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April 20, 2021, 03:54:24 pm


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warpjr1965 Wants vs Needs SWAP (comments in main thread)

Started by warpjr1965, November 03, 2019, 10:52:23 am

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November 03, 2019, 10:52:23 am Last Edit: June 22, 2020, 06:05:42 pm by warpjr1965 Reason: updated SWAP plan.
OK! Time to get serious! Here are the rules:

Your Perfect Vision - SWAP 2020
11 pieces, in two groups:
9 or 10 that may coordinate (be worn together) to form outfits
1 or 2 that MUST coordinate (be able to be worn with all of the others)  (1 if you make 10 other pieces, 2 if you make 9)
no required garments
no required colors
You may include one garment that is knitted, crocheted, or handwoven

SWAP sewing will begin December 26th, and all garments must be finished by April 30th, 2010. Pattern fitting and cutting may be done whenever you're ready.

You may include 1 garment you had already sewn prior to the rules announcement and 1 purchased ready-to-wear garment, or 2 pre-sewn garments made prior to the rules announcement. (I encourage either of these options, as integrating your SWAP sewing with your current wardrobe increases how versatile your self-sewn clothing will be). In addition, you may include one additional garment that is sewn after the rules have been posted and before the official start SWAP sewing date of December 26. If you include these three garments, that gives a total of eight more to be sewn before SWAP ends, for a fairly reasonable 2 per month.

You must choose a theme for your collection to act as a focal point -  something that inspires you and will help give your SWAP wardrobe a cohesive "feel"; it could be a verbal phrase, a photo, a location, an artifact, or even an accessory (like a scarf). You must post what you have chosen as your theme.

You must include, as part of making one (or more) garments, a technique that both stretches your skill set and is something you have been wanting to learn. For example: someone who is a beginner might choose zippers, someone who is further along on their sewing journey might choose Hong Kong seam finishing or welt pockets, someone who loves embellishment might try making an Alabama Chanin style reverse applique garment, etc....

For the purposes of this SWAP, a sewn "garment" is one that consists of more than one pattern piece, stitched together. A poncho (one piece with a hole for the neckline), or a wrap (one piece of fabric) are not. Some knitted or crocheted garments are made in one piece, but involve careful shaping, so they count as garments.

Wants: comfy clothes that are acceptable to wear in public, along with some quirky style, including a linen tunic/dress, a turtleneck sweater.
Needs: comfy clothes to wear to work, specifically: at least 2 more pair of stretch pants, at least 4    more tops, at least 2 more warm and stylish cover ups.

I think I can make these play nicely if I plan ahead.

Rough breakdown:

2 Go with everythings
1 Blue turtleneck top DONE
1 white knit tee DONE

Remainder Options:

1 pair elle pants/pull on stretch pants: Black DONE
1 pair purchased leggings DONE
1 blue seersucker knit top DONE
1 Blue turtleneck chunky sweater:DONE
1 Blue wool crewneck DONE
1 blue striped T DONE
1 blue striped tank DONE
1 Blue rib Toaster sweaterDONE
1 cream/speckled hoodie DONE
2 Oatmeal waffle T neck or t-shirt DONE
1 Gray embroidered sweatshirt/dress: DONE
1 mustard cropped sweater/shirt
1 mustard skirt
1 black pre made skirt
1 dress: Grainline Farrow dress in mustard linen

There, actually this looks good. I can make this work.[/b]


Have purchased lovely ponte, linen, and less-lovely-but-still-good french terry. Am currently pre washing.

Timing is tricky, as I am concurrently sewing a Jacket for DD, and my pre-swap moto jacket. I can feel myself zinging off into another direction, typical, and have to pull back into the current projects, or I'll never get done!

this weekend will be: tidy up the sewing area, again, set up for DD's jacket and muslin the moto jacket.


Managed to cut out the blue sweater knit turtleneck, which should make a SWAP appearance as one of my overs.
I'm still going to sew the Pink moto jacket for the pre-swap challenge, but I'm not sure how it is going to fit in with this SWAP, as I am veering very far into a blue/black/white/mustard theme. I do have a basic inspiration piece, which I have yet to post.


Update on (lack of) progress.

No sewing, no more cutting accomplished. since last post I have acquired a nice length of black ponte, pre-washed.  I did a test run pre-wash of the 4 fabrics I purchased in November with my sewing group, one shrunk almost 1 inch! Good thing I washed.

I think I've booted the pink Moto out of the line up, it will clash with the mustard dress I plan on making. boo.

I'll focus on pre-washing and pairing up the fabric with the patterns, this includes finding and  prepping the patterns. Not likely to get anything sewn before SWAP at this point.


December 21, 2019, 01:02:49 pm #4 Last Edit: December 21, 2019, 01:09:30 pm by warpjr1965 Reason: adding photos.
Updating with photos:

Below, left to right: Ponte, French terry, Linen/viscose, Sweatshirt fleece, Waffle knit, Ribbed sweater knit, Embroidered french terry, Faux fur (truer colors), closer shot of faux fur.


I just updated the plan again, as I realized if I use the coat as my go-with-everything, I can sew whatever I want for the remaining 10 garments!!

More sewing, but much easier matching.


Plan alteration, again. The fur reads as green, which I think will NOT do so well with my garment collection. 
So I may be back to a couple of bottoms for the go-with-everythings, or will have to find another topper/over/outer garment to jive with the collection.


Keeping the coat!!

Have 4 items cut, one more to go, and then I'll get to serging things up. I have 7 projects on the go! That is a lot for me. I feel focused, and systematic right now. These are mostly easy projects, if I can get these done by mid-February I'll be in good shape to finish.


Let's see, I got those 4 projects done, and have cut 3 more (2 not on the SWAP list but I could make them work!)
Plan to serge everything that needs white thread, then will re-thread with blue and tackle serging/coverstitching what I've currently got cut out.


ok, 2 more shirts finished today, and 5 others completed last weekend. Working now on the embroidered terry dress, and one more blue item to finish before I switch color ways again.


Quick comment to myself. Coat will not get done. its OK, its June and I want to hold that til the fall. Realized I can only handle so much mustard on one garment, the Farrow is fine as it leans more toward brown, but the other fabric I have is very golden, and will not work as a dress, as I type I am just going to knock that item out altogether. It will work much better as separates.


Making an attempt to at least post a collage from my SWAP attempt this year:
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