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April 20, 2021, 05:26:10 pm


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Helen M's 'As Yet Untitled' SWAP - Comments in General Discussion Thread Please

Started by Helen M, November 21, 2019, 11:01:13 am

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Helen M

As it says I haven't yet thought of at title for my SWAP but wanted to get started to see where it takes me.

I'm planning on 2 'must go with' bottoms + 9 tops which will probably form 2 groups.  Some will go with both of the bottoms, others not.

At the moment the 2 will be black pants, and navy RTW jeans.

I'm starting with my item that can be cut and sewn after the rules announcement and finished before main sewing can commence.

So item one is a Tessuti Brooklyn coatigan in red boiled wool. I have never made a coat before or used boiled wool so perhaps that could also be the 'new to me technique'? I have another one in mind so that could also change. I cut out today and have got as far as the pocket facing stitching. All the edges are left raw apart from the side seams so the careful cutting was a slow process.
Sewing in Cheshire

Helen M

My 'sewn before 26th December' garment is finished! I took it slowly and it went together very easily and I'm pleased with the result. As it's red it's just in time to be worn over Christmas. Photos to follow when the daylight is bright.
Sewing in Cheshire

Helen M

My SWAP is at a standstill  :embarassed:. So far I have my coat, 2 pairs pants, one red rib knit Nikko top and one silver grey Alexi top.
We booked a holiday at the end of January and we leave Monday so the last couple of weeks have been taken up with alterations for things old and new for the trip. I hope to get back on track when we return!

This is the True Bias Nikko top which is a plush rib knit from Stylemaker Fabrics. It is a closer fitting top that the SA Alexi but it feels more like a RTW fit under armhole. Am pleased with it as it is the same red as my coat (an accident!) so it can be worn together.

Sewing in Cheshire

Helen M

I have made no further progress with my SWAP so have decided to leave it as it is. I don't have any motivation to sew as sadly I can't see me going anywhere for the forseable future.
Sewing in Cheshire