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October 23, 2019, 03:49:01 pm


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Sharon's Turbulent Seas

Started by sharonspils, December 21, 2018, 10:11:17 pm

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How I need SWAP this year, the wardrobe is very bare due to fabric wearing out or being damaged beyond repair.

My inspiration is from fabric in my stash that I purhased from Knitwit back in 2012.

I have started with a wild card, a dress which is part of CCL's Dress Challenge and made before 28 October 2018.

All my fabrics will be from my stash.

Now to finalise my plans so I can start sewing when we get back home on the 27th.


I need to find a different inspiration piece as it is summer here and very very hot, so I want lemon and coral in my SWAP and I think I have found it.  When I showed my fabric in my first post to a friend she said it was very Klimt inspired so I have been having fun checking out the wonderful designs and of course I can find one that works with my colours  :smiles-pom1:

Now to get off computers and keep sewing.


Here is my Turbulent Seas dress, this was finished prior to SWAP starting and was for CCL's Dress Challenge

This is my first piece for SWAP.