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Morzels smart SWAP *comments in main thread please*

Started by Morzel, November 09, 2019, 07:34:50 am

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November 09, 2019, 07:34:50 am Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 07:38:45 am by Morzel
So, here we go again... another SWAP round!  :applause2:

This years (lovely and simple) rules:

  • 11 garments, any type, any colour.
  • 1-2 of the above 11 must go with all the rest.
  • Include a new-to-you (or must-get-better) technique in 1 or more garments
  • Define a 'theme' for above collection

I am in need of smart clothes, things to wear for an evening out or if I have/want to look dressed up. Nothing too out there (I am not the ballgown type of person, or more-tulle-than-girl type), that in part can be worn even in everyday life. So a from-day-to-night collection.

I went trough my fabric closet today and found this wonderful silk piece:

It will serve well as an inspiration piece, together with above goal for the collection. I am soo looking forward to this!


I will use this as a sketchbook for ideas...

Colours (see above)
dark blue, dark green/teal, rose, bordeaux, maybe white.

Lots of TNTs here.

Skirts: Crescent skirt by Sewaholic, Kelly skirt by Megan Nielsen (but selfdrafted)

Pants: looking for a nice pants pattern for drapey fabric. On the table to be tried: Pattern Emporiums Harem pants, Lillesol und Pelles Sommerhose No7 and Sewoverits Carrie pants

Dress: Sheath dress (self drafted), Shirt dress (self drafted)

Tops: Pendrell blouse by Sewaholic (I added regular sleeves), simple shell (self drafted), shirt (self drafted)

Jacket: no pattern yet - I want to draft a shorter jacket/simple blazer. Maybe a nice evening coat?

Nice drapey fabrics, in good quality. Wool crepe, silk, drapey rayons, maybe velvet. Fabric that looks dressy. But not sparkly.


I muslined the choice of harem pants and went with a altered Carrie pant from Sewoverit.  :thumbsup:

I drafted a jacket pattern, made it up but it will stay a wearable muslin. The colour is too drastic (a very bright teal) to really go with lots of garments.

I got diverted and muslined a Tania Culotte (Megan Nielsen pattern). Liked it, sewed it up for real, looks smart. Unfortunely it is not really the right colour for SWAP. Did not find the right colour (and amout of fabric) for a better version fitted for SWAP yet. Also, need long outerwear to go with that, if I ever want to wear the skirt in real life.

A shirtdress is going to be finished today. It needs buttonholes and buttons.

Two shirts sewn up, need buttons.

Immediate sewing plans: navy velvet pants, blue jacket, navy shirt, silk blouse, sheat dress.

Thinking about: Coat.


I forced myself to sew on those buttons (25 in all, and then I had to take off three and reposition them). Feeling good.


I thought I post a few shots of some of my sewing so far. My daughter was so nice as to do quick shots with my phone.

First up todays outfit: the Crescent skirt from last years SWAP and the new this years SWAP shirt. I worked on the shirt pattern this winter to change the shoulder angle and the bust dart and I like the fit much better now than before. But, this top waits for the navy crescent skirt.

The second photo shows the simple silk top (I sewed with the help of gelatine stiffening), my inspiration piece. The navy pants are the Carrie pants (from Sewoverit), which are very comfortable, made from Viscose crepe (The shoes aren't the smart looking option, but what my daughter selected for the photo...). I am a bit disappointed, though - I am not sure if I think the colours of the top match with the colour of the pants - the pants have a purplish touch to them...



These are my new navy dresses, both made from the navy viscose crepe I also used for the Carrie trousers:
The first is a Cambie dress skirt with a self drafted bodice. It is okay, but I am not overwhelmed.
The second is a shirt dress, using my shirt pattern. This I really like - just my thing.