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Dawn's Stop Thinking and Sew SWAP

Started by crazyquilter, January 08, 2020, 08:12:01 pm

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I told myself that I wasn't going to post a thread until I had actually sewn something.  I cut a muslin and stitched it this afternoon.  That counts.

My plan isn't very fleshed out.  I have really enjoyed the dresses (IA style frocks) that I got finished for last year's SWAP, especially the black one.  I am planning to use that as my goes with everything, previously sewn garment.  I also have a pair of black RTW linen pants that I wear all the time.  They may get in as a second wear with everything.

My plan, such as it is, is to make things that I can wear over the dress.  I'd like some more of the IA style "highwater" length dresses.  The ones I made last year are fairly dressy.  I am comfortable wearing them to church, but not as comfortable wearing them to town to run errands.  I wear some RTW dresses that have straight hems over the longer dress a lot more often, so I'm thinking I will make some with straight hems.  I'd also like some crop tops to wear over the black dress or possibly layered over both a shorter and the long dress.  I should be able to wear all of these with the pants too.

My muslin was for a drop shoulder crop top.  I like the looks of the Tessuti Leni Top, but not so much having to pay $14 and then print it out and most likely make a lot of adjustments to make it look like I want.  I may end up doing that, but I thought I'd start with some of my patterns that have similar lines and see what I can come up with.  Most of the IGers whose tops I have admired mentioned making adjustments to the pattern.  I like the way this blogger's turned out.

I think if I can get a fit and shape that I like, I'll be able to change the neckline and add the facing.

I'm starting with the Dottie Angel pattern S1080.  Without the pleats in the front and ties, it has a similar shoulder and sleeve.  It may not be quite boxy enough. I cropped it to high hip length and cut the size the pattern says I should wear.  I really like how it looks both front and back with my arms down, but it binds when I lift them.  I'll try to post a pic tomorrow.  I may just need to cut a larger size.

I had planned to post a photo of my dress from last year's SWAP, but I'm not seeing the 2019 SWAP, just the 2018 one.  I'll have to figure out where the pics are.


Here are the pics.  I'd really like to use this or a similar style top for my SWAP.  I like how it looks and feels if I keep my arms down or up as in the first four pics.  Bringing my arms forward like in the last two shots causes the problem.  It binds and is uncomfortable. I would appreciate any help with adjusting the pattern I can get.  I'm not looking for perfect fit since this is basically a loose fitting top/dress anyway, but I would like to feel comfortable in it.  If you have any ideas, please post them on the main discussion thread.

Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr
Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr
Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr
Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr

Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr
Alteration help by Dawn Smith, on Flickr


Well, I finished my third muslin for this top.  The good news is that it doesn't bind at all.  The bad news is that it slips off my shoulders.  I tried the method at this link.  Obviously 1.5" on each side was too much.  I'm going to try taking it apart and drawing a new back adding less.  I really think I will like this shirt if I can get it to work.  At least I hope so.


Let us know how this comes out.  Once you are pleased with the fit, do you plan embellishments, like lace or piping?


I was just sitting here thinking about it again.  I can't figure out why the neck got bigger when I didn't add any to it, just to the shoulder.  I got frustrated and put it down for a couple of days.  I'm hoping to try again tomorrow.

I'm planning to make some in linen and possibly pieced.  I have a lot of  linen clothing that I'm wanting to upcycle.  I think this pattern or a similar one if I can't make this work, would be good for small pieces of fabric or a pieced treatment.

I'm looking at the All Well Box Top pattern tonight.

These are similar to what I'd like to make.