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Other Hobbies and Interests / Re: What? Nobody has backyard chickens?
« Last post by tazzieM on Yesterday at 04:04:03 PM »
I guess it's just what you get used to but no, I don't find the chickens much work at all.  Or, perhaps I should say, that they aren't much work after all the structural things are put into place, lol.  Now, that was a lot of work and I envied those like Martha who would already have barns or outbuildings they could use for them but, alas, we didn't.  It was, however, a fascinating and  wonderfully empowering experience to be able to build the houses and pens, each one getting a little better as my skills improved, to the point that I've got things pretty much as I want them now after 6 or 7 years - individual houses about 9x12 (and high enough to for me to walk in) joined by large welded wire mesh pens that are covered with metal roofing to keep the weather out, giving them 12 month a year access to the outdoors irrespective of the weather and temperatures.  In terms of the work now, it's just a matter of feeding them every day, carrying the water for them, cleaning the pens every few weeks and gathering eggs.  I have about 2 dozen birds to overwinter and that number will probably triple by next spring when the hatches start.  For just a couple of backyard hens, Ann, it wouldn't be much at all...... not that I'm trying to enable you or anything :laugh:

Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Opinions on the Instant Pot
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 04:03:46 PM »
Sounds like a good idea, Doris W. Perhaps the title could include Instant Pot and Electric Pressure cookers both, since the Instant Pot is a 7-in-1 device and may have more recipes associated with it. Whatever you think is best. :)

Thanks for the additional info on that stroganoff recipe. That's the sort of thing that will be perfect in your new topic. It's such a help when someone blazes the path, recipewise.

Chatter / Re: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 04:02:37 PM »
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Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Opinions on the Instant Pot
« Last post by Doris W. in TN on Yesterday at 03:44:06 PM »
Kathryn - a new topic is a good idea. Perhaps it should be for Electric Pressure Cookers in general ?  That would cover other brands that are popular and everyone will be included.

Actual prep time on the stroganoff was 30 minutes. Cook time was 18, took 9 minutes or reach pressure, 10 minutes for Natiral Release which, I found in the IP literature, means after 10 min, the pressure is to be fully released. Then I had to make the gravy in the pot after the meat was done and I didn't get the noodles cooked in time because I was worries they'd get done too early.  I'm really not a very coordinated cook! LOL
Other Hobbies and Interests / Re: What? Nobody has backyard chickens?
« Last post by Ann C on Yesterday at 03:25:06 PM »
A few years ago, when Martha Stewart had her show, she would occasionally show her chickens and the eggs she was getting from her fancy chickens.  I know it must be a lot of work (which I'm sure she had full time help with), but I used to sort of day-dream about having  a few hens and a rooster - especially those really pretty ones. When I was quite young, we lived with my Granddad for several months and he had a hen house and lots of chickens.  Mom said she could find me anytime she was looking at the fence of the chicken house.  I guess I was fascinated by them.   
The hand of the modern jersey is very nice, it feels like a good quality cotton knit. As a dress it is too thin in my opinion, hence I underlined it with mesh.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 3
« Last post by anne jewell on Yesterday at 03:22:26 PM »
theresa--i envy you the pellet stove.  our new house has central heat, which is convenient, but not as cozy as the woodstoves i'm used to.--anne
Chatter / Re: Decluttering6
« Last post by Ann on Yesterday at 03:11:01 PM »
Great work, Gail  :)

We moved to the basement for a week and just got moved back upstairs last night. The floors are done and looking great and now I can put everything away and give to the thrift shop what we don't need. We are looking forward to getting that done and organized.

Reviews / Re: Craftsy Fitting Solo class
« Last post by theresa in tucson on Yesterday at 03:09:41 PM »
And today's email from Craftsy has it listed for $14.99.  I think it is time to bite.
Chatter / Re: The lost art of conversation
« Last post by Ann C on Yesterday at 03:03:10 PM »
I'm not sure how we lucked out with our family who are all "tech nuts", but our dinner this year was very peaceful and enjoyable.  Surprisingly, no gadgets were present at our table this year.  We did eat considerably later than we usually do - but with so many cooks in the kitchen and all of them late sleepers, we were eating at 5 pm and dessert at 7 pm.  We did have our soup  course at 3 as many of us were about starved by then.   

Conversation ended up being about how good everything was and whether we liked a couple of new recipes that were tried this year.  It had been quite a while since one of our daughters had been up, so there was a lot of catching up to do.  Another good bit of discussion was held on the plans for Christmas dinner and who and what plans were made about what was going to be cooked and who was going to cook each thing.  Since this was the first year that we had tried leaving me out of the cooking department, they realized that some changes might need to be made, but since this is what they are wanting to do, I'm leaving the planning up to them.  My end of the conversation this year ended up with a lot of "biting my tongue" because things were running so late, but it didn't seem to bother anyone else, so I decided to make no comments.  They all seemed to enjoy each other so much - helping each other and sort of dancing around each other, trying to work in different sections of the kitchen at the same time.  I was called upon to monitor the making of the dressing and taste testing each dish.  I happened to have a box of plastic spoons and we would all taste test each dish and throw away the spoons.  It was a whole lot of fun and the conversation seemed to have no trouble flowing.
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