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Treefrog's Diamond Firetail SWAP

Started by treefrog, October 30, 2019, 10:07:41 pm

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October 30, 2019, 10:07:41 pm Last Edit: October 30, 2019, 11:16:29 pm by treefrog
This year's SWAP is inspired by the colours of the Diamond Firetail.  They are a gorgeous little finch, endangered in my area, but I'm lucky enough to have a pair breeding at our place the last few years.  Even managed to see the chicks take their first awkward flying lesson last year.  Most of the year they are normally hard to see, but during the summer they are closer to the house, bathing in the small pond outside my office window or feeding on seeds in the grass.  Always a joy to see them.

    The plan so far, is to use mainly linen fabrics, a couple of silks and cottons.

    Shirtings (L to R): Floral linen/cotton, dot inlay cotton, print rayon, print silk 

Optional shirt: Jaquard cotton.  The print reminds me of feathers

Bottomweight :  black linen, chilli linen, taupe silk/cotton, sand silk faille, stretch linen denim

  • 2 shirts and 2 tops from the shirtings. 
  • white knit shell
  • black silk cami with lace (my challenge piece)
  • 3 pants and 2 shorts (or the other way around) from these bottom-weights

The plan doesn't have one piece which goes with everything but ticks a lot of the boxes for a summer wardrobe.  The shell and cami will be able to be worn under the shirts in the cooler months, but won't work for the tops.  The styles I'm thinking about for one those, and possibly one of the shirts, may not be suitable for wearing under a jacket.

Toward the end of SWAP, I may rejig this to add in a layering item, and take advantage of a pre-made garment and RTW item to make it fit the rules, but for now I'm happy to sew along[/list]


I did a quick doodle yesterday to try to figure out which styles to put with the fabrics. 

The linen and cotton shirts, I'm thinking of making long sleeves, even though it is for summer.  I find the extra sun protection is helpful, and I can always roll up the sleeves if it is too hot.  For the black silk, I'm thinking of going for a wrap style.  The orange/black print will be short sleeved, possible with a cap or flouncy type sleeve. 

The pants still need more thought.  I started with what styles I needed and then tried to assign a colour too them (colouring isn't very accurate).  It gives me an idea about the waist heights and lenghts, and how they will work with the tops.  I do like the style of the black shorts, but will need to do a test pair to see if the style likes me.  I see them being for around the house on those 40C+ days, which may be a bit of a waste to use that particilar fabric on them. The black linen is a really good quality and I had originally bought it to make a jacket and pants with.  So I may end up doing that. 


Firetail Friday #1

Our feathered friend has laid out the black linen on the table and is playing Tetris with the pattern pieces for pants and a blazer.  It will just fit if the pants block pattern is used, no pleats or widened hem.  It will need to have slant pockets on the front and none on the back.  It would be lovely to have welt pockets on the back of pants, but the fabric is about 5cm short. 

Since the patterns are all pinned, we may as well to cut them out before a change of mind can creep in.  If time allows, some silk organza may pop into the dye put to use for the interfacing in place of hair canvas.


Firetail Friday #2

Our feathered friend (let's call her Di the Diamond Firetail) has been working on the blazer.  She knows she should be working on summer clothes, but since it had to be cut out at the same time as the pants.... and the weather had turned chilly again......

Fast forward a week, the body of the jacket is taking shape.  Welt pockets with flaps, a first for her, have been installed over the weekend.  The first taking over and hour, but the second going much quicker. She does a little dance in relief. Now, the facings are on and the lining sewn in.  Yesterday, summer kicked in with a smoky-dust storm, and Di is wondering why she is working on a jacket.  She spends the evening pick-stitching the lapels and edges of the jacket.  Slow work, calming work and another new skill.  Today brings clear skies and a lot of dusting.  Next week, with luck, she'll finish the pick-stitching and work on the shoulder pads and sleeves.


Firetail Friday #3

The linen jacket is finished, and I'm quietly chuffed about how it has turned out.  The silk organza interlining has stopped it wrinkling, even after all the handling in doing the hand stitching.  The photo below was taken before a final press, so it should wear well.

For the sleevehead, I used a scrap from the previous jacket and it worked a treat.  The lining is a silk satin that was left over from a coat I made about 7 or 8 years ago.  So some good stash busting happening  :)