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July 02, 2020, 03:35:38 am


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Stephanie's Venice (Acqua Alta) Bookshop SWAP (comms in SWAP thread pls)

Started by stephaniecan, November 03, 2018, 12:16:05 pm

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November 03, 2018, 12:16:05 pm Last Edit: February 21, 2019, 06:39:07 pm by stephaniecan Reason: Edited title as SWAP started out as a "Florentine Cathedral SWAP" and changed...
I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I want to drastically reduce my stash, while fighting the perfectionism bear, and I love the camaraderie of SWAP, so...
I will also have a fair bit of time I can dedicate to sewing over the winter, so I think I can do this this year. I'll focus on simple garments like pencil skirts and shirts, with some pattern mixing and maybe one or two more complex jackets and/or dresses to add interest (and to keep me engaged).

In any event, even if I don't finish, I hope that some people enjoy the sharing of planned collections...

Inspiration photo:

I have a tonne of fabrics in the colours in this image, but my neutrals will be grey and brown. I have quite a few plaids that I feel would mimic the windows in the buildings in the inspiration photo. I'll go in that direction for prints, with accents in green and yellow.

This "bird silk" fabric that I have been waiting for years to sew needs to get used. They are not the same birds, but among my favourite birds are the rondini (swallows) that swoop around Florence at dusk, looking for insects, and are seen around the cathedral (Santa Maria del Fiore) in abundance.

I will probably knit one or two garments to blend with the others. I have lots of choice in this regard as I have suitable yarns in stash (e.g., yellow, as above, and other left over balls of other yarns that could become a stranded vest or sweater to add some pattern/design interest).

I recently made this hat (still sewing in ends and not yet blocked), inspired by the inspiration photo:



I really couldn't tell you why, and it is probably reflective of some grand, personal flaw, but I usually don't read instructions.*
As a result, I skimmed over the SWAP rules and came up with a tentative collection that doesn't yet seem to match the rules.

*My partner always laughs at me when I accidentally get stuck on some setting on my camera and wonders why, in two years, I haven't read any parts of the manual. When I get really desperate I go to Youtube.

Actually, I do know what the reason is for this lack of interest in reading instructions: I've always been more of an intuitive. I like everything to be a puzzle that I have to figure out on my own, regardless of whether there are experts who could make my life much easier.

Anyhow, some recent discussion in the pre-SWAP discussion thread suggests that six garments in neutrals are required for this SWAP (if one maxes out the 1-5 patterns or accents). I had originally chosen grey and brown as my neutrals, but I am not sure that I want six garments in these colours. Maybe I'll change my viewpoint as a go along, but I do love some livelier colours, so I've been thinking about yellow as a neutral. I'll need to find a yellow that suits me.

Probably because I had this idea simmering away in my brain, I bought this vintage pattern this week, which may become a pre-SWAP item:

My tentative plan (likely to be changed to better fit the rules):

1) grey wool jacket to match a skirt I am making right now. (It uses a Vintage Valentino pattern and is short and in a 1970s style). (neutral 1)
2) brown wool skirt (fabric is kind of a tweedy brown-olive, in reality) (neutral 2?)
3) grey trousers or skirt (same grey fabric as 1) (neutral 1)
4) knitted turtleneck or simple top (brown? yellow?) (neutral 2?)
5) knitted fair isle vest (not sure if this will happen, but it's a thought. (pattern 1)
6) orange and grey plaid shirt (pattern 2)
7) extravagant print blouse (pattern, obviously :))
8. blue-grey and brown plaid shift (hmm...combo of two neutrals or print)
9) dark grey jacket (has fine orange check in it but almost not noticeable. Definitely reads as neutral grey) (neutral 1 again)
10) green silk shirt (accent)
11) green dress or, more practically, another simple skirt or pair of pants. (accent or neutral)

Optional/substitutions: brown cord outdoor jacket, plaid coat...maybe a yellow dress?

This is a confused plan, so I need to think a bit more clearly about what outfits I could make from these items. I also recently made a red dress (September) and so I could technically sub in red as an accent (there is a tiny blob of red in my inspiration photo, although realistically red is not a dominant colour in this image (unless terra cotta is considered to be a red!).


Apparently Canada Post, because of strikes, is having some serious issues with the processing of packages, so my Valentino pattern may not arrive anytime soon from the US. (Fingers crossed!) As a result, I'm going to be toiling this one this weekend for CCL's dress challenge, which perhaps could also be included in SWAP(?):

I also started knitting a sweater, much against my better judgment as I have outstanding Christmas "orders" from my mom (sweater), partner (flannel shirt), and best friend (gnome mittens...I know), as well as my partner's sister (scarf). I was feeling selfish, and this is in my SWAP colour palette:

I was at my local fabric store this morning as well, and although my objective is to use materials I already have for this SWAP, I realized how helpful it is that I chose grey and brown as my neutrals as there are many many lovely brown wools available. (I already have a lot of fabrics in grey.)

I am getting so excited about the sewing!! I have already prepared a couple of patterns that I will toile before the holidays, which should help me to get off to a good start in January. Hope everyone else is also feeling the building excitement.

Or maybe it was Santa that did that to me at this morning's parade...


Just back from vacation and really looking forward to getting started on the SWAP again and enjoying everyone's work!

I am conflicted about my plan. I hate the fact that I often change my mind, but I do find that I crave at least some brighter colour than I have included. I also struggle with the fact that I have both some warm and cool elements to my colouring but am probably mostly cool. I tend to wear a lot of soft navy blue, tweed, and greys. I also look great in a muted dark green. So...bright red is somewhat of a no-no but something I love to wear.

I suppose I should change my inspiration photo and my colours. :( I need to think about this as I do also want to de-stash. I'm thinking that maybe I could change my neutrals from grey and brown to grey and dark blue and then add accents in green and red for fun. I'm going to play with this and dig through my stash to see what I can do, and what will work best. I will also search for a new inspiration photo.

Thanks to those who have written at length in the forum about choosing colours, value, etc. I look forward to digging in in greater depth.

The light is poor in these photos but I took two photos of me in the red Pucci dress I made in September, on Christmas (after Christmas dinner, so there was a bit of bloating going on!):


Sorry to the moderators for another post so soon, but I took this photo in the Acqua Alta bookstore in Venice over the holidays and perhaps this would work as well as any other as an inspiration photo?


This feels a bit like cheating (OK, so it is a bit like cheating), but I may go with one of my Venice bookshop photos as my colour inspiration. I say cheating as pretty much every colour is available to me in these photos!

I love this one, too, as the verb "capire" (to understand) is visible in the stacks:

All this in an effort to include red in my collection...

I think I've settled on grey and blue as my neutrals, or red and blue as my neutrals, with accents likely to be green and perhaps white. That's quite a big departure from the colours and palette I suggested in the autumn. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the change of season. We are in full winter now and when I think of making clothes I think of cool colours. I also think forward to springtime, when I crave fresh and bright and clean colours. I'm fickle, I know. I'm giving myself until the end of this week to commit to a plan, any plan!

So far, to simplify, possible SWAP items:

red dress (done, previously-sewn)
red jacket (mostly cut out, now to start sewing). If it works out I see this as a highly versatile piece, to give a punch to different outfits.
possibly a red and white striped RTW shirt

blue suit: jacket and trousers (I have lots of navy blue and mid-blue wool, so all stash, and something I'm quite looking forward to making)

That's up to five items.

(if not blue, I may include a grey jacket (already cut out but not sewn)
grey trousers (not cut out, not decided) or
grey skirt? (I have enough wool to do this))

Items 6 and 7:

white or pale blue shirt
silk blouse in a pattern or an accent colour, or something with extravagant sleeves

Items 8,9:

dress (green?)
knitted sweater or vest (green? fair isle?)

Items 10,11
pencil skirt or a cigarette pant
fun, short-sleeved blouse (maybe a pattern)


Since I get maker's block a lot of the time, I decided that I needed to simply start something and then let the collection evolve out of the rough set of garments I have sketched out. I am sure it will work out. The types of garments will likely stay the same, in any case, but permitting some looseness will allow me to play with colour and pattern as things get made and I can see how they fit together.

I started the red jacket! I cut out all of the underlining and hand-basted the silk organza to the wool crepe. Whee!

It's a pure, clear red. Not sure why it photographs pink. :)


Well, good news and bad news.

The good news is that the red jacket is well underway. I have also traced and fitted a pair of pants and have at least one dress toile in progress.

The bad news is that I broke my ankle on Wednesday night.

That will slow me down a little bit in the interim as I will have trouble cutting and pressing and tracing. Would it be within the rules for me to guide my partner to cut out some trousers for me, I wonder? For now, once I don't have to continually elevate my leg, I'll get back to sewing the jacket and can perhaps focus on a knitted piece for a few weeks. I'll have to catch up in March and April. I think because I have set some clear parameters for myself I should be able to do a lot in March and April. I feel quite motivated, perhaps by the challenge of being somewhat limited by the injury. I really want to finish this year.

Glad to see everyone else's work shaping up!


Not much to report since I am still in "ankle up/down" mode, but I did get some swatches of silk from Emmaonesock so I am dreaming of the blouse and possible shirt dress I am going to make for my collection, which is becoming increasingly nautical/nature-oriented.

I think I am going to make a blouse in the darker red (even though I love the brighter red), and maybe a dress in the brighter blue. Something about the light and dark blues also makes me want to colour block. Maybe cuffs and a placket on the dress in the lighter blue?

I have in mind a sort of a crazy design for a sweater that I can start knitting next week when G returns to Italy and I have some downtime/alone time. I made some female cardinal motifs and then a sketch of a sweater. Sounds kind of crazy but I do this kind of thing from time to time.


Hmm...I wonder if there is a way that I can rename this thread?? In my mind this is now the Venice (Acqua Alta) Bookshop SWAP

Well, I have passed the three week mark with my broken ankle. I finally got a transfer bench installed in my bathroom so I took a shower by myself today. Ahhh...

I also am feeling more up to sewing now so this weekend I will begin sewing in earnest again, even though I still have to wheel myself around for another three weeks. I have been working from home so during the day can't sew. In the evenings, I have been knitting a pullover, given that knitting is easy on the sofa with my foot elevated. I feel as though this pullover (Dathan, by Kate Davies), will be a cheerful addition to my Venice Bookshop SWAP. :)

The pattern itself provides a basic dolman design. The knitter decides on the stripe sequence. I received a sample pack of 15 balls of yarn from the designer as part of a course registration, so I laid them out on the table and ordered them in colour gradients, which is what appealed to me most. Then I am knitting the stripes in a 3-1-2-1 (rows) pattern. This means that the colour ordering is consistent throughout but the width of the stripes different in each round, resulting in the colours appearing slightly different relative to each other depending on the width of the stripes. I'm bordering them in navy blue (my favourite colour).

I initially laid out all of the colours but my partner dislikes purple vehemently and so he pulled it out of the row! I gave in and pulled the dark purple out.

The "reds" in the sweater are a little bit more pink than red, but hey- I'm the designer, no? :) I also gave myself the many colours out with my bookshop photos, I believe.

Cheers and happy sewing! Hopefully I'll be back with a sewn item or two in the next couple of weeks.


I am pulling up the rear here, but I am determined to fight (myself!) to the finish and things are going well so far. I was told at the hospital a week ago that I could start bearing weight again, so I am able to sew and move about more easily now. I had started a second knitted item before that time, so I have a blue gansey sweater going:

And a blue shirt is in progress this week:

It's a good thing I like blue. I might need to find some more red fabric as the balance is being tilted! Oh no!

After the blue shirt I have a simple silk blouse and a pencil skirt on deck. I'll probably start with the pencil skirt this weekend, but I can be fickle so in reality it is anyone's guess. Thread has been matched to fabric, however, and that is a good sign.

Happy sewing, all.


March 24, 2019, 09:15:36 pm #11 Last Edit: March 25, 2019, 06:05:09 am by stephaniecan Reason: better photo
Blue shirt done!

Another shirt started! (All but the collar and hems done at this point.) Fabric:

Pattern (Cartamodelli magazine):

I'm planning to make another version of the same blouse (short-sleeves) in red silk. :)

Momentum! I love it. I may not be able to walk fast, but I am pretty quick with an iron.


Well, slow but sure, although I am frightened that I will get muddled this weekend and will get nothing done. That happens to me.

I have almost completed the bird silk shirt. The inner collar stand needs to be sewn down and the hemming and buttonholes need doing, but otherwise it is in pretty good shape. I like the easy vibe for summer. I expect to wear this with high waist skirts and pants.

This one allows you to see a bit of the texture of the fabric:

Excuse the wrinkles!

For this weekend I am struggling a great deal as these pretty fabrics arrived:

With the white denim I am thinking of a skirt. With the grey cotton tweed a pair of nice cigarette pants, and with the red silk a blouse (maybe another of the short-sleeved one). I also have a piece of white double cloth perhaps wanting to be a dress, and I am thinking of a navy moleskin jacket and a pair of navy blue pants or shorts. And my mind has thrown a silk dress into the mix, too. Oops.

Maybe I should eat something and my head would be clearer. Abundance of choice is always my nemesis.

Happy weekend sewing, all!


Well, slow but sure. I need to pick up the pace a bit, but I am pleased with what I have done so far. The part I find challenging is matching garments. I usually have garments in mind but then once I sew them and put them on I am less convinced by the original pairings I had envisioned. That process of evolution gives me pause and causes me to slow down.

This past weekend I did, however, complete my "bird silk" blouse, apart from the buttons:

This is a crummy bathroom shot, and the blouse has static cling, but this gives an idea. I really like the blouse for an easy summer separate with a slim cigarette pant or skirt. I am working on a toile of the cigarette pants. I am almost there, but I think I'm going to size up at the hips and make another toile before I start sewing. Once I get this pattern ready it should be quite versatile (pattern from Cartamodelli magazine).

Sorry for the rear shot, but I am proud of my wedges to lift the back. :)

As much as I dislike making multiple toiles, you can't rush the fitting process! (With apologies for the mess around me. I have started cleaning up after the broken ankle period, but it is a work in progress!)


In doing a quick mental accounting of what I have left to do to complete my SWAP, I feel somewhat daunted, but I am so pleased about how motivated and happy I feel when I am sewing these days. I suppose that I am too much of a perfectionist, but I'm pleased with what I have done so far.

I had planned to sew a skirt or pants last weekend, but I only got as far as the toiles. I only need to tweak the pants toile a little bit so hopefully I will be able to make the pants this weekend and perhaps start a second pair or start a skirt. I traced the pants pattern again and adjusted the size upwards slightly, so I will likely make another toile tonight and then cut the fabric tomorrow.

The list that remains for me I believe is as follows (dream list!):

- red silk blouse (same pattern as before, so relatively easy to do, I believe)
- grey cotton tweed or sage-coloured pants
- shorts (need to toile, but have the toile cut out)
- blazer to match the shorts (also need to toile)
(For both the shorts and blazer I picked up some navy blue linen at my local fabric store this week!)
- white pencil skirt (I traced another pattern for this as I didn't like the skirt I toiled last week; I could use a basic TNT pencil skirt pattern that I drafted a few years ago, but I want something a little bit different (although still simple). Should be pretty easy to execute once I get a comfortable fit and I have already prepared the white denim fabric.)
- blue cotton shirt dress (fabric prepared and pattern quite simple, so not too worried about this one). Probably will skip the toile and fit against TNT.
-white shift dress (sort of dreaming on this one, but have a pattern in mind and toile shouldn't take too long as not extremely fitted).

I don't really need to sew all of these garments if I finish the other ones that are partially-completed and/or add in RTW. I have three garments already completed and another three in progress, including two knits. At least one of the knitted garments I can finish for sure as it is at least 80 per cent done, and the red wool crepe jacket I have in progress is at least half-done, too. I need to set time aside to finish that.

It is going to be a fun month! Whee!


I feel as though this is the SWAP of personal development for me. I seem to be very patient with myself and am trusting my sewing skills. I really took my time with the cigarette pants and achieved a fit I am very happy with (photos to come!). I had fun sewing them. I did a few rather silly things, like hand-basting with red thread (I always like to baste with pretty colours but then I forget that I have to pick the basting out from under stitching :)). Always a dreamer...

Happy with the pockets:

Definitely not happy with the straight rectangular waistband, which is just basted on. I definitely need to redraft and add some tapering at the sides and centre back.

So much SWAP fun!


I like the way you arranged the colors in your garment.


Eek! So it's Saturday (my second-favourite day of the week after Friday :)), and I don't want to waste time that could be used on my SWAP, so I need to get going. Where am I so far?

red dress done
blue shirt done
bird shirt done
grey capri pants almost done (need to adjust the waist a little and redraft the waistband; also hem)
striped knitted sweater almost done (approaching the shoulders and then need to cut the steeks, graft the shoulders and cast on and knit the sleeves, but because it is a wide dolman the sleeves are tiny)

That's five items completely done or guaranteed to be done. I cut out a white pencil skirt on Thursday and that will be easy to sew. That's six. If I like that one I have a left over piece of the grey cotton that could become another pencil skirt or a pair of shorts easily. That's seven.

Of the started but not complete items I have the red jacket (half done) and the blue knitted gansey sweater (about a quarter done, but when I really put my mind to knitting I can motor through). I am undecided if I will complete these for SWAP or if I'll simply complete three or four other garments of other types. I'd rather like to complete the red jacket. If so, I need to get on that.

So, choices for now: I'm going to sew the white pencil skirt up and fix the grey pants. Then I was thinking of making the red silk blouse. I am completely undecided as to whether I should make the red sleeved blouse like the blue shirt I made above or like the silk bird shirt, with short sleeves. I'm hoping the completed pencil skirt will help me decide.

Other options are: blue shirt dress, navy blue shorts and navy blue linen jacket. I was thinking of making a white shirt but white is an accent for me and I discovered in rereading the rules that accent colour garments have to use the same fabric, so I can't include my white pencil skirt and a white shirt in the collection as the skirt fabric is lightweight denim and the white shirt would be in Oxford cloth. Oh the dilemmas! Suggestions welcome. I just need to distribute my efforts across my available time in the next few weeks as I will be away for part of Easter, too. The clock is ticking!


I had a very productive sewing day today. I perfected the fitting on the grey cotton tweed capri pants, redrafted the waistband from a straight to a shaped waistband, and finished everything up. The only thing remaining to do is make a buttonhole or put on a hook. Yay! They are one of my favourite things that I have ever made as I really took the time to get a great fit. I love the fit and style and know they will become a workhorse summer item. They are casual enough to be worn with casual tops but dressy enough to be worn with a nicer blouse, as they have a bit of a trouser fit with a bit of looseness in the leg and a high waist. I can't wait to show them in my SWAP!


I am perhaps overly proud of these pants, but I am very happy with the fit I have now. They are very comfortable and practical and I can imagine different versions in different fabrics and with different leg lengths and widths. My perfect trousers!

They need some ironing and a front closure:

The original pattern is from the Italian magazine Cartamodelli (I think Padrones in Spanish). There are a few strange things about the draft, so it is not a perfect pattern. It comes with a wide straight waistband, which I can't imagine fitting anyone given the high waist on these. I had to draft a shaped waistband to make these work. I also had to change the length of the legs as the front and back didn't match at all, even if you were to ease the seams. There's something strange going on. The front pocket pieces also don't match on the pattern (I checked everything over). Otherwise, nice style! I could see myself adapting and improving these over time, but overall I am very pleased. I had to cut down my toile a bit as I have already lost some weight as I have started to walk again on the ankle I broke at the end of January.


I completed a lightweight white denim pencil skirt yesterday and while I love the fit I got, as always with white the opaqueness is a problem. In this case, I don't like that I can see the facing through the skirt when I have a darker top on. The skirt is lined properly though so is otherwise opaque. Perhaps I should not let things like this bother me, although I was thinking I could maybe put some treatment on top of the skirt at the waist, or cut back the facing, which is wide. Maybe I should just stay the waist area and remove the facing? Dilemmas! On the plus side, the fit is good, as I mentioned, so I can make another in a more practical colour. I wanted a white skirt as I had a white skirt for years that I loved to wear in summertime with various shirts and tops. It looked fresh without being too formal.


Well, so life is interesting. I do not say this to garner pity, because I am completely undeserving of it  :D, but I accidentally "grilled" my hand on the stove yesterday. It's not too bad, but it hurt quite a bit last night and have a couple of blisters near my thumb. I'm really not trying to get out of SWAP!  :) (I deserve some kind of Darwin award at this point.) That said, I need to take today and tomorrow off to spend Easter with my mom, so I cut out a shirt dress last night and will be back at the sewing tomorrow night.

If I can knit today I am going to get going on the (very short) sleeves on this sweater. I grafted the shoulders together yesterday morning and crocheted and cut open the armhole steeks, so I am nearing the final stages. I think I'll have it done in the next few days, for inclusion in SWAP. I just need to knit the neckband and then the sleeves, but the sleeves on this dolman are both narrow and short so really not as much work as that seems. I can knit very quickly when I put my mind to it, but haven't been knitting at all lately as I have been more interested in sewing. I won't finish the gansey for this collection I think, but will finish it later this spring.

I may use the green fabric to make another pair of pants like the grey pants I made above, but I had wanted to make a navy blue linen jacket so may put my remaining time into that. Perhaps I can whip up a quick tank or tee pattern or something like that to add something else to the collection. I need to think strategically, but I think I can do this if I keep chugging along. Maybe I like pressure? :)


Well, I am feeling good! Whee!

I completed the striped pullover at my mom's over Easter weekend. I just need to weave in the ends and block. I have already tightened up the ends so it is mostly there.

I also completed the white pencil skirt yesterday, except for the hemming (not 100% excited about this item but it is OK and the fit is good). What I dislike about white is that even with the lining and care and a silk slip I have, you can see the facing through the fabric. I don't love that. With a sweater though it is OK (as it has a high waist).

I cut out the red silk blouse, so that is ready to be sewn!

I also started sewing the blue shirtdress I cut out a few days ago. I am very pleased with the fit and adjustments I made to it - added a back pleat at the yoke, adjusted the shoulders and bust. It will be very comfortable to wear, but I goofed on the top-stitching as I used a darker thread that matches the crossweave threads and I wish I'd used a lighter thread. Picking it all out doesn't particularly appeal to me, so maybe I will treat this one as a wearable toile and make another one. I can be too picky, but I suppose that if I make things that I like at least one person will be pleased. :)

Onwards and upwards! I just have to make two more items after the red blouse. The red jacket is half done so I should finish that and then, depending on time, I will make a second pair of pants, or another pencil skirt, or - in my dreams - a navy linen jacket (simple). Eek! Let's hope I keep my mojo fired up.


Well, blue shirt dress done! I sewed the buttonholes last night and now I quite like it. I just need to buy some nice buttons.

The red blouse is cut out so I will sew that tonight. I should be able to get most of that done. Then, tomorrow I will work all day on finishing the red jacket.

After that, not sure...I traced the pattern for the blue linen lapel-less jacket so we will see if I am bold enough to try that. I can certainly sub in a grey pencil skirt easily, so I will leave that in reserve in case I get short on time before the deadline Tues. I have a piece of leftover fabric from the grey pants and it would certainly be easy to whip up a pencil skirt in a couple of hours. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Good luck everyone in the final push.

Good luck everyone!


I think I made my favourite thing yesterday. Red silk blouse. I will hem it and put on the buttons this morning. I think I have been waiting all of my life for a red silk blouse. I was up late sewing it, as the silk was very slippery, which I only mysteriously noticed while sewing yesterday. I did curse a few times as I was sewing the collar to the collar stand for the third time. But it was worth it! I bought the crepe de chine from EOS and the quality is superb. I washed it before sewing and with light pressing it is as good as new. (I am not a fan of dry cleaning, so things need to be washable, except wool suits.)

The shirt dress is also done, except the hemming (will be done today; please ignore the mess, but note my glee!):

And the striped pullover (just need to weave in a few ends today and block it):

OK, back to sewing the red jacket. I need to finish two more items, including the red jacket, which his half done. I think I can do it. I would be very sad not to finish after all of this effort.



Hope my suitcase makes it to Florence with my SWAP garments!

At the airport in my new jacket.

Picture on my blog. Would post a link if I could figure put how to paste from my phone. :)



I haven't taken my photos yet but will list briefly the garments that will be included in my grouping. I am on holiday and so only have my phone with me and am completely incompetent with links. (Exact patterns I can provide later if anyone is interested.)

red dress and red jacket - Vintage Vogue pattern by Pucci; both lightweight wool crepe
grey and white cotton pencil skirts - old, paneled skirt pattern from Burda (2010 I believe; spread of nautical garments in Portofino)
grey cotton pants and red silk blouse - Cartamodelli magazine (Patrones) Feb 2019
bird silk blouse - same pattern from Cartamodelli magazine (pattern 19)
striped pullover - handknitted in wool and mohair using four ply Milarrochy Tweed; pattern Dathan by Kate Davies Designs
blue cotton oversized shirt - Burda Jan or Feb 2019
blue cotton shirt dress - another old Burda pattern from 2009 or 2010, adapted by me
jeans RTW


Oops totally forgot to mention that my neutrals are red and blue, with accents of grey and off white and two "prints": birds and stripes.

My wild cards are the red dress and the blue shirtdress.