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April 20, 2021, 05:55:26 pm


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anna.wahnsinn's More Of The Same SWAP (comments in main thread please)

Started by anna.wahnsinn, December 08, 2019, 03:13:18 am

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The RULES, KISS version:
Your Perfect Vision - SWAP 2020

11 pieces, in two groups:
    9 or 10 that may coordinate (be worn together) to form outfits
    1 or 2 that MUST coordinate (be able to be worn with all of the others)
    no required garments
    no required colors

SWAP sewing will begin December 26th, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2010. Pattern fitting and cutting may be done whenever you're ready.

You may include 1 garment you had already sewn prior to the rules announcement and 1 purchased ready-to-wear garment.

You must choose a theme for your collection to act as a focal point.

You must include, as part of making one (or more) garments, a technique that both stretches your skill set and is something you have been wanting to learn.


My current clothes (basically what I had when I started on SWAP 2017) are showing very visible signs of wear and tear to the extend that some are only good for wearing as pajamas, my craft room is overflowing with stacks and boxes, and I have a sewing machine that I love and a serger that is still living in the box it came in, both intended for making garments.

I really just want multiples of what I have, but with improved fit (pants), more types of fabric (pants, dresses), and of course my favorite colors to make me happy. So this year too there will be lots of black, which I will be wearing to work with a ruby/claret colored apron, and everywhere else, as well as deep and calm purples and teal or maybe even sage or seafoam. I've definitely moved away from blueish shades and have arrived to greenish.

This is the perfect time to jump into SWAP 2020. I'll be busy tidying up & making space to work in the craft room, and getting all the fabric I've collected together to evaluate which pieces will go with which patterns. The patterns I want to use at least are all accounted for and in one place (sitting right next to me on the floor in a file folder and a magazine box thingy).

Since 2017 I have purchased a few more StyleArc patterns - and made another pair of Linda pants! The fit is much better than the first one, I did make notes both times, so I'm pretty sure the next version will turn out even better. Also since then I've aquired the issues of Ottobre that had those beautiful dresses I wanted, I hope to make at least one of those into a TNT pattern for myself. I will have to adjust the Ottobre patterns for size I guess, but I hope that making a loosefitting jersey/sweater dress bigger will work fine. Measuring first will be key!


Items I intend to make for the 2020 SWAP

O easy starter: black skirt from my own pattern (after a purchased H&M skirt)
O easy starter: purple skirt (that solid stripey jersey)
O black pants - copy favorite black corduroy pants (ballooney Lagenlook style)
O purple pants (daring!) - copy favorite black corduroy pants  or maybe StyleArc Ethel with tiny pintucks/pleats?
O black Linda pants for workwear
O purple dress (that solid stripey jersey) (Ottobre)
O brown dress with teal dots (Ottobre)
O black dress (thanate's pattern, adjust sleeves)
O purple or teal 3/4 sleeve shirt
O black 3/4 sleeve shirt                   
O goes with everything item: very slouchy stretchy black cardigan

I am facing several challenges or things new-to-me:
1. I am going to use the serger I bought explicitly to help me make clothes for me and my family (my daughters mostly, don't know if my husband actually wants handmade clothes)
2. Sleeves & shoulders! I've only sewn sleeves for a few doll clothes so far.
3. Sewing wearable clothes at all without fudging too much. Finding the right stitches. Often what sewing instructions suggest didn't work for me. Necklines for example will be visible. Twin needles? Serger.

My goes-with-everything black cardigan will be the previously purchased item, as I own three (slightly) different ones already. Four if I count the one I have at work but hardly ever wear. So this really goes with everything in my mix-and-match group of ten, but cannot easily replaced by a cardigan in another color. Pants are out here as I definitely need at least the three already listed. If it turns out I can make more than the required items I'll happily keep adding them to my wardrobe. Any dress, shirt or pant could easily replace one of the easy skirts, which consist of two identical pieces of fabric and one piece of elastic each, or just go into the collection and get worn!


No pre-26th sewing has taken place, at least not for SWAP. Just fixed seams and hems on the two pairs of pants I wear and a few more fun things.


Oh my... the craft room looks slightly better, but actually the stacks are just more condensed now. I haven't made a stitch or a snip of progress towards SWAP, I'm still trying to get through my mending pile (two large boxes and a rubber tote). The serger still remains unpacked, and I'm arguing with myself over skirts because skirts mean tops, tops mean sleeves. Shhh, please don't anyone mention my dresses will have sleeves too, those don't intimidate me as much, weirdly enough. Maybe it's not the sleeves after all?

I did add one or four or more pieces of fabric to the pile, there may even be some hat and cowl set or a skirt with a pattern. We'll see.


And then there came Friday 13... and now all of a sudden it's May, I completely lost track of what I wanted to do right in the middle of all the things I have to do.

I still need clothes though, and I still want to make them myself. And it matches the current theme: More of the same: Safe, familiar items that let me feel good and make me happy. As far as that goes right now.