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Noum's Vertical Variations

Started by Noum, November 21, 2019, 07:31:51 pm

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Well the rules are fun, and after a long sewing hiatus I'm back at the sewing machine stronger than ever. So while my theme/plan is just in the early stages, I know that I want to explore having more verticality in my outfits. I've been on the Kibbe Facebook groups, and all I can say for sure at the moment is that I need a strong vertical element in my outfits for best effect, which is not necessarily something I was thinking about much before. As I'm a pretty casual person, Kibbe's approach of always going for full Head to Toe outfits that are very specific to a situation is rather new to me. To be honest it seems like a lot of work at times, but I figured a SWAP was a perfect opportunity to explore this approach. So I aim to create 3-4 outfits for specific situations (which I will describe in detail when I get there), in which I hope to explore different ways to create a strong vertical line effect.

At the moment I can see myself using color, seaming, and various other things to create a vertical line, as well as using long layers/coats, which would be a new style for me. Actually, I made my first knee length cardigan about a month ago, and quickly realized I have no coats whatsoever that are long enough to cover any long layer I might make... Since our 6 month-long winter is just starting, Ièd better change that! So I will make at least one coat (first time tackling such a thing!), which would be my "go with every piece" item, and if all goes well, I will make a second one. I'm very happy that CCL is running the coat/jacket challenge right now, it truly is a perfect timing! I traced and cut my pattern earlier today, now on to the muslin!

I am not sure yet what kind of palette I will end up using. I have my first real vacation in many years coming up, and will go to Ecuador for almost a month, leaving on Dec. 25th. So right now I'm more focused on sewing for that, and hopefully the items I make for that trip can become a way to fine tune patterns for the SWAP. But I'm pretty sure I will want my SWAP palette to be very cohesive, and I will probably come up with one or two inspiration images to use that I will post up here later.

I did complete (a week late but whatever) the only SWAP I participated in, and my skillset and sewing machine stable has greatly expanded since that time, so I feel a lot more confident about this process than I did the first time. It should be easier to put my ideas into practice, and I know I will again learn a lot!