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March 02, 2021, 09:18:22 am


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SWAP 2021 - General Discussion Thread

Started by treefrog, November 16, 2020, 05:05:38 pm

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I'm going to jump in real quick to say I have been stalled by buttons, honey-do's, power outages and drifting to fabric websites dreaming like others.
My buttons for my cardigan came in a week ago so today I was able to spend a little time on it. Hopefully I will make more progress tomorrow.

Runs with scissors

Hilda Rose

@Karamiel - fabulous dress. Looks lovely on you  :applause2:

@treefrog - beautiful shirt. Sharp finish as per your usual sewing 🪡

@mahgret - cardi looks cosy. Some knits are painful to sew, but yours turned out well. Gorgeous coloured yarn 🧶

@stephaniecan - checked coat is looking great. Although some UFOs may not go towards this year's SWAP, I think it's a win to complete them! It's better than not sewing & if they're a pattern you want to use this year then it's a "VERY  wearable muslin" & saves tweaking a toile of a new pattern. Win x 2! Your knitting is amazing. I'm in awe of all those who can knit... but you take it a whole new level by designing & making the pattern too!

@indigotiger - snow & ice storms...power outages are frustrating. I have the opposite problem, it's soooo hot & humid here! Sweaty hands & ironing in the heat isn't making sewing an enjoyable experience. I can't wait for autumn & temps down to 30'C & under! I definitely don't live in a climate conducive to knitting or wearing woolly sweaters (maybe being a knitting failure isn't too tragic for me after all 😉), but happy knitting & can't wait to see your cardi!


@sharonspils - I have an edging foot for my regular machine that does help a lot.  However, I did all of the top-stitching on my old 1959 Singer and I don't have an edging foot for it.  I used the older machine so I didn't have to keep re-threading my machine with the top-stitching thread.  I like your comment that if folks can see the wonkineww they are too close. In retrospect, the top-stitching really isn't that bad. 

Thanks for everyone's comments on my color scheme - It is very easy to work with and quite cheery. The grey is so versatile and will go with a number of other items already in my closet.  I wore the grey wool trousers with a turquoise twin set recently that looked very nice. 


@CCL I laughed when I read about the magazine. At this rate, in any case, you will get your vest done before me. Although I hope to start sewing mine up this week.

@indigotiger So sorry that the drive has been low. I really really get it. There have been so many dispiriting things in the last year that it is only human to be affected more or less all the time. I love that you are working on a handknit again - your knits are lovely and I am sure this one will be, too. Also, I can't wait to see the capelet.

I am so enjoying everyone's dispatches from all over.

@treefrog In spite of the hiccups, the shirt is gorgeous, as always. I love the style and the fabric!

@mahgret Yay re. that stunning colour and beautiful knit, and your pretty cardigan! Yay!

@Hilda Rose Thanks for your sweet comments - very encouraging! I love love love your cheerful summer garments. In fact, I wish you could mail those shorts to me (for the ten minutes in which it is warm enough here to wear shorts). I migth copy these, actually, to add to the exactly two pairs of shorts in my slim summer wardrobe!

@LillieT Good luck with the medical appointments and the bargain hunting. :)

I hope I'm not missing anyone....I need to take notes.

Snail paced sewing is going on here, but I did hem my coat the slow way over the weekend - hand sewed in interfacing and blind hemmed. I'm really happy with it. Now I just need to make the buttonholes and sew in the lining and I'll be done. I realized that I fitted it last year before a pandemic kilo or two so I am going to let out the side seams slightly ( in which I left lots of seam allowance, preparing for my future self :) ). Oh well. I'm ready to cut the yellow coat, but I'd like to hit the waistcoat while it is still winter. (We have about six weeks left of that, and probably closer to ten before it will be warm enough that a wool waistcoat will seem silly. I'm also working on a summer sweater in pink, that I just started (an American friend informs me that "summer sweater" is a very Canadian concept in her mind, but I think they also keep sweaters around all of the time in the UK :). )

That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@kowgiirl.up Quick question: What's a honey-do? I'm intrigued.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Quote from: stephaniecan on February 23, 2021, 05:40:11 pm@kowgiirl.up Quick question: What's a honey-do? I'm intrigued.

Honey-dos are like chores, repairs or errands that you do for your spouse and/or your spouse asks you to do.

One good example; I wanted a pegboard for my sewing room so I asked my "honey" to make one for me.

Runs with scissors


Ahhhh that makes sense @kowgiirl.up! That's a lovely peg board.

I'll have to come up with an equivalent moniker for the things my partner does for me, but in Italian so he understands! He always does lovely little things for me like buy Burda and other sewing magazines when he sees them on newsstands or in the supermarket, and buys me fabric or beautiful notebooks as a surprise. Actually he always calls me 'beloved', but with a strong Italian accent, so it sounds like beluvvdd, so maybe beluvvdd-dos?

Thanks for sharing that!
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@kowgiirl.up - I am envious of the pegboard - your sewing room/space is really so organized!

@treefrog - what a gorgeous shirt/blouse!  The fabric is beautiful and the sewing - chef's kiss!

@mahgret  - I quite like the longer length of your cardigan - it's not only quite pretty but looks so comfy as well.  I have a purchased cardigan about that length and it's one of my favorite things.

@sharonspils - hope that now you get a little more time for sewing - waiting to see the top with the binding finished!

@LillieT  - hope you are still mending and getting better all the time.  I am stunned by how much you can get done with the apres surgery knee.

@Hilda Rose - wow, have you ever been productive - I think you have already completed a separate SWAP sewing for others!  Those shorts, the cami top -my favorite, all of those are so summery and comfortable looking.

I have to admit, my attitude and mood are definitely on the upswing - spring is coming and I got my first dose of the vaccine!


Quote from: stephaniecan on February 25, 2021, 12:44:54 pmmaybe beluvvdd-dos?

@stephaniecan , yes, yes, yes!  :applause2:

@CCL , that is funny. If you saw the other side you would scream LOL.
BTW, I get my second dose today!

Runs with scissors


Love it @kowgiirl.up!

@CCL I understand the desire to move on. I'm going to sew the waistcoat tomorrow though so you'll get to see what it looks like made up. :)

@Karine: Love love love that expression, the fabric (Wow!) and the dresses. I can't wait to see them made up. My brain is a pile of semolina at the moment so this makes perfect sense to me. I need to check with G if the Italians have a similar expression. That seems so much like something they would say, too.

@indigotiger I look forward to seeing your cardigan (quick knitting) and your capelet. I'm sure they are both lovely. I find a steek very satisfying in knitting. In fact, I have some I need to do on the armholes of yet another sweater I have living in a bag at the moment.

I cut my yellow coat today!!!! No more needs to be said about that.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Thanks for the well wishes on my medical issues.  They all went well - orthopedic doc said my knee was doing fantastic.  The down side of the appointments was the one in the middle of the day was late - almost two hours over my appointment time which ate up the time I would have had for some serious thrift shopping.  Oh well - always the next time. 
I had to laugh at the discussion on "honey dos".  Colloquial phrases that are an everyday part of our language can be a puzzle to someone from a different culture or even a different part of the United States.