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Tory's Winter Seaside SWAP
« on: November 07, 2017, 01:27:00 PM »
When I read the first two sentences of Muscat's SWAP Inspiration (which some may call The Rules), my heart sang! Me - the designer! The garments - my collection!

Suddenly my secret fantasy of Project Runway, NYFW, and showing my collection to an star-studded audience sprang to life! Bigger than life! Heidi said I was going! was participating!

The working title for my collection is Winter Seaside. Buzz words: cozy, casual, comfy.

My neutrals - grey and blue.
My accent - white. (Really? White always seemed like more of a neutral to me.)
My prints - a Nordic-inspired sweater knit and a crazy stretch woven, both with the same palette of blues and greys but they would need a braver fashionista than me to wear together.
My budget - unlimited, as long as I shop at Tory's Fabric Closet.

That's my start. Now to get a bunch done before Tim comes for the home visit.