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I bought Simplicity 1197 just for the coat pattern. I've never worked with anything but cottons. What would be the best fabric for me to use that wouldn't throw me for a loop when I tried to work with it?
Sewing Machines / Re: Setting the tension on a JUKI DDL-8100e
« Last post by dscheidt on Yesterday at 06:49:19 PM »
Is the PVC-side of PVC coated fabric somewhat sticky as is vinyl fabric? It might not be a problem for stitch formation, but sticky materials inhibit feeding through the machine. A mitigation is to place a single sheet of newsprint between the machine and the sticky material. The newsprint can be easily torn off on the stitch-line.

A teflon needle plate will work too, and doesn't require any tearing. 

OP: use an 18 needle.  or lighter thread. 
Fabrics / Re: Babies and Fabric
« Last post by vtmartha on Yesterday at 06:39:35 PM »
Congratulations, Syndi and Karen!  You are going to have so much fun with your sewing.  I've made a pair of overalls from Oliver + S using a lovely soft denim but pinwale corduroy would work well too.  I've had a lot of fun making onesies, using a lovely cotton interlock from a children's clothing manufacturer in North Carolina (I think), whose name escapes me at the moment.

Spoonflower has lots of fun prints that you can use on their very nice cotton jersey.  I've made quite a few things for my stepdaughter's two older boys but these onesies I made for her recent twins were the first things that really got her attention.  Whew, finally!

I haven't used Flickr at all recently and had lots of trouble adding this photo.  It's much lower resolution than the original but you can get the idea, I hope.
Critiques / Re: Critique: muslin for leather jacket
« Last post by erinalter on Yesterday at 06:29:59 PM »
 ;) i should have used my "sarcastic font" there... no, i think you are right. but i can see the difficulty. having spent so much time on this, i am starting to get a little more understanding of the limitations you have with different design choices. so on that example jacket below, there aren't many seams at all on the front, aside from the one for the zipper. so if you wanted a smooth front, without breaking up the leather by seams, then you sacrifice shaping. so if your model/mannequin has any bust shaping, you will end up with wrinkles like that. this probably explains why the website that is selling the jacket does not show a front facing picture of a model wearing the jacket closed, only open.

it also gives me more understanding as to why certain tops just never seem to flatter me, no matter how i try. if i am going to have any definition of my shape, then i need seams! so seam placement and quantity become major choices.

Critiques / Re: Critique: muslin for leather jacket
« Last post by bessiecrocker on Yesterday at 06:27:17 PM »
Paragraph 2
Fitting is an art that has been lost in the last 25 years, cause we've been told by retailers that buying a garment that stretches and is 2 sizes too small "fits".  It doesn't, but since that's all the offer, we're taught to think that we can't fit our bodies.

Yours fits much better.

I have nothing to add, says it all ...just thought I'd make this easy for everyone else.
Patti, that looks so fabulous that I went and bought the book!

Exactly! Fabulous!

 There's going to be a big run on that book. I'm getting my order in early. Is it really only about $8 on Amazon?  With patterns included?
Oh, how pretty, Ruthie!

Fabrics / Re: "Double Gauze" - how much extra for shrinkage?
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 06:16:13 PM »
Indigotiger, thank you for publishing the results of your pre-washing experiences with Etsy's Shimgraphica's double gauze. Last week, I ordered two half-yard pieces from the same vendor, just so I could evaluate the fabric. You've made my job easier. Thanks again!


Wearing my skirt, with a red tee made from New Look 6735 and a purchased black linen jacket.
More pics at and
Individual Projects, Projects in Progress, and UFOs / Re: Knit Maxi Dresses
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 06:14:30 PM »
Thanks, Syndi, for the additional information. What a great idea, to underline a thinner knit with a thicker one. Brilliant. I love those two colors together.

Did you machine embroider the two layers together? What stabilizer did you use?

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