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SWAP 2015 / Re: SWAP 2015 Discussion
« Last post by anne jewell on Yesterday at 02:53:57 PM »
tina--in response to your comment about sewing along with swap but possibly not finishing 'on time'--
my 'autumn 6-pac' from 2013 took me 10 months to sew, becoming a 7-pac.  each piece has been worn joyfully and often.  plus, some pieces already in my closet coordinate with the 6-pac, so there are even more possibilities.  this year i am alter-swapping since i don't need 11 new garments, and, again, the deadline may or may not work for me.  we all are at different places in life.--anne
Chatter / Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by BeeBee on Yesterday at 02:24:39 PM »
Based on reviews here, I've downloaded Restless. I also downloaded The Demon in the Freezer (Richard Preston). I've a long car trip and couple of days in an environment without TV for a couple of days so I may get through both in quick order.
Chatter / Re: Winter 2014-2015 Reading
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 02:17:28 PM »
I'm locking this topic because we've filled 20 pages. I'll transfer over the two most recent comments since they were the first in 10 days.

Go to our newly named topic: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction to carry on.

Chatter / Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 02:15:18 PM »
I've started this newly-titled book topic, one that does not have seasonal descriptions in the title so I don't have to keep changing it each season. We filled up 20 pages of the previous one, called Winter 2014-2015 Reading, so we can carry on here.

To read the last posts on that topic, click here.

Chatter / Re: The Winter Fireside (S. Hemisphere-The Summer Gazebo
« Last post by janquiltz on Yesterday at 02:13:05 PM »
Why Suzi, Linda can bank online, which makes it even easier to shop at all those stores :D

Just about any store I could even hope to need would be within a 15 mile radius.   For more everyday needs within a mile or two, ie groceries and such.  No complaints.  Restaurant too, everything from White Castle to, well, fancy stuff :D  We tend to avoid either end of that spectrum!

Suzi, seemed to me when we were in Bangor last summer that there is just about anything we would need right could have the scenery like Laurie's within a few miles of that, I'm sure!  What really appealed to me was that we could hop on the interstate to go a few exits at any time of day and, well move!  Around here traffic is an issue much of the time.

Translated that means that 15 miles here is about a half hour, to an area where they is heaps of shopping.    In Bangor it would be 15 minutes!

And in Bangor 65 wouldn't be called cool :)

Been very busy the last several days, with two entire days with Ryann, and spending time with her and the rest of her family on Saturday and babysitting again that evening...moving our friend on Sunday, in snow, and playing catch up on laundry and household chores.    Today I'm cooking for guests this evening, if they don't cancel on me...hoping it stays rain long enough for them to come, eat and visit a bit before it is back to slippery stuff.    And sewing!  Woohoo!   Worked on the chair cushion covers again last night for just a bit, enough that I felt virtuous for making some headway.   I've got the measurements 'down' now, so now it is just doing it, no more sewing, putting it on the cushions, adjusting this or that etc.   Or at least that's the theory!   I'll be sure they fit well before I finish the seams which sounds more final.    These will be washed fairly often and DD doesn't need fraying seams to get stuck in the zippers and all of that.

And our friend has moved out, after exactly 3 months.    We never thought he would be here that long, as he usually is able to find a situation sooner.  But, we never knew his income before.   I'm amazed he found anything!    He had tremendous faith that he would, I will confess to having had less faith.  But he found a good place that he can afford, not is own, he is renting a room and has to share bathroom and kitchen facilities.    But he is quite fine with that, he has lived in way worse situations.    It is convenient for places he goes, way more so than here and anything he needs is very close by.   

He is coming back this evening for his birthday, we invited two other couples he is close to.

It is raining now, but snowed about an inch and a half late yesterday.  Turning to snow again tonight, and could be up to 9 inches more...Please NO!   LOL   Last night I was lying in bed listening to the dripping thinking what a glorious sound it is, the sound of rain.   It will melt much of the snow, no where near all though, as the snow from the first storm more than a month ago is still piled all over frozen solid.    But it will help, before of course snow later adds more :(

I've been on call for jury duty this week, but haven't had to go in yet.  If they keep calling at the same rate tonight, I won't have to go tomorrow either...I sure hope not, as there will be lots of unshoveled snow around to 'plow' through to get to the bus.  One does not drive to jury duty, parking is horrendous if at all.    The courts themselves have no public parking.   But they've called 1300 for yesterday and today, and my number is 1800 away now, so if at all I will probably go Friday.    Unless of course they have a tremendous need for 1800 people tomorrow which just because of the snow tomorrow just might happen!!!!  That is divided between the 3 courts here in Queens.   

Well I have to bake a birthday cake and cook, and want to make serious headway on the cushion day will melt away if I don't get going. 

Chatter / Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 02:07:46 PM »
Su-sew, it's good to read your review of From Doon to Death. I read it a few months ago and was less than impressed with it. I always like to read a series in order, but this book put me off a bit on following up with the second in the series. After reading your impressions, I think I'll carry on.

I finished reading the first three novels in the Sally Lockart mystery series by Philip Pullman, one of my fav authors. I really enjoyed the series. I feared that it was a young adult set of books, but it was not in the least. It was a lot of fun to read about the intricate pickles into which Pullman put his characters and how they got out of them in the end.  There's a 4th and final one in the series, and the book is waiting for me on the reserve shelf of my library.

I finished China Dolls by Lisa See, a read for Book Club. Snooze. The gal pal vibe to the book overwhelmed the few interesting morsels of history thrown in to this historical novel of life in Chinatown San Francisco before and during WWII. I would not recommend it.

I also just this morning finished reading Moriarty, the second in a series of novels related to Sherlock Holmes, approved by the Holmes heirs, apparently. The author is Anthony Horowitz. It was a pretty good read with a really interesting ending. I'd recommend it for the ending alone, actually.  ;D

Now what to read next...I'm tempted to start Rachel Joyce's third and newest novel The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy: A Novel . It's the story of Harold's (of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Joyce's first novel) wife. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Joyce, having loved her second novel, Perfect, nearly as much as I did the first.

Chatter / Re: The Winter Fireside (S. Hemisphere-The Summer Gazebo
« Last post by Laurie H on Yesterday at 01:56:04 PM »
Suzi, I'm with you.  I've worked very hard for everything I have and with the life I had as a kid....not spoiled and not a good life by any stretch of the imagination. 

I can almost match you for the weather.  We're going to be up in the high 30's today, might even reach 40F.  So there!  That's practically a heat wave!   :sunny: 

Got to see if I can renew my license now.  I'm almost 9 months late.  I managed to miss that little detail last year.  First time in my life I've missed something this important.  If they won't or can't do it at the mobile unit that's at the next town over today, I'll have to head to Bangor.  Fingers crossed now.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Migraine Sufferers
« Last post by Laurie H on Yesterday at 01:49:52 PM »
Martha, one of the reasons why so little is known about treating migraine is that what works wonderfully for one person will do absolutely nothing for the next person.  The triggers, the treatments, the 'cures' are so different for each of us.  We all seem to have some things in common, so the doctors can safely say that sensitively to lights, sounds, smells are pretty universal, but how they affect each of us is different.  Avoiding these that bother us are pretty hard.  Some people are bothered by lights and sounds and smells only after they know they have a migraine, but for many, it's these very things that trigger one.  I was always told I didn't know what I was talking about, these things couldn't possibly trigger a migraine, I was simply sensitive to them AFTER my head hurt.  I didn't think that was true, but as a teen and young adult, I wondered who was right.  Much later, I put my foot down and insisted I was right.

Anyway, I know I can't avoid all my triggers.  I have to go to work and I'm around people who don't really care if anyone around them have issues.  I cannot change the humidity or the weather.  I do my best, but It's not always good enough. 

Lucelu, I'm sorry you had such a terrible migraine.  I don't have them that bad very often, but I have in the past.   I hope you don't have any more.
Patterns and Instructions / My lovely floral sleeveless dress
« Last post by sewingavenue on Yesterday at 01:37:11 PM »
I have tried to explain in this post how to face a sleeveless dress(or top) by bringing the back through to the front

edited by Kathryn (fzxdoc) for compliance with our vendor policy. Sarah, I have sent you a PM.
Also edited to change photo size to a more compatible one.
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