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Melinda's Very Rushed Sew-a-long

Started by Melinda_B, June 30, 2018, 10:30:50 pm

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Leaving out the "Summer' bit, and the fact it has to go in Carry On (I'm carrying gifts as well, or I would be attempting carry on) this is EXACTLY my current issue.  With the added excitement that today is sunday and I fly out on Wednesday, and sewing time the last week has been minimal.  I live in a moderate climate, where winter temps rarely get below 8°C, to two of our eastern states where it is regularly below 0° and it's even been snowing.  And I have to carry clothing that carries me through a formal-ish wedding, hanging with family, tourism in a capital city, six hour plane flights, and a week on a farm.

The gaps in my wardrobe (for this trip) are long sleeved tops, plus a suitable dress for the wedding.

The amusing thing is that I've already started, before seeing this thread, and I started on the 26th!

Dress to wear to the wedding - Miss Ruby Tuesday with a cowl
Long sleeve tops - three Jalie Dolman tops,
- one to wear on the farm (stashed fabric that I don't particularly like),
- one in a rainbow/flowing/marbled wool blend,
- one in a cotton lycra,
- and possibly a fourth in another cotton lycra.

One dolman is made (the farm one) the others are cut out and two are half sewn.  The dress is going to be done today, and the tops finished over Monday & Tuesday evenings.  That's the plan anyway.

I can see me doing another sew along when I get back and can look at other holes in my wardrobe.

Actually, another difference is that I'm going for 12 days, not just a few.  Close enough, the premise of identifying gaps and filling them is the same regardless
Melinda<br /><br />Perth, Australia<br />Personal Blog - https://melbrennan.com/


Well, I managed three out of the planned four/five.

Two long sleeve tops - one purple top for the farm, one grey top for everyday wear.

Dress for the wedding - done!

Third top - I was hemming it with my coverstitch at 11.00pm, after finishing the dress and the hems started tunnelling.  It's a fine wool blend knit fabric, and it needs stabiliser for the hemming.  At that point, the night before flying out, I couldn't be bothered so have left it at home to finish when I get back.

Pictures to come, at present I'm wearing the grey top, but I look like a zombie after not much sleep then flying all day. 
Melinda<br /><br />Perth, Australia<br />Personal Blog - https://melbrennan.com/