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Author Topic: Critique: Cashmerette Montrose  (Read 4033 times)


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Re: Critique: Cashmerette Montrose
« Reply #35 on: May 08, 2018, 01:05:16 AM »

Thanks for the instruction on the horizontal balance lines, Susan. I do understand the concept of balance lines, but it's hard for me to put the concept into practice. Your explanation for how to use them to find where to add length in the upper back is really helpful. I sewed a muslin of the other view with the yoke. Not sure I want to fiddle with it right now, but that's a great idea to try to let that yoke seam out a bit when I'm working with it again.  I hope you enjoy sewing it!

I put a shoulder pad in, but I haven't gotten a look at it from behind yet. I explained the purpose of the shoulder pad to my husband and he seemed vaguely positive about the way it looks, but I think he was just talking. I asked him about the pattern on the fabric lining up once I put the shoulder pad in, and he was much more certain about this. He said the pattern lines up with the CB seam on my jeans.

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