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September 25, 2020, 03:45:47 am


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Aussie 28's Harvest Moon SWAP Collection

Started by Aussie28, January 03, 2020, 09:40:27 pm

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Last years Work Wear collection was my most successful SWAP so far and all items are in heavy rotation with the exception of 1 top which I feel doesn't work that well with my shape.

This year's collection will extend my Work Wear wardrobe with many items already co-ordinating with my previous makes. My aim is to use mostly new to me patterns and fabrics that I already have in my stash. The fabrics in my photo were put together soon after the rules were announced and I had a pretty fair idea of what patterns I would make with each fabric at the time. However it seems that I am incapable of sticking to a plan as I have already changed several fabrics. I will post a list of my proposed garments & patterns however this will definitely not be set in stone and can/will change.

This year I will be including more items with woven fabrics and my aim is to perfect a shell top with different sleeve and hemline combinations. This will be my first TNT pattern. Fitting woven items has always terrified me and as a result I have mostly only sewn with stretch fabrics. I completed my first woven top last year and I was very happy with the result.