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April 01, 2020, 06:09:40 pm


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LillieT's Celebrations! SWAP

Started by LillieT, January 24, 2020, 11:06:04 am

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I have decided to participate (better late than never) in SWAP 2020 as the rules are flexible enough to fit my needs.  The title of my SWAP 2020 is Celebrations!!  My SWAP will include the following items: 
1.   Cream Wool cardigan - machine knit, self-drafted pattern.  Knee length, v-neck with crocheted button band and crocheted hems. This sweater will go with everything else in my SWAP.
2.   patchwork tunic - turquoise, navy and cream and maybe purple, upcycled tee shirt knits, Butterick #  with elbow length sleeves
3.   Turquoise acetate/rayon tee with elbow length sleeves - CJ Patterns "Basewear 2"
4.   Trousers - Brown twill - Marcy Tilton's 9374, version 'D'
5.   Cream wool elbow length sleeve Henley tee - Seamworks Elli.
6.   Blood Orange ponté straight skirt - CJ patterns Basewear 2
7.   Button down shirt, navy/turquoise/purple cotton print - Seamworks Rachel
8.   Turquoise Denim Jean Skirt - Seamworks Leonora - pockets modified to jean pockets
9.   Turquoise Denim Vest - Modified Cutting Lines "My Hearts a Flutter" modified to lower neckline and add a button band. 
10.   Blood orange ponté shell - Seamworks Astoria, lengthened 3 inches.  Previously sewn
11.   Turquoise print zip front cardigan - Turquoise cotton jersey lined with turquoise animal print French terry.  Nancy Ericksons cardigan (1960) altered to a round neck with self-neckband, front zipper and diagonal welt pockets.  This cardigan will also go with everything else although the button down shirt might be a bit of a stretch.  Will know better once they are both constructed. 


January 24, 2020, 02:05:56 pm #1 Last Edit: January 24, 2020, 02:22:56 pm by LillieT Reason: My attempt to insert an image didn't work.
This is a collage of the fabrics I'll be using, some of the swatches are approximate, I either haven't received them or  haven't ordered them yet.  There aren't many fabric shops in the area where I live and most of those are basically quilt shops - so most of my fabric purchases are online, which can be tricky. 

It has been awhile since I have posted in this forum, I may or may not remember how to post pics.  We shall see.......


    My progress so far:

    • 1.   Cream Wool cardigan
      2.   patchwork tunic
      3.   Turquoise acetate/spandex tee with elbow length sleeves
      4.   Brown twill Trousers - muslin done
      5.   Cream wool elbow length sleeve Henley tee 
      6.   Blood Orange ponté straight skirt - cut out, need matching thread to finish
      7.   Button down shirt, navy/turquoise/purple cotton print
      8.   Turquoise Denim Jean Skirt
      9.   Turquoise Denim Vest
      10.   Blood orange ponté shell - Previously sewn
      11.   Turquoise print zip front cardigan - done
    I finished the Turquoise print jersey cardigan yesterday - took a bit of googling to figure out the process to bag the sleeve lining but once I figured it out it went really slick.  I will get some pics when it's lighter outside. 
    I plan to go to town today and purchase matching thread for the blood orange ponté straight skirt which is already cut out.  It will be a quick sew. 
    I muslined the Marcy Tilton trousers earlier this month in an indigo denim that I purchased online and wasn't really pleased with when I received it.  The fit is great but the denim is a bit too stiff for the pattern.  I have ordered a twill from Emma Ones Sock that I hope will have more drape.  I will probably wear the denim around the house and it may soften up some with washing.  I might try Peggy Sager's recommendation to soften denim - washing them in Coke. 


Thanks for the kind comment Ruthie.  Yes, my inspiration for my SWAP is the several Celebrations I will be attending this spring and summer.
My upcoming celebrations will include three of my granddaughters graduating from various medical schools, the first is graduating from Reiki massage school in April, the second will be graduating with a PTA (physical therapy assistant) in early June, and the third will graduate in late June with a doctorate in Naturopathy.  The last celebration will be in late July when I will fly to North Carolina to welcome my 19th great-grandchild into the world. I am very proud of each of these grandchildren and will celebrate with bright colors and "bells on".