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VWG trip to NZ

Started by VWG, August 09, 2018, 09:52:18 pm

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August 09, 2018, 09:52:18 pm Last Edit: August 09, 2018, 09:54:36 pm by VWG
My trip will be 20 days on the road, bouncing from classmate to classmates' houses in early Spring. Weather can be raw and rainy, or not, but nearly always windy.  I'll spend time outside walking in parks and on beaches and exploring a few old haunts. Mostly, dress will be casual with one dress up affair, an evening reunion event with dancing.

The goal for this trip is to pack Goldilock's luggage "just right", something I've never achieved.   I don't take the time up front to think it all through, then dither with decisions, skip deciding, then bring everything, which is always too much. The limit is a checked 22" rollalong and a carryone that threads and stacks over the handle.

I don't know if I'll bring a purse or a backpack.

Two great shake down experiences occurred with a couple of trips this summer. The trips tested what I actually used, what I wished I had,  plus developed more of a routine of where does what go? Layers rule the day and I'm in love with a recently made (but greatly modified) Hot Patterns Kyoto skirt pattern with cargo pockets. (Hopefully the attachment will work so you can see it) Those pockets are worth the price of admission!
So my first decisions involve black vs colors. I hate black. But black is easy.


Quote from: VWG on August 09, 2018, 09:52:18 pm
I hate black.

Oh dear, what a blot on a holiday   
Does it go with colours you do look good in   :heart:
Does this bring you joy, calm, confidence  :D  if not, try something else.

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https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lisannebainbrid/ - useful style images
https://aimforquality.wordpress.com - links to good technique advice
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https://usingmybernina500e.wordpress.com - instructions for using my embroidery machine


No wonder you love that skirt, VWG. You look great in it. It's a really slimming look because the pockets look to be what they clearly are and don't seem, to my eye at least, to be an enlarging feature at the hipline.

It looks like a great travel skirt, and would be doubly so if the pockets closed both with a zipper and the button for safety's sake. If they're meant only to carry nonessentials like tissue and lipstick, then of course the button closure only would be just fine

Layering it with a short, multipocketed vest with knit top underneath would be really handy for travel.

I always like the way our MargyH packs for travel. She almost always takes a vest and a handy pocketed raincoat. Going through her 'blog may give you some ideas. Here's a link to one of her travel wardrobe posts: http://fool4fabric.blogspot.com/2013/05/pocket-tutorial.html#more

I agree that black is easy for travel. Since you hate it and since it pairs equally well with neutrals and bright colors, perhaps just keeping it for skirts and pants would do the trick?

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Quote from: VWG on August 09, 2018, 09:52:18 pm

The goal for this trip is to pack Goldilock's luggage "just right", something I've never achieved.   I don't take the time up front to think it all through, then dither with decisions, skip deciding, then bring everything, which is always too much.

I hate black. But black is easy.

That's a terrific skirt!   When I traveled constantly for work, black was a lifesaver.  One time at the breakfast buffet, I broke the spigot off the coffee urn...coffee gushed out onto my black top, black suit jacket, and black pants.  Rinsed it off and soldiered on through that day and was respectable the rest of the week.

I hate black too...so now when I travel, I end doing exactly what you did on your two test runs, pack absolutely everything I think I might possibly need and spend the entire time wishing I hadn't brought so much and missing the one thing I forgot.


 Thanks for all the input, ideas and funny little stories. It's so good to know I'm not the only one struggling with the how to pack for travel.

The last few days spent in the happy zone, the place of possibilities, sketching out and wrestling the details to the ground, researching, mentally trying on every single layer all at once, wondering if it would "go together" (and I would be warm enough?)

MargyH is a goldmine (goldmind?!) of travel wardrobe and coordination ideas! I wish I had her discipline of a limited color palette. The pattern for her vest is on it's way but I need to go back and capture her pocket dimensions. (Still toggling back and forth over a full- on travel vest.  Two concerns: how to keep the pocket dork factor down so the vest does not look like a travel vest and how to achieve the balanced fit through neck and shoulders to carry any kind of weight within a garment. I don't like ill fitting garments hanging from or pulling on the back of my neck)

Does anyone own a RTW "Scottevest" and/or know the fiber content?

The upfront work of drawing it out on paper gives me useful sewing directions and goals.

The sewing plan so far:

1. 1 light weight merino lycra camisole (black)
2. 2 long john bottoms--one long, one short, same black merino lycra (these may serve dual duty as nightwear in addition to a warmth layer)
3. 2 pair of lycra knit pants with zippered pockets.
One will be in my favorite stay-warm-in-pants- fabric from Malden Mills:  Power Stretch Pro. I love sewing garments with technical mountaineering textiles for colder conditions . Power stretch pro can come in a variety of configurations--fleece on one side, hard face on another. I'm using a  double sided jersey face fabric (darn--again in black!), which means no fuzzy fleece surface on either side. It looks like a beefy yoga pants knit. The poly nylon knit cuts the wind, wicks moisture and water beads on the surface, but also has 20% lycra for comfort--all pluses for being outside in all conditions.
4. A simple L/S cowl neck top, tunic length
4. Maybe a vest with interior zipped pockets.

I know I won't make the competition deadline with my garments but this really helps to organize and focus my sewing.
Thanks for the great ideas!


August 15, 2018, 06:13:59 am #5 Last Edit: August 15, 2018, 07:56:37 am by Bookish

Your plan looks very good so far.  Love your skirt and the merino lycra goodies sound just right.  And MargyH is indeed a goldmine.

I have the Scottevest trench coat and DH has the vest... both are useful, but we both find some of the pockets just too deep.  The vest does have a bit of the dork factor. :).  They're polyester I think... washable.  They seem to be made for um, narrower people than we are but they are very elegant.  I also have their lightweight parka which is wonderful... just right pockets on this one.

I've made vests and jackets using Saf-T-Pockets patterns and find them very useful.  I've made them from denim, faux suede, all sorts of fabrics.  They work especially well for cooler weather as they are all lined (that's where the pockets are).  I love them!  Not having to carry a purse or backpack is so useful.  I find they fit me well at the shoulders and neck even when loaded.

You might also check out travel companies like Magellan's or Travelsmith for ideas.  I have an ExOfficio vest (actually a man's vest come to think of it) that works very well for hotter weather.

We've done most of our traveling with just carry on luggage... makes things so much easier.

Have fun with your planning... I envy your going to NZ.



VWG, don't worry about the black.  You will fit right in in New Zealand, seems to be a national colour.  Enjoy my country.


Kia ora LyndaG!  :applause2: I had thought of that!


Love your skirt!  (Wish I could find the pattern, but it looks completely unavailable. :'()

Have a wonderful trip!



Quote from: Lisa on August 26, 2018, 04:04:34 pm
Love your skirt!  (Wish I could find the pattern, but it looks completely unavailable. :'()

Have a wonderful trip!


You may be able to reimport one: https://www.sewbox.co.uk/products/hot-patterns-1087-wong-singh-jones-kyoto-skirt
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August 31, 2018, 12:17:22 pm #10 Last Edit: September 01, 2018, 06:46:54 am by VWG
I think the HP 1087 skirt is a sleeper pattern. It's got a curved wraparound yoke that has a sweet spot with fit: instead of emphasizing the tummy, it compliments that part (as long as the skirt beneath is not overfit and hangs straight from the yoke ). I don't think the drawstring waist does anybody any favors so I replaced it with a facing, interfaced and channel stitched for support. And redrafted where the godet starts.

I did get three things sewn in time for the "sew for travel" deadline.
Merino lycra knit long johns-top based on Kwik Sew 2702 https://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/5151, made more camisole like and bottoms made from a legging self draft (http://livefreecreative.co/2013/01/drafting-and-sewing-leggings-stretch-yourself/)

And a ponte LBD based on a draped princess seamed t-shirt.

I'm still in the throes of designing a travel vest based on an old Paw Prints Purrfection Sahara vest. Thank heavens. Not in blechblack.


I finished my travel vest.



Those pockets are very clever! And it looks great from the right side.


A few more items sewn for the trip. I sort of strayed from the golden rule of staying with plain neutrals. The prints both layer well with the vest.


I love your l/s tops VWG.

Best wishes for a wonderful trip!! It must be getting close now...
Queensland Australia


Yup. I leave tomorrow night.


Have a safe trip and a good time!


You're certainly traveling stylishly, VWG. Enjoy wearing that wonderful travel wardrobe.

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Wonderful travel capsule...love the top with magenta...it might be a nice change of pace.  Have fun on your travels!


Well how things can change. VWG I hope you enjoy my country.  Weather has improved, I think Spring has sprung, well for a few days anyway.  It is on a is it or isn't it Spring.  Anyway I was going to be going to Canada to do the Rocky Mountaineer and then possibly the Alaskan Cruise next year.  Well it looks as if we are now going to England and Spain/Portugal area.  Completely different but so exciting.  Looking at next August so a different type of planning.  Already have a friend offering us accommodation in England and possibly down in Cornwall as well.  Looking at possibly a cruise through Portugal.  Oh isn't planning fun. 


Good on you, LyndaG! Happy planning! Happy sewing! Happy traveling!

The Riviera of the Antarctic, Dunedin, tossed in 4 no-rain days of fabulous, mild weather, just for the reunion. Can we say "24C and Dunedin" in the same sentence?  Strange but true!

My black dress performed magnificently at the dressy evening event.

When spring left and Christchurch and Wellington revved up into the single digits temps and tried to blow me off the face of the earth, I merely layered up the wool long johns and leaned into the "freshening breezes". I wore assorted combinations of everything except the skirt. Never got the skirt out, except for my hosting classmate to try on (so I can make her a thank you present for HER trip in June)

The biggest surprise? My top matched the Te Waikoropupu springs! It's now christened as my "pupu top"!


It sounds as though the trip was perfect, VWG, and that the garments you made were just right for the events you attended and sightseeing that you did. Congratulations. I bet you have a camera full of beautiful shots, much like the one you shared with us.

Thanks for giving us a followup on the trip and how your outfits worked.


P.S. I'm loving those sunglasses. Very stylish!
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VWG - what type of fabric did you use for the vest.  That is very nice and I love the interior pockets. 
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A textured ostrich skin looking stretch poly that has been in my stash a million years.

The functional "in the field results: it looks okay zipped up. I don't like how it swings open and moves around when unzipped. If it was a darker color, the shadows created by the stuff in the pockets would not be as obvious. I'd do it in a heavier weight--maybe twill weight fabric? next time. I probably would have worn it more if the weather were warmer.


Well VWG, our wonderful NZ weather is at it again.  Really warm one day/ and then snow the next.  So we are now in the planning stages for Spain.  Quite excited, have a number of ideas because I want to see some of France as well.  Going at the end of August into September next year, leaving winter behind to go into Summer/Autumn I guess.  I have already got some clothes sorted, a girl has to plan way ahead you know.  Actually they are for our summer coming up - well when it does - but being good they should see me use them on the trip.  These are brought clothes but well made from my favourite shop which unfortunately is closing down due to retirement of the designers.  Love there stuff, always nice to get clothes that fit my little body.  My husband is interested in a Jazz band 'Sant Andreu Jazz Band' so that was the suggestion from me to go and see if we can see them.  You need to be a bit subtle if you want to go somewhere you have always wanted.  Have been to Canada a couple of times, still a lot of it I would love to see but that is a bit easier than the Europe trip for us.  Was going to recheck Margy's site, I remember all her planning for trips.  Such great ideas.  So glad VWG that you have a great time in New Zealand.  Cheers Lynda