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February 24, 2020, 05:00:05 am


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Sewordinary's Old School Swap

Started by sewordinary, November 23, 2019, 01:25:48 am

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November 23, 2019, 01:25:48 am Last Edit: December 02, 2019, 09:39:19 pm by sewordinary
Hi everyone, my name is Erin. I started Swap twice before, but did not complete either of them. Going to give it a shot again this time as I have been meaning to make a versatile jacket that I can wear with most of my outfits. My theme is Old School as I like clothes with a touch of the vintage.

Technique I want to incorporate is embellishing with embroidery and/or beading

My sewing plan currently looks like this
1 Sand linen jacket (detachable embroidered/beaded collar) to be worn with everything (for fabric, see photo below)
2 Tweed top (for fabric, see photo below)
3 Tweed skirt (for fabric, see photo below)
Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr
4 White Burda loose fit tunic shirt (fabric to be decided)
5 Blush crepe Burda pants (for fabric, see photo below, coordinating with sand linen)
6 Nani iro print top (for fabric, see photo below, coordinating with sand linen)
7 Blush satin top (fabric to be decided)
Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr

8 Splatter print shift dress -Split V neck pattern (for fabric, see photo below, coordinating with sand linen)
Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr
9 Navy satin bias skirt (already made, see photo below)
10 Navy striped linen jacket (for fabric, see photo below, hopefully sewn before Swap start sewing date, coordinating with sand linen)
11 White collared shirt (fabric to be decided)
Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr

This list may change on a whim and fancy. I may not complete everything, but hopefully I will get some of the items done.


January 07, 2020, 10:08:19 pm #1 Last Edit: January 07, 2020, 11:15:27 pm by sewordinary
I haven't started any sewing yet, life's been busy. But I"m having second thoughts about my plans. I just realised that my sand linen jacket needs to be something that can be worn with everything else BUT everything else need not coordinate with each other!   So my SWAP might end up being more eclectic. But I need to make a jacket that can go with collarless as well as different types of collared items. That's going to be challenging. So far, the idea is to make  collarless jacket that can be belted or not.


Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr

First item - My Burda 2007/05/117 jacket needs buttonholes which I cannot make until I get buttons.


February 10, 2020, 02:38:45 am #3 Last Edit: February 10, 2020, 02:44:20 am by sewordinary
Change of plans, again. Next up will be a mini capsule in the fabrics below:
First up will be to sew a bias slip skirt (self-drafted pattern) from the coral satin (in the middle of this stack). Washed the fabric this morning.
A blouse  from the floral nani iro, pattern to be decided
A sweater style top from the pink cotton jersey, pattern to be decided.
And, maybe another top from the leftover coral satin, pattern also yet to be decided

Untitled by sewordinary, on Flickr


February 16, 2020, 04:37:02 am #4 Last Edit: February 16, 2020, 04:45:02 am by sewordinary
Coral Bias slip skirt in Japanese Sildoll by sewordinary, on Flickr

The Coral skirt is done. Fabric is Japanese Sildoll and pattern is self drafted. Now to sew a top that can be worn with this skirt.

This fabric is not in my original choice of fabrics listed in my first post. I'm deviating from my original plan. Instead I'm going to sew 3 or 4 mini capsules and finish off with a topper that can be worn with all. I've been sewing mini capsules, and I find it works well for me.