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November 11, 2019, 03:02:25 pm


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Ginger's "She looks so put together" SWAP

Started by Ginger-sews, November 05, 2019, 04:17:15 pm

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My theme? "She looks so put together"

That's what my man says when he sees a girl/lady/woman that looks really... um... well... put together! lol  He says it when he sees someone who's dressed nicely - usually boots or nice heels (he's got a foot thing), jeans, jacket, scarf, nice accessories, hat, jewelry -- you know -- just has a "look" going on. Maybe "intentional" dressing? Or just really caring about what she looks like and being thoughtful about her look.  Here's a pinterest board I put together Ginger's inspiration board

Anywho... I want to be that girl... not that I'm intimidated or jealous... just that I like that look myself and realize I dress fairly dumpy sometimes.

So, I'm thinking of denim, chambray, plaid, flannel -- and get this color scheme - Blue and Carhartt brown (Carhartt brown). Not the black color - the brown. The Carhartt thing is kind of a wink to the fact that he's a carpenter and that's the kind of jacket he wears for work in the winter.

My plan so far:
    • Denim patchwork skirt
    • Plaid asymmetric wrap skirt (self-drafted)
    • Denim jeggings
    • Denim jumper dress (York Pinafore from Helen's Closet)
    • Carhartt brown henley tunic
    • Medium dark chambray button up
    • Carhartt brown sweatshirt style - maybe in velvet panne or some other lux fabric
    • Plaid woven T or simple button up style in same plaid as skirt
    • Knitted chunky sweater in Carhartt brown

    For the two 'match everything' pieces - I have a nice corduroy chore jacket in the aforementioned Carhartt brown color (just by chance a recent new purchase) and plan to make a light tan or off-white sort of puffy vest type thing - maybe Grainline Studio Tamarack Jacket without sleeves. Both of these would go over any of the other pieces.

    The key to making it all look "put together" will be the accessories... just bought a new pair of camel/Carhartt colored boots (they weren't called that - just happen to be that). I also have some Timberland shooties in that color. Need some nice belts to wear over the shirts untucked, maybe a nice new warm golden tan (Carhartt brown) leather purse. Scarves to bundle up in.  Chunky bracelets -- on and on. Maybe knit a nice golden brown slouchy hat.

    My challenge piece will be drafting the asymmetrical plaid skirt - I've got a draped front finish I want to do. And, it's plaid. Enough said, lol.  I'm also thinking at the end I might sew up a jean jacket using aforementioned man's beat up bluejeans. I've made tote bags, pieced picnic blankets and even a bucket hat using them. Putting them together in a jean jacket would be the challenge with all the topstitching, bulk and hardware.

    I have a lot of the fabric in stock - the denim patchwork fabric in blue/brown pieced stripes; the plaid flannel in brown/navy plaid, a nice heavy dark denim to give the pinafore some structure.  I'll need to pick up something for jeggings, the chambray and then some luxury type sweatshirt material and a sueded shirt-weight fabric for 2 tops. And, yes, both of those need to be in the Carhartt color. And chunky yarn in that color, too.

    So... lots of plans - headed to my local sewing guild meeting tonight and might have to do a little shopping around the store where it's held.

    This is gonna be fun!