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November 18, 2019, 04:42:58 pm


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Grasshopper's Fresh Feminine Charm SWAP (comments in main discussion please)

Started by Grasshopper, November 07, 2019, 08:53:52 pm

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Today marks day 4 of my new job as lead engineer at an equipment manufacturing facility.  One of the difficulties I have incurred in my chosen career is reconciling my preference for dressier, feminine work attire with a work environment that can often be dirty or require climbing on top of equipment or up narrow ladders or scaffolding.  However, I have seen over the past 4 days that my new workplace will enable me to create some outfit combinations that will help me feel more feminine and pretty than the fire retardant clothing of the last job and won't require me to change clothing if I need to visit the shop, other than to possibly change shoes, as long as I am practical.

My theme this year will be my style recipe, Fresh Feminine Charm.  My color palette will be based on the Absolute Colour Zesty palette, which is warm, light, and bright, similar to True Spring in the seasonal color systems.  I plan to focus on dark denim blue and a mix of bright colors, likely tempered by ivory and warm sand.

To stretch myself with this collection, I plan to focus on embellishment, primarily through the addition of special details like embroidery, trim, lace, or perhaps some Alabama Chanin reverse applique, sprinkled throughout the collection of 11 garments.  To me, these embellishments add much of the feminine charm that I want in my clothing and while none of them are exceedingly difficult to execute, I don't typically take the time to plan and sew garments that include them.

I am still working out the details of which garments to make, but I do know that I will probably include dark wash bootcut jeans as my RTW option, since they really will be the foundation of most of my workwear.  I may include a casual cotton pleated skirt to extend wearability of the collection beyond work.  Otherwise, knit tops, blouses, a casual jacket, a cardigan or two, and some denim trousers are other options I am considering. 

More to come.
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