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Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by ljh on Yesterday at 03:17:13 PM »
Laurie, I'm so sorry you're having vertigo again.  I concur in everyone's advice about being careful.  And getting that stair rail in!

Pina, very funny about the "cork" frying.

I'm dangerous when I get bored.  And there's nothing like recuperating to make one bored.  I went downstairs to the (finished) walk-out basement to get something from the shelves under the stairs and realized that it probably wasn't the best earthquake-safe idea to keep little bottles of acrylic paint on a fairly high shelf. Not dangerous, but you know a few would open and hello unnecessary mess.  So I traded them out for a lower shelf position.  Wrapping paper and empty boxes now up high and things that could leak are much lower.  With a strap across the shelf. 

Then I took a good look at our wine storage.  Once upon a time it was only about 40 or 50 bottles worth and they were all low over a carpeted surface, so I didn't worry to much.  Over time however, we've begun to use higher shelves, so some bottles are a good 2 feet up.  So, I'll be working on improving safety there too.  Not only do we not want a mess, but we'd hate to lose the wine.  It's not hugely valuable or anything, but some of it has been aging for a few years. DH is fully on board with this project-so much so that he offered me a large sum of money to do it (from our joint checking account, to which I have equal ownership and access anyway, of course  ;D

The next few days might be good for working downstairs in a cool location-we're supposed to have highs around 90 Thurs-Sat. or Sun.  Sigh.
Tools and Notions / Re: Machine Needle Identification
« Last post by spookietoo on Yesterday at 03:04:41 PM »
Does anyone (Pina?) happen to know the difference between an industrial machine needle and a home sewing machine needle. Reason I ask - those boxes of 100 home needles aren't cheap on Amazon (34 to 39 cents each - no longer 10 cents each) and another website has much better prices on home sewing needles of the smaller quantities, but the industrials are half the price of their home sewing (25 cents each) and can be purchased in lots of 10 pieces - much more affordable.

I'm assuming one cannot be substituted for the other... but sometimes you don't know until you ask.
Khaliah Ali has just started designing for McCalls

In Suzy's soft warm colouring of course.
Suzy117, I'm not plus sized, but I agree that if clothes are too baggy all over on ANY sized person, they will not be flattering.  I'm not a fit expert, but I think that if a knit top fits well at the shoulders, armholes and sleeves, a little bagginess elsewhere on a loose fitting knit top will not be distracting and will look like it's meant to be part of the style.

I just found out that Khaliah Ali models the clothes for her line of patterns.  She looks plus sized and rocks her clothes.  She has a lot of pretty styles in her Simplicity line. Even if I'm not her target audience, I really like some of her styles and own some of her patterns.  If you want to get a flattering fit, maybe study her pics with an analytical eye to figure out what she's doing that is making the clothes look good on her.   

Don't get discouraged.  If Khaliah Ali can get a flattering fit and can look beautifully pulled together, so can you. So can we all.

In the UK, breton stripes are giving way to grey,neutral beige and deep blue. So I pulled out an unfinished coffee shade jacket and finished it.

Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by andib on Yesterday at 01:48:45 PM »
Laurie, I am sorry you are not feeling well.  Not trying to be bossy, but you might want to go down the stairs on your bottom until you get the railing put in.  You may also want to see if you can find a PT in your area who can treat vertigo. There is a PT here that has training in treating vertigo and they have very good results.  Please take care, esp. driving and checking your mirrors/blindspot.
I keep wanting to type "louche heiress," but I'm not an heiress, nor particularly louche. I just want to be. Le sigh. If I am honest, "bourgeois bohemian" is probably the most accurate assessment.

If I were a garden, I'd be Italian. (I think. I do not know anything about gardens.)
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Vivienne's Starting from Scratch
« Last post by mfedna on Yesterday at 01:19:04 PM »
It is very interesting that Loes Hinse, also selling fabric (through CE) showcases a neutralized color scheme...this is economical...allowing for bright, printed MT also does. I have dressed this way since my sister told me to! She's In the  corporate world, travels, looks stunning and doesn't have to do the 'matching'  thing when the tone in her clothing is In the same family. It makes for faster packing too. This, course I do not HAVE to do this as I don't travel just commute...but when it is dark out in the a.m. It poses  a bit of a challenge in the winter  -to pull out the right 'tones'....(more info than you care to know I am sure!)
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sharing, Inspiration, and Project Photos XXXII
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 01:13:00 PM »
Ann, what fun to have a couple of Advent calendars made up well before the season. They'll be wonderful gifts or items to sell.

Manuela, I want to make that advent calendar you showed! I love that contemporary vibe to it. Is it a pattern or will I have to figure it out myself?

Weaving / Re: Daryl Lancaster website
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 01:00:51 PM »
I'm double responding to your double posting. It's fun to see what Daryl Lancaster does both with her weaving techniques and the magic she makes as she transforms those fabrics into beautiful garments

As a weaver and a sewist, it's inspiring!


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