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Bookish's Camping Clothes

Started by Bookish, July 06, 2018, 07:46:23 am

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As I mentioned on the other thread, we went camping recently and I realized that some refurbishments were needed...

Here's the plan:

Style Arc Tessa pants (with Jaime pockets) in light weight cotton (chambray maybe if I can find what I want)
Stretch and Sew Japanese Garden Pants tweaked to fit better in heavier cotton... dark blue
Style Arc Roxy shirt in gray voile or light cotton to replace old faithful
Sewing Workshop Eureka top... olive knit?
Jalie 2682... sleevless for now in white knit


So the camping has been accomplished... without any sewing.  Howsomever, we are off to Oaxaca later in the month. (Mr. Bookish wanted to experience the rainy season although after the monsoons we had this summer, this seems a bit much).

It will be warm there... highs in the 80's and coolish nights.  And I need to pack light.  Definitely need new tops and have decided culottes are my friends for this.  I have two that I've worn this summer and they'll come with me.  Butterick 6178, view D.

I knew I wanted to make another Simplicity 4020 (the sleeveless version) but couldn't find the fabric I had in mind.  Went stash diving and hey presto... from darkest whenever, there was just what I wanted.  ;D  A thin gray knit with a print of leaves of soft reds and greens.  Yay!
I'll make the Style Arc Roxy shirt in a light gray voile for jacket/cover-up.  My TNT for this.

Now off to sort through the pants...


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Bookish, I checked out your patterns, and as a culottes lover, I very much liked your view D of the Butterick 6178.  Curious, have you ever made view A?  Maybe not a great style for camping, though, could be fun for quick trips or errrand running.

Love the mix and match possibilities of the culottes with the Roxy and Simplicity 4020 top.  The sleeveless view looks great!

Edited to correct typos, though "fullottes" could be an interesting sew.


No I haven't made the other views of 6178 since the front pleats style doesn't do my shape any favors but it looks very graceful.  I do like B6179  view D for a fuller culotte... and mean to try view A with its bias center bits sometime.

I was inspired to make culottes for our Mexico trips after seeing a splendidly elegant lady wearing them when we were there.  Just right for the heat and the walkabouts.


Update... or Distractions 'R' Me...

It's been hot and humid (an understatement if you ask me), so I wandered off to make some much needed tops.  The aforementioned S4020 (alas OOP) and a Kwik Sew oldie (also OOP) from a um, something from deep stash.  Nasty to sew but a pretty print with vines and leaves of suitable colors.  Almost a net... wonder where I got it.  But cool and will work with a jacket or sweater later.

The old KS pattern is very similar to the SW Eureka top but with a very clever binding.  Front and back pieces sewn on before anything else, then join at the shoulder.  Worked for me.  I see this in my future  ;D

Then on to the Roxy as the Mexico trip is nearing.  Lovely grey voile... ravels if you look at it funny.    I must have looked at it funny... I haven't had much luck with collars with stands.  There are all number of directions out there, but I found one that works for me... foursquarewalls.blogspot.com/sewing collar different order.  Not perfect, but much better than before.

Also found pants in the 'adjustments needed' pile.  Wonder what I was thinking... or what shape I was then.  They seem good to go now.  Whee.

80'sF in the morning/afternoon, thunder showers/ mid 50's at night in Oaxaca.  I think we'll survive!  And this trip we won't be leaving or coming back in raw winter temps.  Makes it much easier!


Just back from the Oaxaca rainy season tour.  No rain (except one ten minute spatter), lovely sunshine (my nose got sunburned!), flowers, lovely, lovely, lovely.  Came home to rain, flooded crawl space, mud... the weather gods are giggling.

We flew from Mexico City to Oaxaca in a small, watch your weight, local airline which provided a great excercise in pack light.    Worked very well... made me really think about what I would actually wear as well as what would go with what.

The Roxy shirt was just right... I was rushed so I didn't sew buttons or buttonholes which gave it a light jacket look.  Pale gray... went with everything.
Took some nylon hiking pants (though they looked casual elegant) in light tan,  two other pairs of pants (dark olive and tan/brown/black check)and the culottes (black)which all worked well for walkabouts or the slightly fancy dinner we went to.
Light sweater (inky blue) and a crinkle cloth jacket (black) for evening coolness.
Three tees (one a magnet for coffee, chocolate or anything else in the neighborhood... Roxy shirt as coverup worked well here!), one long sleeved top and two sleeveless.  The 'magnet' was a pale acqua, the others were dark red and olive.  Long sleeved was black.  Sleeveless were a red and white print and a gray with olive, red and black leaves.
Cooljams pajamas and undies.
I took my Scottevest trench coat for a raincoat... as well as a place to stow all manner of goodies.  It has an amazing number of pockets that zip or close with magnets.  Also one of my travel vests which is a godsend for airports when I don't want to carry a purse.
The only other thing I'd add would be one of those plastic ponchos that fold up small and flat.

All in all I'm very pleased with how this worked...


Just so we can see what has caught Connie's (bookish) eye:

Butterick 6178 and 6179 Coulottes:

Simplicity 4020 top. Connie did the sleeveless version

Style Arc Roxy Shirt:

Looks like a nice travel collection, bookish! Sounds like the pieces worked great with the other items you packed.

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Thanks, Kathryn, for the links and pictures of my Useful Patterns.   :thumbsup: For traveling I use the Butterick 6178 view D though I love the 'swishiness' of 6179 view D.

   The tan/brown/black pants were a much-modified LC Easy Ageless Cool.  I love her directions but, sigh, need to tweak her fit in pants a lot.  This one worked out well though a seam ripped (not Louise's fault!) which made for a fun search through the markets for 'hilo' and 'ajuga' (needle and thread).  Mr. Bookish is a splendid linguist and this was accomplished with elegance, many smiles, two needles, thread and a mended seam.


Great story, Bookish.   I like your choice for the culottes pattern -- it's got pockets right? 


Yes it has pockets... can't do without them!