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Le Nore Petites by MsSindy

Started by MsSindy, November 06, 2019, 04:08:37 pm

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I was going to wait until I had some pictures of fabric to post, but decided to just jump in and start getting my thoughts and intentions down.  First, yay for the rules!!  ..and I love that I can knit something, too.

About a year ago I was really bored at my job and had a lot of time on my hands, so I started to get the idea of starting a line of petite professional wear.  I costed everything out, did my financial projections, registered a name/logo, created some branding material, started some pattern drafting, bought an awesome cutting table, etc.  I even bought coordinating fabric.  Well, work picked-up and I have no time for a 'side-business', and not even sure I want one.  Production sewing is so different than fun studio sewing.  You know what they say about the best way to kill a hobby, start a business around it!

Anyway, I have all this great coordinating fabric that centers around black, tan, eggshell, and red.  I have solids, a floral, and a plaid-like print.  The tan, red, and plaid are all in wool or wool/blend.  The others are for blouses and are a nice poly.  So, I am going to pretend that I am releasing my first collection for Le Nore Petites!  But I also need to keep in mind what I actually need in my wardrobe, the rules, and don't create things that are too complicated and can't be completed.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Definite (6 items)
Floral Top  (black/red)
Floral bias skirt (black/red)
Red wool pants
Red wool Jacket
Red wool straight skirt
Knit a Black Sweater with red/black trim

Goes with everything - Red goes with everything!!
Challenge technique - pants - I've never made them... well, except pajamas!

Undecided Options
I'm really undecided how I want to bring in the plaid and tan.  The tan will not go with the floral, but will with the plaid and red.  The plaid will actually go with the floral.  While I might not be able to wear the tan with everything, it will certainly show well as a collection...and I really need tan pants.  So these are the things I still need to ponder.

I'm also extremely fascinated with silk painting - I've watched people on youtube for hours, and it looks so lovely...and simple.  I know it's not simple, but I want to hang on to it as an option if I have time.  It would be the same patterns as the bias skirt and top.

So for now, I am going to work on my pants, as I think this will be the hardest thing for me to complete.  I already have a jacket pattern that is "almost there" in terms of fit.

I'll take some pictures this weekend and post....


Well, I've been busy finishing up two things I've been working on: a casual top with cape-like sleeves and a sexy date-night dress.  They both came out wonderful and I'm really excited now to turn my attention to my SWAP plans.  Working on those did give me some time to reflect, so that was good.

I took some pictures of my fabric.  The tan and red-orange are my wools, and the black/tan/red is my wool blend.  Those are my main fabrics that I want to make coordinates from.  Then I'm thinking skirt and top from the black/red print, and a couple of neutral tops from the white (it's actually off-white), and black.


At first I wasn't going to bring in the Tan because it doesn't go with the red/black print, but I've let go of the fact that everything should match with everything.  I really need wool pants/skirts for work, and tan will be a good basic to wear with damn near everything in my closet!  Plus, the tan goes well with the wool blend and the red-orange.

I've made my first pattern, which is an a-line bias skirt.  I had one from Ann Taylor that I loved (and ruined), and was saving it for years (they never go out of style).  So I made a pattern from it and so far am really pleased with it!  If it works out well, I may comb my closet for some of my other favorites to clone.

Next up, I'm going to start working on my pants pattern - that will be a challenge for sure.  I'm going to be using Simplicity 2860, which is a nice classic style with a flat front.


For my tops, I'm going to keep it simple and quick.  I'm thinking about the different versions of B6687.  Perhaps adding some bust and waist shaping to the body and then just change out the sleeves for the different material.  This pattern should work for all my blouse weight material and it looks pretty quick/easy.  I think it will make a nice blouse that I can tuck in and wear under jackets.  I bet I could easily change the neckline too, if I wanted.  I usually prefer a v-neck or scoop.  Well, damn, I guess I just altered the whole pattern!  :))

But I'm hoping once I do the alterations, it can become a TNT.


Well, work has been so busy, not much time for sewing.  I was fortunate enough to go to Japan for work, so not complaining!  I even braved the subway by myself and sought out the fabric store!  Luckily I only had a carry-on, so not much room for new purchases.  I brought my red/black/tan swatches with me, but then forgot them at the hotel!  Argh. 

I was able to complete the blouse pictured above with a cute rayon fabric from JoAnns.  This was my test piece.  It just so happens that the material was in my colors!  So, I'm going to count this as my thing I sewed before the official start.  I have just one tweak and then I'll be able to use this as my TNT for this SWAP.

Now, on to pants.  I've made two muslins and I'm still stuck on what to do next.  I posted elsewhere on the boards with lots of pictures, so if you're inclined to help out, I would appreciate some comments over there on that post.

Now that the holidays have officially started and I'm off work for 10 days, super excited to get some sewing done!