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Cherylanne, I love seeing photos of you in CLD garments in your wonderful, natural setting!  I would so love to visit Australia!
Just finished watching the finale on Youtube.  I think Heather deserved to win - she has the best, most consistent sewing skills, from the few episodes I was able to catch on Youtube. 
Chinello`s talent and creativity is amazing. Tamara was such interesting quirky style.

Wish I could see the episode where the yoga outfit was made (episode 7) especially since I just made a yoga top and plan to make leggings and a warmup jacket soon.
A beautiful autumn morning here and have just returned from the beach where the water is still warm.  I think I maybe able to submit a SWAP collection and these two will be included.

The  'Tommy Bahama' knock-off beach dress was made  from a navy/blue linen.  I used a size small, made it dress length, added sleeve tabs and pocket flaps.  (Thinking of adding a few darts to the back.)   The cream cotton fabric has been with me for while and I think TBP is the 'perfect' choice for a swimmer coverup.

Chatter / MOVED: Buttons
« Last post by fzxdoc on Today at 12:59:01 AM »
Hope you are feeling better soon Louise, and get some rest!
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2014 Discussion 2
« Last post by BeaJay on Today at 12:56:52 AM »
I am so far behind with my SWAP - although I have sewn other things (I do have the attention span of a goldfish!!). Can I pull my "other sews" together to form a cohesive SWAP - that is the question. I will try to buckle down over Easter and complete as I will be flat out with work after that.

Good luck to everyone on the home stretch.
I'll be back here tomorrow morning with proportions for lace & linen skirt. I've been trying my best to hang onto a cold I caught last week! :-\ So far so good. Take everything you can and a cold will stay with you for 10 days. Do nothing and it will be gone in a week and a half. I've never used so many boxes of tissues in my life!

It's 10 minutes to 9, and I'm in bed...cold is winning, me, not so much!

till later, Louise

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Patterns and Instructions / Re: Style Arc Patterns 6
« Last post by BeaJay on Today at 12:48:31 AM »
Wow Ruth - that jacket is wonderful. Great job.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Style Arc Patterns 6
« Last post by Arlene1995 on Today at 12:42:35 AM »
Great Ziggi Ruth - fantastic job - that is on my list too (long term plan though - I have 2 leather jackets for the bike). My first leather jacket was this design, but was made by Walden Miller.

I love your attention to detail - even putting the strips in the zipper pull !!  Your Mum is right with one point - it looks like you could have bought it at a bike shop with the professional finish - take it as a compliment (my mum says things like that too).

I have the leather (I am using real leather) lining and cotton wadding (I had that thought too for the quilted pieces, great minds think alike) - I was also thinking of putting a kevlar lining in the sleeves (this is the most vunerable part when on a bike - dont ask how I know), maybe the whole thing - depends on the price of the kevlar fabric, I need to source that yet. 

I am also thinking of putting a zipper at the inside hem so I can zip them to my leather pants - do you think this would be a viable option with the pattern ?


Have fun sewing.


Chatter / Re: Blogging with Wordpress
« Last post by miranda on Today at 12:08:26 AM »
Thank you all.  I've now got the flu, so am going to put all this thinking on hold for a few days, but wanted to respond.

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