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SWAP 2021 - General Discussion Thread

Started by treefrog, November 16, 2020, 05:05:38 pm

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January 31, 2021, 07:33:53 am #210 Last Edit: January 31, 2021, 07:41:05 am by stephaniecan
Quote from: Hilda Rose on January 30, 2021, 08:07:48 pm@CCL - Although you've bought the 10/2019 Burda magazine, this may help next time... I've often been able to buy & download Burda magazine patterns from the German Burda site (burdastyle.de) that don't appear on burdastyle.com  The patterns also don't always appear in a normal google / safari search. Eg. the waistcoat pattern can be found at https://www.burdastyle.de/produkt/magazin-schnitt/weste-10-2019-112a_112A-102019-DL

Oh that's good to know, @Hilda Rose. I never download any patterns as I don't have a printer at home anymore. It's been years since I've been to either site. I have always bought my Burdas in Italian supermarkets, as they cost less than 4 Euro there and I am usually there (not this year - boo hoo). I should have considered the German site.

@CCL Glad things worked out for you.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia

luz clara

I have one of my precious fabrics basted together for a shirt. And I have precious fabric plans simmering on all burners. January has been a month of scattered and fragmented life, coated in melted 22k gold. I think I have most of the patterns and fabrics that tried to elude my grasp corralled now, and a cutting-out extravaganza begins tomorrow!

Meanwhile, what impressive moves you all have made.

Karine, your jumpsuit is really something. I generally fear jumpsuits b/c of the bathroom issues, but yours looks ready to be jumped in.

CCL, I am also visiting the land of TNT patterns. My SWAP is starting to look like several versions of the same pattern. "Not fussing too much" is practical if you ask me!

Stephanie, your yellow coat is going to be gorgeous! I have been hoarding bright orange fabrics with a vague plan to make a coat. I don't think I will need to hide any time soon! And the curved pockets on your plaid shirt a completely admirable. It's a great shirt!

Ruthie, your coat fabric is beautiful. Your suit and blouse is too - You are always so well organized and productive, and you really hit the balance in your SWAP's between clothes for Pilates and regular life, and elegant pieces for work/elegant moments. Sigh, that jacket is really smashing!

Lillie your yellow and grey plan is very nice - I love yellow clothes. While your knee is recovering, you can be cheery thinking about yellow. I had a knee replacement in 2019 and it was a medical marvel as far as I'm concerned. I felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek. . . and I was bummed out that no airport scanner ever beeped about my knee so I couldn't flash my knee replacement card that identified the thing in my leg. . . hope your recovery is going well.

Elise, that Valentina dress is so pretty. And your SWAP is so well planned! I especially admire your "Any disasters may be replaced by" category!

Indigotiger, nooooo dead laptop sounds pretty bad. I dropped mine last week, and it is (in my non professional opinion) moribund but possibly fixable. I have to take it to a repair place and I just haven't gotten it together to go there. I'm looking forward to seeing your capelet and hope you crack the code for the underflap of your dreams. I decided to make a brooch to commemorate the hard challenging books I will read in 2021. So far, brooch 1 is To The Lighthouse. The second will be Moby Dick, although not for a month or so. Good grief it is a long book.

Luz Clara


Oh my, such inspiration! You all are cracking on beautifully.
I think I am ready to start again, there is a little more space in my life now.
I really am going with a no-plan approach. I need to clean out my stash, and the first fabric or project that speaks to me wins!


Loved your comments @luz clara. Ha ha - I remember reading To the Lighthouse. I think I had to start it three times before I finally read it. I love V Woolf but that one did not grab me at the time. Love your "difficult" books goal. It made me want to tick a few books off my list that I have been meaning to go back to. Enjoy! (Oh and I love the brooch idea. I hope you will share some photos?)

Oh and PS hoarding orange fabrics does not seem like a bad thing. After the statement coats at the inauguration I am guessing that bright coats will be a trend (although I am not American and I bought the coat fabric for mine a year and a half ago I think). :)

That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Great to hear you're ready to start sewing @warpjr1965 - I look forward to seeing what fabric speaks to you!

@LillieT  - your grey wide-legged trousers and top are lovely.  Silhouette Pattern's "Carole's Jacket" is a great idea for piecing fabrics.  It's a favourite pattern  of mine. 

You've reminded me I cut one out of two old pairs of grey jeans a while ago and the pieces are in my sewing cupboard somewhere.  When I finish my half-monty I should probably try and find them. I love grey and your mix of grey with yellow is inspiring me to think of adding some yellow to my wardrobe in the future.


@luz clara - thank you for the encouragement.  My recovery is going very well, and yes, it is a medical miracle.  I am walking without aides short distances in the house.  I use the walker when I go outside.  Totally pleased with how it is going.  I fell in a local restaurant and sheared the ball off my right hip several years ago and had to have it replaced.  T'was a shame as it was a perfectly good hip.  Anyway, changed the way I walked on the knee and it began to erode the  knee joint until I got to the point where replacement was the only option.  My hip sets off the airlines monitors plus I have a plate in my right arm as well.  I do kind of list to the right now with all that metal on the right side.


Thanks @Hilda Rose !  Considering getting the stand-alone pattern in case the magazine never makes it here (Timeframe =April)

@warpjr1965 - such a cute skirt!

@luz clara - with you on the TNTs all the way!  Also, I too am really trying to sew up the beautiful pieces in my fabric emporium, though I am still working on the comfy weekend, never-go-outside-in-winter-unless-you-have-to pieces first.

@LillieT - Oh, that yellow and grey top out of the thrift shop shirts is glorious.  I love the overall piecing and the pleating on the one side.

@Turquoise - me too - I do love wide legged trousers.


@LillieT  - have fun with your Silhouette Pattern's Carol's Jacket  :)

Don't worry about making it from a knit.  My favourite version of this pattern is from a stable knit - just make sure that if you use knit where you are putting poppers or buttonholes that you use something to stabilise as I had to go back and redo with new cuffs on mine as the poppers came through the knit fabric because it stretched as I opened and closed the poppers on the cuff.


@Turquoise - Thanks for the compliments and the advice. I have pretty much decided I was going to eliminate the placket and button cuff on the sleeve and just do a band - will solve that problem.  I also haven't decided how I'm going to close the front - was leaning towards fabric loops and buttons.  Still very much a work in progress, even in the planning stage. 

@warpjr1965 - I do love a circle skirt - yours is gorgeous! 


@Turquoise  Love to see the tailoring process. Looks wonderful!

@Karamiel I look forward to seeing the completed dress.

@sharonspils The shorts look great. I made a pair of linen shorts last year but they still need some tweaking. I still wore them all summer!

@CCL The pink/red cozy dress looks...very cozy! The fit looks great, too.

@Pagog Love the tops. I really like the gathered details at the yoke of the blouse.

@warpjr1965 Way to hit the ground running. I love your golden skirt!
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Hi Everyone,  sorry I've been so quiet.  I've been a bit stressed out and not very talkative.  It's great to see so many lovely garments.  I'm loving the sunny yellow pieces.

Hilda Rose

@CCL - great fit with your dress. Heavy knits = bulky hems that are hard to get right, but you've conquered that hem!

@warpjr1965 - love the yellow textured skirt!

@Turquoise - lots of internal work going on with your jacket. I admire you skill & patience. Regarding your S1113 "sporty" sleeveless top: would folding the wide bindings to the outside and stitching them down give it a dressier finish? Many RTW tops have this finish & Style Arc patterns use it a lot too.

@sharonspils - your shorts look great. Hope you enjoy Dubbo Zoo. Hot at this time of year, so shorts are a great choice.

@Melinda_B - hoping you happily sew your way through lockdown & that the bush fires aren't impacting you. I made the Style Arc free mask pattern when Brisbane was in lockdown last month... it's a good pattern & I like that it had lots of sizes (my 13y.o. has a narrow face and most masks are too wide). Bought some nose bridge strip things off eBay to sew in.

@Pagog - your patterned tops look lovely. That Kwik Sew pattern is on my post-SWAP sewing list for winter. The striped fabric really sets it off! I can't stand high necks either.

Hilda Rose

@treefrog - sorry to hear you've been having a stressful time, hope things become easier & more relaxed. Your jeans look awesome!  :applause2:


@treefrog Sorry to hear about the stressful time.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@Hilda Rose - thank you for the binding idea  :)

@treefrog - take care, I hope things improve really soon.

@CCL - your "comfy-never-leave-the-house" dress looks great.

I'm going to be decorating one of our bedrooms so will need to store some stuff in my sewing room - so I've stopped work on the jacket temporarily and have been cutting out lots of muslins and some tnt patterns before I need to fold away my cutting table to free up space.  Once I move stuff from that bedroom into my sewing room I'm not going to be able to get the table up again until the decorating is finished and I want to have lots of projects available in the pipeline.  Sewing and enjoying all the other SWAP projects is keeping me sane in these weird times.


@treefrog take care and hope things have improved.  Your heaving jeans looks great and interesting the changes you made for the stretch.  I also really like your deviation of the linen jeans and the striped kimono T shirt.

@stephaniecan gorgeous yellow coat, love it and the lining.

@indigotiger so glad your Mum is back home and the she missed the COVID.  Have you progressed any with your capelet?

@LillieT, your Lotti top is gorgeous and the grey wool leg pants will be a great staple in your wardrobe.  Your jacket sounds like it taking shape and it is interesting to read about your thought process.

Your yellow circle skirt @warpjr1965 will be smile where ever you go, how did it go this week?

@CCL all your work with the grainline for your dress has worked a treat, it looks great and love the neckline.  Your grey wool crepe and wool plaid plans sounds perfect and I will be interested to see what way you go with them.

@Pagog two great pieces for January a lovely woven top and a great striped knit top.


Well the shorts were a success at the Zoo, we rode push bikes and managed to leave before the heat got too hot - thank you @stephaniecan and @Hilda Rose for your compliments.

I can now focus back on my sewing, our trips for the time being are finished and I had the best news today that Customfit (this is what I use for all my knitting patterns) is not disappearing so all the swatching I have been focusing on for the last month has not been in vain but a big sigh of relief that I don't have to get more swatches into the system before it shut down.


Your capsules are wow!, @treefrog. The linen pants and top look to be beautifully made.

@LillieT Your jacket sounds fantastic. I look forward to seeing a picture.

I am finding everyone's productivity and posting this year a wonderful thing to follow and a great distraction from other worries. Thanks, everyone!
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@stephaniecan your blouse looks perfect to me and you must remember that a lot of people pay top dollars in RTW for non matched garments that are very obvious.

@LillieT wowzza your jacket looks amazing and frustrating about the buttonholes but those heavy duty snaps look like they were in your original plan.


Everyone's garments are amazing - @treefrog I have been admiring your work - those jeans look like perfection.  Your skill set is amazing and I am a bit envious.  I plan to tackle a pair of jeans for the sixth piece in my half monty and if they turn out half as nice as yours I will be ecstatic. 

@stephaniecan  - If I were doing a full SWAP I would certainly include a lovely yellow coat like yours.  I could use a raincoat since someone needed one worse than me and stole mine out of the back seat of my car.  However, I live on the cold, high dessert side of Oregon so a raincoat isn't always practical.  I do plan to watch for suitable material and make one in the future - it will definitely be yellow.


Making an attempt to stay connected here, my creative mind is wandering all over the place!

@karine I really like your first 2 finished garments, they look comfy and wearable!

I am really stalling on DH's shirt, and I've got some placemats on the go, but I just bought some new (!) fabric for a work t-shirt, might whip that up this week. Unless my mind wanders elsewhere...

Sew Ruthie Sews

I am having a pause on the sewing as I seem to have an over abundance of clothing.
I may not choose to finish the SWAP....
Ruthie in Derbyshire UK


@Sew Ruthie Sews - I like your approach to going through your wardrobe.  I'm going to redecorate a bedroom in our house that has my wardrobe space in it and think I should tackle mine, so I will be really interested to see how you get on.  I went back to look at your makes for the SWAP and haven't you already completed a "Half-monty" SWAP with your makes?  :applause2:  :)


@LillieT Your jacket looks great! (Sorry to hear about the theft of your yellow coat.)

That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


February 13, 2021, 08:03:21 am #235 Last Edit: February 13, 2021, 10:59:46 am by CCL
@LillieT - Oh, I really like your yellow pieced jacket.  What a great job you did!  The color placement, the workmanship.  Just great overall, and I think I like the snaps/poppers better than buttons.  They seem as they were always your plan. I am going to investigate that pattern - Niece had sent a bomber jacket pattern that I intended to piece wool fragments to make up - she's very into sustainable and reuse.  I like your Carol pattern so much better.  That's on the to-do list and I may work on it while futzing over some of the pieces in the SWAP. 

@treefrog - Hope things are going better for you - hugs and encouragement.

@sharonspils - I still like the shorts... Are you still thinking of lengthening the pattern for the next make?  I like the length they are at.

@stephaniecan - beautiful blouse - looking forward to seeing what's next up on your sewing table.  Are you letting the vest simmer?

@warpjr1965 - Meandering is good - sometimes I find it leads me to new fun things I wouldn't normally tackle. 

@Sew Ruthie Sews - I am so impressed - you are always so disciplined and organized.  Your example of "pausing" is probably one I should follow.  Will miss seeing what you are working on sewing wise while you pause.

@Karamiel - I am entranced by the jumpsuit - love the ties and from the photos - it looks like expert pattern matching - and not an easy print on which to do it.

@Upstate Linda - How is the black ponte dress coming along?  It just sounds like such a perfect base for all the leopard print garments.

Life is intervening a bit (-nothing serious, just work related) and I won't be doing much sewing for a few weeks - but I will be enjoying vicariously through all the progress you guys are making!


@CCL I like the sound of the pieced bomber. I have always wanted to make a wool bomber, but have never gotten around to it. That will be a nice project. 

My waistcoat is prepped and interfaced, lining cut out. I just need to sew. I had cut out the shirt first so thought I'd sew it first and then sew the waistcoat. I am a very slow seamstress at times, and the truth is that I often second-guess myself and sit around stewing a bit before I accept that I have made choices and need to move forward!

I've committed to cutting out my yellow coat tomorrow and then will sew the waistcoat, if I can get the blouse done.

I can relate to the issue of work getting in the way. That's another reason for my slow sewing, as I prefer to sew in daylight and that is in limited supply in my world, especially in the wintertime. I'm trying to savour the time I do have, so at least I am enjoying the sewing when I get to it.

Happy weekend sewing, everyone.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


Quote from: stephaniecan on January 18, 2021, 09:20:49 pm@anna.wahnsinn I loved your story of the midnight snack! For photos, the easiest thing is to have them hosted elsewhere - flickr, a blog, and then to post the link using some simple code.

Thank you so much @stephaniecan, I had completely forgotten about flickr, this was perfect! Not confusing either. I still have two more pages of posts to read up on, and all of the swaps, but I really need to get going here and make Faschingskostüme for my little ones. The 7yo wants to be Vidia (purple Disney fairy, very fast), and my 9yo finally decided she wants an Apple White (Ever After High) costume. Due on Tuesday morning, about 7am...


Quote from: anna.wahnsinn on February 14, 2021, 06:08:17 amThank you so much @stephaniecan, I had completely forgotten about flickr, this was perfect!

@anna.wahnsinn - I also find Flickr very easy to post from...good luck with the costume sewing!

@boppingbeth - Lovely that the grey shirt trial garment for the real deal chambray is turning out well.  Hope your sewing space gives you some comfort - the black lace dress sounds as if it turned out well, despite the horrid and depressing circumstances.

@stephaniecan - embrace those "stewing moments" - after years of kicking myself for procrastinating, I have come to realize that the "stewing moments" almost always provide some answers to challenges that I might have just steamrolled past had I not hesitated and dawdled.  The end product usually turned out much better for my stewing than it would have without it and the pause that gives insight.  Of course, that's just me, so take with a grain of salt. 


@anna.wahnsinn I am glad that worked out for you! Enjoy making costumes.

@CCL Thanks, I'll "embrace the stew"!

Well, I spent quite a bit of time sewing yesterday, but here's how circular I am: I worked on finishing the coat I started for last year's SWAP and didn't complete. There's a certain logic to it as it used the same pattern I plan to use for my yellow coat, and I guess I don't feel right starting a new coat having not completed the first...

I'll get somewhere, someday!
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@sewruthiesew - I have been thinking a lot about your last post.  I would not have needed the 6 pieces of clothing I just made had it not been for the loss of another 10 pounds.  However, I do have way more clothes hanging in my closet than I need.  I too need to go through and purge the clothes I don't wear for one reason or another - fit, color, style or some illogical reason. 
@CCL - Thanks for you comments on the yellow jacket.  It was a lot of fun to make and I can certainly see it done in wools.  Carol really was the perfect pattern - small pieces to piece making it seem like it went fairly fast. 


So much for getting back in the sewing room, hopefully that will change soon as my top only needs the binding under stitched and stitched in place.

@CCL I am happy with the shorts length but am thinking of giving myself a bit more width but it won't be much.

@LillieT another two great pieces, your dress with the quick hem and jeans and it anyone notices your top stitching they are too close.  I use different feet on my sewing machine for my top stitching which I find makes a lot of difference.

@Karamiel your dress looks very smart from here and the fabric will hide a lot of what you are not happy with, as long as it is comfortable to wear I'd say it is a win.

@Sew Ruthie Sews I understand why you have decided not to sew clothes for a while as you review what you have - I don't have a lot of clothes and my friend did say to me yesterday that "I don't have enough variety in my wardrobe that she would be happy with"!


@Karamiel Karine, I actually think the dress looks quite nice on you, in spite of your reservations. Very intrigued by the tigers though...
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia


@Karamiel - Not be contrary, but I thought your dress quite cheerful!  I am really enjoying the patterns and the fabrics you are using for your SWAP - all of them so far so much fun, not cheerless at all.

@stephaniecan  - it does seem as if a bunch of us are finishing up garments somewhat abandoned last year.  Your plaid coat is glorious - excellent fit, crisp lapels, great plaid matching.  It's going to be a wonderful late winter early spring coat!  And oh that sweater  :applause2:  Your knitting is so awe-inspiring.

@LillieT - the Ottoman dress looks so comfortable!  The shoulder insets are so intriquing.  Your color scheme for your 1/2 Monty SWAP is so intriguing - what a great eye for mixing and matching you have.  The putty color of the Ottoman dress goes so fabulously pattern/fabric piecing in the Carol jacket.

@Upstate Linda - Isn't it so frustrating?  I remember one time a couple of years ago I was so angry with my multiple fails at a Loes Hines pattern.  I was mad, I felt I couldn't sew, and who was I kidding!  -  I went out and bought some cheap fabric at Joanns and made the same "danged" pattern again just to prove to myself that I could sew.  Since then, I try to be much more patient with myself.  Someone here at Stitcher's Guild - I think it was @luz clara - talked about the magic closet.  It's worked for me many times.  Is the dress too much of a goner to even try that?  Like you, I may move to summer sewing too -- I am just going to add them to my SWAP!

How's everyone's sewing going?  I have been "snowed" under with work and with "weather" so am wondering if everyone else is too.


Great commments @CCL. Your thoughts about going back and finishing things are interesting. I spent this morning imagining new things and looking at fabric online and then in the end I've settled on going back to finishing what I've started. I think maybe it's just this whole year that has put things in perspective, made it important to stay the course? Maybe I'm thinking too much, as usual! It's fun to dream of new things but it's also satisfying to work through one's original ideas.

Am also feeling the pull to start spring/summer sewing. Must be the lengthening days, although the impulse is peculiar given that we're still in winter here for at least another 1.5-2 months. Something about the light though signals the change to come.

Love the dress @LillieT and I agree with @CCL about the harmony of your colour palette.
That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great. ― Willa Cather, My Ántonia