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Medea's from Sea to Heaven (Comments in main thread, please)

Started by Medea, January 05, 2019, 10:07:21 am

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My thoughts about my SWAP wardrobe started with what I need for my Summer Wardrobe or as a transition to my Summer Wardrobe. When I decided a couple of garments that I need/want for Summer I started my search for an inspiration image and I found this Hermès Scarf and even if I'd never buy such a scarf I love the colors of this and the colors suit me well. The scarf's name is De La Mer au Ciel Scarf by Bourthoumieux, "From Sea to Heaven".

I've used part of the picture to get the colors to choose from and these will be my neutrals and accent colors as I believe in January.

Neutral #1 Caviar / Black
Neutral #2 White

Accent #1 Beige
Accent #2 Turqouise Gray Liberty print, William Morris
Accent #3 Blue Gray Chambray
Accent #4 Red / Rust red

Wild Card #1 Probably Apricot
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


I want a Wardrobe to wear at a dream vacation in Summer.

One capsule is for the Beach. There is a bikini in white or apricot, a kimono to wear over the bikini and also in the mornings at the hotel.  I also need a dress to wear for lunch at the beach restaurant.

The next capsule is for a visit to the Museum. I think there will be some sort of trousers. Maybe Lander Pants and a blouse. Don't know the pattern yet.

The third capsule is for hiking or just a walk around in the city. I want a "pantskirt"/Culotte (Jupe Culotte in French). I like Jupe Muscade a lot. And I also need a blouse and maybe a jeans jacket, I found one I liked in Knipmode.

I will also need a dress for dinner at night and that will probably be my wildcard #2. And for the evening I'll also need a short jacket or something like that. We'll see what I decide and I need to think of one more garments to make it eleven.
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


I've made the first part of the plan for this SWAP and then I realized that I don't know where the pattern for the Yuma blouse is. Maybe I'll find it or I have to find another pattern.

Maybe I'd start by cutting those garments or sew something that I've already cut.
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


I haven't sewn anything since before Christmas but yesterday I cut a Pussy Bow Blouse and now is it only the arms to be set in before it's finished.
I like that this blouse is a fast one.

I've used a white silk/cotton blend or is it just silk? I don't really know. However, it's white and a part of my new wardrobe.  8)
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


I don't know why but there has been nearly no sewing the last months. But next weekend (April 11-14) I'm going to a sewing camp and now I'm planning and cutting those garments that I want to sew and maybe I can finish my swap in time.
But I can show you a bought garment that will suit my summer wardrobe.

It's a viscose top that I found in a thrift store. That morning I looked for a pattern for a boxy top and then I found this top in a perfect color for my swap.

We'll see how I manage to finish my swap in time but I will sew clothes that I will use this last summer in Provence even if they're not finished April 30th.
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


My days are busy when I try to finish my SWAP garments. I just have a bikini left and I hope that I can finish it tomorrow. I can also see in the picture that I missed a black linen sweater and put a white shirt there instead.

Hold your thumbs that I'll finish in time
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)


I'm so happy that I finished in time and I thank the April Sewing Camp that I managed to sew nearly all my garments in April.

I've made my SWAP wardrobe for a hot summer in Provence. I want the wardrobe work as small capsules inside the whole collection.

- One capsule is for a visit to the Museum. There is a pair of white linen Lander Pants and a Yuma blouse. I can bring the black knitted Linen Sweater if I need something warmer.

- The Beach Capsule includes an apricot bikini, a kimono to wear over the bikini and a dress to wear for lunch at the beach restaurant.

- The third capsule is for a walk around in the city. It includes a Fano Tee, Pants or Skirt and the short Jean Jacket

- A capsule for an eventual visit to an exhibition. It includes the Petrol Boxy Top, Pants or Skirt and the Kimono.

- For Dinner at night I have a Pussy Bow Blouse in white silk/cotton blend. I wear it with the A-line Skirt or the Lander Pants. It's rarely cold in the provencal evenings but if it is I bring my short jean jacket.

- When visiting friends I wear the Pussy Bow Blouse, the Lander Pants and the knitted Linen Sweater.

- When shopping at the market I can wear this Yuma Blouse, a line Skirt and Jean Jacket.

- When I walk to the bakery in the morning I can wear the viscose Dress, eventually with the Jean Jacket.


Inspiration piece - Picture of Hermès Scarf - De La Mer au Ciel - From Sea to Heaven

Neutral Colours - Black Caviar and White

Accent Colours - Petrol, Taupe and Apricot

Print - William Morris Strawberry Thief for Liberty in Taupe, Violet and Apricot

2nd Layer:
- Short Black Jean Jacket (Knipmode/Fashion Style 06-2018, https://knipmode.nl/shop/patronen/jackje-25-knip-juni-2018/)
- Black Knitted Linen Sweater (My own pattern) This is my garment made before SWAP
- Kimono (My own combination of different patterns)

- Yuma Blouse, black linen - Kit by Klo: http://kitbyklo.bigcartel.com/product/kit-patron-blouse-yuma
- Black Viscose Jersey Tee - Fano Tee (dress) - Schnittbox: https://www.etsy.com/listing/462691837/sewing-pattern-dress-fano-woman-dress
- Pussy Bow Blouse, White silk/cotton (Sew Over It: https://sewoverit.co.uk/product/pussy-bow-blouse-sewing-pattern/)
- Boxy Viscose Blouse (My Thrifted RTW garment)

- A-line skirt, Viscose Crêpe (Ottobre Woman 05-2010 mod.2, https://www.ottobredesign.com/uusi2010/img/browse/2010_5/all_designs.pdf)
- Lander Pants, white linen (TrueBias: https://shop.truebias.com/product/lander-pant-short)

Wild Cards:
- Bikini (Knipmode 06-2017: https://knipmode.nl/shop/patronen/bikini-3/)
- Beach Dress, viscose (mod.9 Ottobre Woman 02-2019 https://www.ottobredesign.com/uusi2010/img/browse/2019_2/all_designs.pdf)
I'm at Instagram @ medeasgarderob (Medea's Wardrobe)