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mudcat's Labor Day Weekend getaway to PDX

Started by mudcat, June 26, 2018, 09:38:39 pm

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We already have tickets to PDX for Labor Day weekend though it is more of a four day weekend.  We have a formal wedding to go to and I have nothing to wear.  For the wedding, I am thinking of making another SW eDress out of a lovely rayon/lycra print and Kochi Kimono from black silk.  I have some fabulous black Fluevog sandals that will be perfect with them.  I know these two patterns fit me reasonably well so I can make them with confidence.

Outside of that we'll likely drive to the coast on one of the free days and spend some time with my family and friends but nothing firmed up yet. Since September weather is usually mild I won't need anything more than my fleece jacket for warmth.  I'll have to decide what other garments I need later.

Debbie S

Sounds like a great outfit for the wedding !  Since the dress is a TNT, you could also use the pattern to make a quick top and a SA slender pants pattern to go with the top, Kimono, and those great sandals. I think it is the Elle pants ai am thinking of, but will check in the morning.


This is the fabric I am planning to use for the dress. I'll make sure to get the darker colors against by face.

Description from EOS:
This is a fabulous rayon/lycra jersey with a fresh and modern look! The ombre silhouette print has a 41" repeat, and features indigo, mahogany, black, yellow, cream, aqua, sage, and more (PANTONE 18-3943, 19-3955, 13-0850, etc.) Printed on a soft and high-quality lightweight rayon/lycra jersey with a dry hand, it's semi-opaque with 35% stretch in the width, less in the length, with great recovery. Perfect for tees, tops, tunics, twin sets, skirt or dress, etc. Some styles may need lining.

Debbie S


So over a month later and I've done precisely nothing.  It's been very hot in Phoenix and I'm tired and lethargic. I did manage to finally complete my red/black checked quilt but that's about it.  I have this weekend to sew and one more between my AK and PDX trips so at this point I may end up breaking my RTW fast and buying a dress.


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