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December 07, 2019, 12:18:03 pm


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Melinda's Upgraded Work Wardrobe (comments in main discussion thread please)

Started by Melinda_B, November 10, 2019, 05:05:22 am

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Joining in - whether I finish or not is another matter!

My theme is "Upgraded Work Wardrobe"

I need a better work wardrobe.  I work on an army base (I'm ex military, but employed as a civilian public servant) and my work attire is anything from jeans to business casual.  Most of my work wardrobe is at least two years old, and needs to be replaced, particularly as we're coming into summer and I have very little summer wear.  I want to stop wearing jeans to work, and develop a wardrobe that is closer to business wear than what I currently have.  Hence the "upgraded" in the theme.

I like to wear bright colours, mainly in my tops, as a contrast to the sea of khaki that I work in.  Generally, and will definitely go with this for the SWAP, my lower half is neutrals. 

I'm planning on dark grey trousers, and a navy skirt as the two that have to go with everything.  Then nine tops or jackets, including both solids and colours.  We'll be starting to head into cooler weather as SWAP finishes, hence the jackets.

I'm hoping to be able to make all the garments from stash, and only purchase items such as zips and thread.

New techniques to be used
- I've never actually made pants beyond the toile/drafting stage. 
- I'll be drafting the skirt from scratch - have done some very basic drafting previously but not much.
- I have plans to embellish some of the tops, although I haven't decided how yet  (not AC embroidery!)  I'd like to smock a top, which is not new, but making it into an adult garment is.  Not sure if that will fit with my theme though.
- I don't think I've ever made a lined jacket previously.  I know I started one at school, but I don't think it was finished.  So one jacket will be lined, or at least HK seam finish - which I also haven't done. 

Things to do before Boxing Day:
- Plan SWAP garments
- Trace required patterns
- Toile new patterns for fit
- Put together garment kits
- Check that I have all required haberdashery, including interfacing, fastenings, threads, zips, embellishments
- Make one garment in advance of start date
- cover the Sew Sista dummy for fitting purposes

Perth, Australia
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