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Boppingbeth’s Dress SWAP

Started by boppingbeth, January 26, 2020, 08:26:00 am

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 :heart: After two years of trying to make EF inspired clothing I realize that I don't wear that silhouette so I don't finish those clothes.  This year I am going way more practical and much less square. This year, I am making what I need in the closet: Dresses.

I need easy throw on run out the door dresses. At least two little back dresses that can be instantly funeral ready so I don't go through what I went through trying to sing at a funeral at church again, a few nice dresses that would work for a concert or a night at the ballet, and a few dresses for work that let me throw and go on the days I sleep in and have to leave ten minutes ago argh. 

My inspiration is my ballerina heritage: all the dresses will have the shape of body conscious to my ribs and be loose and flowing below that.  I am of an age where the middle is starting to jiggle and my post concussion--no exercise that raises your blood pressure allowed--reality is taking its toll on my post-menopause body. But there is also a grace and ability to move with that shape that works in my every day life. Everything will be wash and wear. All of it will have pockets. 

I have a cover stitch machine I have never used that was a gift, so that could be my new technique or I might do some Alabama Channin style embellishment because that is something I have also never tried.  Or both. Or a proper invisible zipper and lining with facing done with a machine finish which I have also never done. 

I have the stash for this.  I have all the patterns.  I have everything in the house except for the boa for the cape. 

Dresses (in no particular order):

1. Ballet style black stretch velvet with satin fold over elastic neck, and a side neck bow, three quarter sleeves, knee length

2. Ballet style dress, royal blue rpl or some other more casual type fabric, knee length, three quarter sleeves, not black

3. Black eyelet bateau neck, sleeveless, lined in a colour like blue or red or pink (whatever the stash reveals), full pleated a-line skirt, suitable for graduation day in the boiling hot gym, nice enough for pictures

4. Wrap bodice maxi, black flowered fabric, three quarter sleeves

5. Wrap bodice knee length dress, black rpl, three quarter circle skirt, three quarter sleeves

6. Sleeveless sheath dress with a fishtail back (front darts, back princess with fishtail detail).  I have a really nice border print that would look neat with the border print on the top in the front and as hidden fishtail details in the back. Lined, invisible zipper, totally machine finished.

7. Cap sleeve ballet style dress, deep rose or deep grey or deep blue? This one may change.


8.  I have a sheer purchased sweater that I can wear with all of these.  I also have a wrap sweater that will also work with all of these if I run out of time that would replace the jacket.
9. A high hip length jacket, moderate notch width, with pockets

10. A ruffled bottom jean jacket with pockets

To go over it all:

11. A dressy cashmere cape, with a hood, lined in satin, trimmed with boa. This has been on my sewing plan for at least ten years. I can see wearing it with everything and having it forever. My SIL has one of these in bright aqua blue that I borrowed once and have lusted after ever since. I would need to purchase the boa.  I have dark green flannel back satin but I want the rose pink (which I would also need to buy). The black cashmere has been properly marinated for at least ten years for just this project.   


I've made the first dress--a cross over bodice flowered maxi.  One down, many to go.


Ok, two more dresses done and the alterations for the flowered dress.

The first dress is a casual crossover bodice dress I wore to work that is daisies on a field of black. Got complements on it. It is comfortable and warm.

The second is the same pattern but with a fine double knit that is black with grey/silver shot.  I'm not sure I like it.  It is a lot warmer than the rayon poly Lycra I wanted to use but couldn't find.  It is wearable but it is tight mostly because I had a server and sewing machine thread fail which meant my seams are larger than the daisy dress.  I may replace it with another one in a different fabric. I may actually go and buy rpl just to make the dress because I want this dress in a comfortable fabric.


Um, I have no idea how to link pictures from the blog when I am on the iPad.

There are pictures on my blog:
fibres and fasion in the fast lane


Ok, I was doing well, and then COVID hit. I need clothing to wear at home right now so back to the drawing board.  I will include the dresses I've sewn so far, but I need some casual comfortable clothing for home and work in the online reality.