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Mariner's Compass Pattern?

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KarenR,I bookmarked several quilting blocks and patterns some are free patterns,others are not.Please look if you like something here and here,or here.If you like it,there are Mariner's Compass tutorials at the side bar. Here is the Mariner's Compass piecing tutorial video part one and here is video part two.

I am currently working on a mariner's compass quilt (and agree that paper piecing is the way to go).  The center compass was taken from a Judy Mathieson book, because it is an oval and so a little harder to draft from scratch.  http://www.amazon.com/Mariners-Compass-Quilts-Patterns-Projects/dp/1571203001/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318964336&sr=8-2
The flying geese and smaller compasses on the quilt were drawn by hand or with an ordinary drawing program.

I like looking at all the photos in the book of amazing quilts with lots and lots of points!

Thanks so much everyone!  Haven't decided yet if I'm going to take it on (my work buddies would faint to see me do something like this!).  I decided that except for a few things for this weekend's sewing show I've given up on sewing for myself and am going to make gifts, stuff I've had waiting around for... well awhile.  So there's a chance this may happen.  I have ordered the book though. Um, rescale???? Myself???  Now that scares me.

I guess everyone has different tastes, but my interest and ability to finish quilts increased by leaps and bounds when a friend started longarm quilting, so I could drop off my tops and get back a finished quilt. 

For me it's perfect - I love the fabrics and colors and designing tops, seeing it all come together in piecing; and I equally hate the basting and quilting process.  And now I don't have all those half-finished quilts that "only" need the quilting to be finished up.  (Okay, one half-done because it's was started years ago).

I was checking my stats and realized that some of them were coming from this site and post.  I had forgotten I was a member clear back in the beginning when it was called something else. LOL.

Thanks for linking to my site and videos.

I have never seen a bed size pattern for one large Mariner's Compass block.  I designed mine in EQ6 so I'm assuming it could be enlarged for that size, it would just be a LOT of paper to tape together.  You probably wouldn't need to paper piece since it would be so big, you'd just need it for the pattern.  I'm not on the Windows side of my Mac to check EQ7 for a layout and how much paper you would need right now.

The other thing I thought of for creating that large of a pattern (it just hit me) is my Cougar cutter (think Cricut but industrial size at 18 inches).  EQ7 works with that cutter and I may be able to cut out large templates that way.  It should cut template plastic, I just haven't tried it yet.  It would do freezer paper really easily.

This is the largest one I've done:



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