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December 05, 2020, 12:49:39 am

Mahgret's Up Your Game SWAP

Started by mahgret, November 17, 2020, 07:31:43 am

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Starting my thread to record my planning in progress.  I plan to do the half monty.  I want to sew entirely from my existing stash.  This year I have lost nearly 50 lbs dealing with health issues.  I am still wearing my existing wardrobe, but am starting to have to constantly catch my pants to prevent them from falling.  So I think one aspect will be to make some alterations on my existing clothes.  THen I need to sew some replacements for items that are wearing out.  But also, I want to concentrate on "upping my game"- for SWAP purposes that means sewing long planned cardigans to go with existing tops and pants.  Along side the SWAP sewing, I want to work on pairing accessories with my outfits.  I always admire when someone accessorizes effectively but I don't tend to do it.  I am going to read what I can find of my planning for previous SWAPs and maybe try to remember planned items that I didn't get to.


November 19, 2020, 02:38:57 pm #1 Last Edit: November 19, 2020, 02:43:46 pm by mahgret
LOL I definitely need to up my game, this is the second day I'm wearing an old sweatshirt of my husband's from a football team my son played on when he was 12 (he's 26 this year). Anyway, I went through some fabrics yesterday so I could order matching thread.  Here is a list of some thoughts:

1) I need to make a replacement for my grey ponte pants which are wearing thin.
2) i would like to make a few cardigan type toppers to avoid wearing decades old hoodies.  I have some nice sweater knits- one a lovely cream color, the other a black and white variegated. THese would go with most of my existing tops for layering.
3) I would like to make a new pair of jeans, using the Style Arc Misty pattern. I need to retire one pair I made because of wear.
4) I have a few patterns from 5oo4 Patterns for tops that would be more wintery. I paired them up with some cream jersey, some blue scuba, some grey textured knit, some teal textured knit, some red french terry and some pink variegated french terry. (considering a traditional simple tee for the cream jersey to make a twin set with the sweater knit cardigan)
5) I need to alter my two pairs of black ponte pants so they fit better, they are a real wardrobe staple for me.

So I guess I am on the road to more than a half monty but I really want to incorporate existing items so I think I will edit.