fabrics from my stash to see what would work for new makes.  It's good to find things that I forgot I had but I wish it was as quick to put things away as it is to pull out and make a mess :)


I've been having a look at outfit ideas on the internet to help me broaden ideas for colours that will work with my green jeans and colours that I think will suit my colouring.  I've put my favourite ones together into a collage.  I think this will help decide on fabrics from my stash.


I've gone through my previous makes with a fresh eye after looking at colours and have picked out some possible candidates to make up that part of a "half-monty" SWAP.  I can narrow them down later when I've made this years pieces.


Right I've been trying to tie things down a bit more to stop me going off in tangents everywhere.  I really identify with @stephaniecan on the danger of overplanning - I know how easy it is for me to get stuck deciding anything and forgetting that if I find myself in the lucky position of extra time I can make other things then.  A great lesson from previous SWAPs has been watching @Sew Ruthie Sews getting on with a plan and then continuing to add things as and when....

So I've mapped out the start of a plan.