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Summer Sew-A-Long: Weekend Travel Wardrobe

Started by mudcat, June 26, 2018, 09:25:05 pm

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You are flying to a destination of your choice for a 3 day weekend getaway taking only carry on luggage.  You need clothes to cover all of your planned activities but you have discovered that you have some holes in your wardrobe.  Your goal is to make 4-5 items to supplement garments you already have in your closet.


Begins today (Tue 26Jun) and ends on Labor Day (Mon 3Sep MST)

Example Scenarios

You're spending the weekend on the beach in San Diego CA.  It's warm and sunny so you'll need a swimsuit, beach cover-up, pair of linen pants and a sleeveless linen dress which you will sew.  From your wardrobe you'll bring a pair of shorts, two tops, cardigan, a pair of sandals and some flip flops for the beach.

You're spending the weekend golfing in Sun River OR and staying with friends who thankfully have an extra set of clubs.  It's hot and you need to sew a golfing skirt and polo shirt for the course. You'll also make some silk pants and robe to lounge around your friends house.  From your wardrobe you'll bring a pair of golf shoes, sandals, another polo shirt for the course, a couple of tank tops and a skirt.

You're spending the weekend in Rome Italy.  You plan to eat a lot of pasta and fabric shop so you need to travel extra light and bring wear relaxed fit garments.  You'll make a knit dress, cardigan, pair of knit pants and two tees.  From home you'll bring a spare cardigan.  You'll make due with one pair of comfortable walking shoes.


Pick a place you are actually planning to go or would like to go.
Consider adding an accessory or two
Limit your color palate for flexibility
Undergarments and sleepwear are assumed and don't need to be addressed with your planning

Other Notes

This is open to everyone 
You have the option to open your own thread for your plans
We'll have a primary thread for general conversation

I hope I've covered everything but if you have any questions please ask away.


Leaving out the "Summer' bit, and the fact it has to go in Carry On (I'm carrying gifts as well, or I would be attempting carry on) this is EXACTLY my current issue.  With the added excitement that today is sunday and I fly out on Wednesday, and sewing time the last week has been minimal.  I live in a moderate climate, where winter temps rarely get below 8°C, to two of our eastern states where it is regularly below 0° and it's even been snowing.  And I have to carry clothing that carries me through a formal-ish wedding, hanging with family, tourism in a capital city, six hour plane flights, and a week on a farm.

The gaps in my wardrobe (for this trip) are long sleeved tops, plus a suitable dress for the wedding.

The amusing thing is that I've already started, before seeing this thread, and I started on the 26th!

I can see me doing another one of these when I get back and can look at other holes in my wardrobe.

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A lovely idea!  Not sure if I can participate - given my current schedule for both work and sewing - but I'll be reading avidly.  I travel a good bit and the capsule concept has helped me SO VERY MUCH.  I'm a very large person and I have a health issue that makes it necessary to carry at least 2 extra changes of clothes; this has in the past meant that I had to pack a quite large suitcase for even a weekend trip. Now I can use a much smaller suitcase, take all that I need and still look put together.

Lately I have been sewing things for my travel and it's lovely.


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Quote from: helenkosings on July 02, 2018, 02:23:05 pm
A lovely idea!  Not sure if I can participate - given my current schedule for both work and sewing - but I'll be reading avidly. 

Agree with the reading avidly!  Also, I love your avatar, Helinkosings!


Sounds like a great idea mudcat.  Had a chuckle at the Rome scenario.   I'm thinking of a long weekend skiing or hiking trip.

Are you sewing along?

Susan in Saint John

A while ago, I spent some time figuring out garment possibilities for travelling including reversible garments, parts that could be added or subtracted, etc.  Some of the original Saf-t-Pockets http://shop.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_dept_items.asp?Store_id=413&Page_id=17&categ_id=1 patterns are reversible and of course they always have lots of pockets -- a travel essential for me.  Pants with zip off legs are another example.  There is an old men's Kwik Sew pattern for them.  In the book Drape Drape 2 there is a skirt which can be reversible and worn 2 additional ways.  It's 2 skirts, one longer than the other, both with narrow elastic waistbands and joined at the hem.  You can wear it either side out and for another look you can offset the waistbands so you have a twist at the hem. 

These travel garment ideas are in one of my handwritten sewing journals which unfortunately are not well organized.  This Sew-A-Long is making me think I should hunt them out


Yes, treefrog ... I will be participating and have already created a separate thread for it. 


Kate Mathews long oop book 'Sewing a travel wardrobe' focusses on '6-yard wardrobes' - which are jacket, dress, skirt, pants all made from the same fabric.
Rather an extreme basis for a 6PAC !

Quote from: Susan in Saint John on July 05, 2018, 05:14:12 pm
patterns are reversible

In particular she has a reversible sleeveless top, reversible inside-out and back-to-front, made from 4 fabrics.
So worn under a jacket it looks as if you have 4 different tops with you.

I went on rather too long about the book here
Does this bring you joy, calm, confidence  :D  if not, try something else.

https://sewingplums.com - opinions on style, wardrobes, patterns
https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lisannebainbrid/ - useful style images
https://aimforquality.wordpress.com - links to good technique advice
https://helpwithsewingpatterninstructions.wordpress.com/2017/03/01/first-blog-post/ - listing of Peggy Sagers' sew-alongs
https://usingmybernina500e.wordpress.com - instructions for using my embroidery machine


The Bookishes have just returned from a three day camping trip and I see refurbishments to ye olde wardrobe are needed for the next one.  Van camping and some wandering through small towns with maybe a restaurant now and then, so basic respectability is needed.

Style Arc Tessa pants (with Jaime pockets) in light weight chambray which will be cooler than favorite (and now shabby) jeans
Lightweight voile or cotton shirt for coverup or jacket... old faithful is beginning to show its age.  Style Arc Roxey shirt again I think in light gray
Tops... tank, tees or maybe a campshirt (which can also double as a jacket)

Style Arc, c'est moi  :D

Sandals and favorite not quite sneakers, bathing suit, rain jacket and away we go....

What fun this is... many thanks Mudcat


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