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September 25, 2020, 04:24:39 am


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Angelsweb's Another Try at a SWAP (Comments in main thread, please)

Started by angelsweb, November 12, 2018, 09:56:31 pm

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I'm really going to try to finish this time...

Here's my inspiration photo from the California Academy of Sciences. I just love these colors--my neutrals will be camel and teal.

I'm going to try to focus mostly on using stash fabrics and reaching my goal of having some TNT patterns. I've got a basic dress pattern, a basic knit top, and I'm closing in on a completed Fit for Art Tabula Rasa Jacket. I started it but was unable to get it finished before the rules were announced, so it won't count for SWAP, but it will still be useful.

The real challenge will be a pants pattern ... I'm thinking of the Eureka Pants from Fit for Art for dressier pants and for casual pants, one of the pants patterns from Louise Cutting's Cutting Line Designs.

I'm also going to tackle a winter coat ...

Wish me luck!


Still in the planning stages ... I used the palette generator on my inspiration photo and came up with some interesting color possibilities that I hadn't considered. The generator leans more toward green than I see in the photo, so I may exercise some artistic control and pull in more teal blue ...

I'm trying to convince myself that there's absolutely no red in that inspiration photo, because I have this mad desire to make a red coat!

Still leaning toward camel/beige and teal as my neutrals, and searching the resources for prints/accent colors. I'm hoping that plowing through the fabric stash will encourage me to pull some more pieces out to donate.

Fitting my SWAP sewing into my current wardrobe is a real challenge. I need bottoms and 2nd layers, but I've got lots of tops ...

So far I'm committed to these garments:

        My "Can't See the Dog Hair" group (3 or 4 garments)
               Camel wool suiting: Jacket, pants, and possibly a skirt if I have enough fabric
               Beige/khaki cotton twill pants

        The Teal group (3 garments)
               Ponte knit pants
               French terry top/second layer
               Handwoven light teal jacket (possibly Fit for Art Tabula Rasa jacket)

         Everything else fabric possibilities (4 or 5 garments to be decided)
               Brown corduroy (possibly 2 garments)
               Jersey knit print with rust, brown, teal, and ivory
               Wool/silk tweed for a vest (Kwik Sew 3899)
               Slightly dressy ivory T or classic shirt
               Coat -- Teal melton or that bright red brushed wool from Mood Fabrics

I know that adds up to more garments than I need for SWAP if I get them all done.

Everything else is up for last minute decisions.



Well, the stars seemingly are just not aligned for me to complete SWAP, again.

On Sunday, I suffered a retina tear and detachment. Currently I have almost no vision in my right eye, so sewing is pretty much impossible.  After about 15 hours in two different hospital emergency departments Sunday night and Monday, surgery is this afternoon, and I'll be face down for several weeks ... which is a real bummer. Luckily, I was referred to one of the nation's best eye hospitals.

As sewists and crafters, I know y'all appreciate how terrified I am.

Prayers and positive thoughts will be greatly appreciated.