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December 05, 2020, 01:18:40 am


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Ruthie's Ready For Anything SWAP

Started by Sew Ruthie Sews, November 18, 2020, 08:44:03 am

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Sew Ruthie Sews

Given the uncertainty in work and social life right now I am currently thinking about doing a 'Ready for Anything' SWAP which covers as many different situations as possible, including some which are not happening right now.

1. work from home with voice only calls
2. work from home with video calls
3. return to working in an office
4. interview for job over video calls
5. interview for job in person
6. go to the pub with boyfriend
7. meet friends or family for a meal
8. video call with friends or family
9. exercise at home
10. relax at home
11. go out for a walk
12. attend a funeral

Not quite sure what wardrobe would cover all of those
Ruthie in Derbyshire UK

Sew Ruthie Sews

I've had a bit of a think about what my 'Ready For Anything' clothes would be and reckon I need:-

3 Plain dark bottoms - leggings, casual trousers, smart trousers
1 Simple dark coloured dress
4 tops - smart blouse, workout top, 2 long sleeved tees
3 layers - sweatshirt or hoody,  cardigan and jacket

that comes to 11
Ruthie in Derbyshire UK

Sew Ruthie Sews

I had a lovely time working on my plan without any consultation with the pattern or fabric that I have.

Then I went through to the fabric cupboard, which has lots of fabric so I'd quite like to use it. There (of course) the ideas on paper didn't quite match up to the reality of the available fabric.

My current colour theme is charcoal and coral pink with some black.
The key fabric for the scheme is some charcoal woven fabric with what seems like coral pink and off white variegated threads through it, I think this will be some sort of jacket.
Next I have a charcoal pinstripe that will be trousers.
Black ponte for a dress, black stretch woven for outdoor trousers and black super stretchy fabric for leggings.
Blush pink sweaterknit for a cardigan.
Grey and pink jersey for knit tops.
Coral and off white fabric for floaty blouses.
Grey fleece for a sweatshirt.
Ruthie in Derbyshire UK