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Online Auction of 100+ Industrial Sewing Machines

Started by kwelker, August 12, 2018, 10:15:00 am

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August 12, 2018, 10:15:00 am Last Edit: August 12, 2018, 10:48:01 am by kwelker
(100+) Industrial Sewing Machines, JUKI, DURKOPP ADLER, KANSAI SPECIAL, PEGASUS, CONSEW & More, Being Sold Without Reserves in an Online Auction of a Complete 78,000 sq. ft. Apparel Manufacturing Facility no longer needed in the continuing operations of Lolly Wolly Doodle, a Premier Online Clothing Retailer

Bidding: Now through August 16th at http://www.exfactoryauctions.com/ShowAuctions.aspx?Machtype=INDUSTRIAL%20SEWING%20MACHINE

Inspection: Open Inspection on Tuesday & Wednesday, August 14th & 15th from 8am to 5pm ET... no appointment necessary. Inspection is possible by appointment on any other weekdays from now through Thursday, August 16th. To schedule an appointment, please contact Kevin Welker at 877-580-5844 ext. 316 or kevin.welker@exfactoryauctions.com

Location of Assets: 474 Old Hargrave Rd., Lexington, NC 27295



  • (14) "MO-6716S CLASS FF6-50H" 2-Needle 4-Thread Safety Stitch

  • (2) "MO-6704S CLASS 0A4-150" Single-Needle 3-Thread Overlock

  • (9) "DDL-8700-7" Single-Needle Lockstitch

  • (3) "DDL-8700" Single-Needle Lockstitch

  • "DDL-8300N" Single-Needle Lockstitch

  • "MBH-180" Single-Needle Chainstitch Button Hole

  • "MB-373" Single-Needle Button Sewing

  • "LU-562" Single-Needle Walking Foot


  • "281" Single-Needle Lockstitch


  • (4) "NR-9803GALK-UTA" 3-Needle 5-Thread Top & Bottom Coverstitch

  • "NR9803GCC-UTE" 3-Needle 5-Thread Top & Bottom Coverstitch

  • "RX9803A/UTC" 3-Needle 5-Thread

  • "WX-8803F" 3-Needle 5-Thread

  • "WX-8803C" 3-Needle 5-Thread

  • (10) "JJ3014GH-01M-2X4" 2-Needle 4-Thread Overlock

  • "RX-9803A-LK/UTC" 2-Needle 4-Thread Coverstitch


  • "TYPE EXT5214-43 SPEC 333-2X4 DEVICE KS375/PT" 2 Needle 4-Thread Overedge

  • (2) "TYPE EX5104-02 SPEC 233N-4 DEVICE KS379/PT" Single-Needle 3-Thread Overedge

  • "TYPE MX3216-42 SPEC 233-3X4" 2-Needle 5-Thread Safety Stitch

  • "TYPE MX5204-32R2 SPEC 223L-1.5" Single-Needle 3-Thread Overedge

  • (3) "TYPE WT664P-01GB SPEC 364 DEVICE UT344/PT 3-Needle 4-Thread Interlock Stitch


  • "7360RB-1" Single-Needle Lockstitch

  • "210" Single-Needle Lockstitch

Kevin Welker
Senior Auction Manager