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October 14, 2019, 10:54:23 pm


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Any interest in a pre-2020 SWAP garment challenge?

Started by CCL, October 12, 2019, 12:40:44 pm

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Last year we did a dress challenge... but I felt somehow that left some folks out who don't do dresses and might want to participate.

So, what if this year we do a "jacket" challenge?  Now, jacket could be any top garment that has sleeves and opens in front and is worn over another item.  That would exclude vests, but not shirts.   I'd still like to include the requirement that there be one new thing involved - new pattern; new type of fabric (such as if you've never sewn velvet, using velvet for the jacket could be the one new thing); new technique (setting sleeves using wigam); new to you construction, such as a welt pocket, cut on front band.  The idea being as this challenge is an opportunity to grow a new skill.

If that doesn't appeal to folks, we could go back to the "dress challenge."

Anyway, appreciate folks thoughts and if there is enough interest, I would be willing to sponsor again.


I would be up for participating in either a jacket challenge or another dress challenge, as I have both of those garments in my ongoing wardrobe sewing plan. Thanks for being willing to start this again!
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October 12, 2019, 01:21:11 pm #2 Last Edit: October 12, 2019, 04:21:40 pm by sewsy
CCL, guess what? Just recently, when the new McCalls fall patterns came out, I spied a coatdress pattern that I've been keen to get. Since JA's hasn't had the McCall patterns on sale at a price I felt like paying, I've had to wait a bit for them to get to a (ahem) lower price point.

Which, as it turns out, was a good thing. I've had a bit of time to ruminate about the coatdress, I've always liked the silhouette.  I took a look around to see if the McCall pattern and maybe a few other (older) patterns that might be gotten on ebay.

After I got thinking about OOP patterns, I was reminded of a coatdress that I'd seen in an independent fabric store years ago. It was made by a woman named Ilsa, a sewing instructor; and I wanted dearly to study with her. She'd given up teaching, saying that students didn't want to take the time needed to craft well made garments.

I went over and over that garment, trying to glean everything I could as to how it was constructed. It was made out of a navy wool that had multi-colored pinstripes. I remember how expertly the collar stripes matched the back of the dress, how the seam allowances were so thin, I couldn't feel them, and how beautifully the sleeves were set into the armscyes. ABsolutely NO puckering.

I tried to find the Vogue pattern based on the drawing I'd seen on the front of the pattern that was pinned onto the dress, but no go. I did, however, come to a decision.

I'm going to try my hand at making as good a coatdress as I remember Ilsa's was. Honestly, it kinda feels like a graduation test of some sort.

And then, while watching the RR331 video of Ralph Ruccis' new atelier got me to thinking about "new" stylings. I'd been thinking about just using a double breasted suit jacket and lengthening it for a coatdress. Then, how about a moto jacket pattern lengthened to dress length? Just (coincidentally) happened upon a goodly amount of black lightweight woven wool (it was gifted) that will do very nicely, I think.

I've decided that I'm gonna do two. One a more traditional coatdress, (hopefully) ala Ilsa; and one a more modern take on a coatdress, using the Lisette moto jacket pattern that I happen to have in the pattern stash and previously made up for middle DD.

So! I'm in! Except to say that my "jackets" ;) will be a bit longer than normal, if that's alright? :)

Here's a picture of the Butterick/Lisette 6169:

Here's the McCall pattern that I plan to pick up soon:

Or maybe this one from ebay, an OOP Vogue:

I'm thinking that with the Lisette, I'll eliminate the front slash pockets, and add them to the side seams at the hip or a bit below and add a  kickpleat to the  center back seam. With the more traditional McCall or Vogue, I sort of like the front of the Vogue and the back of the McCall. I don't want a lot of seaming in the back, I may wind up frankenpatterning the both of them.


Hmm - my next planned garment is a kimono-style jacket - but the whole point of it is that it requires absolutely no new skills whatever  :D
Good Luck to everyone who does take part  :thumbsup:
Does this bring you joy, calm, confidence  :D  if not, try something else.

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Well as it turns out, I have a vest, dress, and jacket in my plans!
I feel very confident that I can finish the dress I have chosen in a reasonable amount of time.

I have never made a jacket however. A jacket challenge could be just the push I need to get it going!


I just ordered fabric for a jacket, so definitely in for a jacket challenge!