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Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Egg Nog (the good stuff)
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 01:04:35 AM »
This is the cheater's eggnog: Choose whatever commercial eggnog you like the best.  (I'm partial to Southern Comfort eggnog.)

In your food processor, add whipped cream. In a 1:1 ratio, with the processor on, add the eggnog through the feed tube. Turn off the food processor when the eggnog/creme combo is fully mixed. This usually takes less than a minute.

The resulting eggnog is creamy, light, and delicious. Calories be darned. ;D

Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by janquiltz on Yesterday at 12:59:21 AM »
Miranda, I'm glad you had a great time with your dad but understand your frustrations with your mom.   Someone who has to be right, well, just has to be, and the rest of us of course can't be, sigh...and yes it could be comical to an outsider, but definitely not to you!   My mom was as easy to get along with as can be, so I don't have personal experience.  But I know it's hard 'cuz I know some folks like that.  I tend to just clam up and shut down so to speak, just to avoid the pain.

Laurie, we had the rain last night into this morning, but by 7 or 8 am it had stopped.  And we too are supposed to get snow Wednesday night...uh, make that Wednesday 'day', I just re-checked the ever-changing forecast.  Up to 5 inches by Thursday morning, predicted as of now...sigh...

Linda, I still sit in awe at your weaving capabilities.   And I anxiously awake the 'drapability' assessment!  I'm sure it will be lovely whether it turns out to be a shawl or something else :)

Yes Nathan is Ry all  over again, in looks anyway.   Much more even-tempered in terms of personality.    In that pic I see DSIL, which means I see Ry, who definitely favors him in appearance.   For the most part Nathan has seemed to favor DD more, but I think that is changing! :)  That smile with the mouth closed tight and a straight line across, is pure DSIL :)

And they were both sick today.  I did take them to the doc, which saved DD trekking on the bus with two of them.   Ry had a bad night, no more coughing, but muttering in her sleep which she most never does, and just generally not sleeping well at all.    Nathan woke from his morning nap with a fever as well.    So DD took him in when she took Ry in, to the doc, who said that from Ry's description of how/what she felt, it sounds like a classic sinus infection (what DD was thinking) but that he sees no sign of it so he is leaning toward just sinus congestion.   If the fever persists for 3 days (that would be Thanksgiving, sigh) he wants to see her again and will prescribe antibiotics.  As to Nathan, the fever is his only symptom, and the doc has a wait and see attitude on that as well.

So DD waits.  And hopefully sleeps tonight.  Those were the days, the part of having little ones I don't miss at all!

I got a lot of organizing done this afternoon in the sewing room, more papers and photos and such (this is also my little office) than sewing's the paper stuff that builds up in here.   I feel good to have tossed a bunch of papers, and to have reorganized things for the most part.   Still have some things to get settled somewhere, but it is a major improvement.

Yes Lynda, I did my shopping this morning.   I think I have everything.  I didn't need to remember cranberry sauce, DD1 always makes that for Thanksgiving :D   But I got a 23 lb turkey, and all the fixings I need to worry about making.   

I can't imagine a Costco around here being that empty a few days before Thanksgiving!    I wasn't anywhere near one, but I am sure they were all pretty crowded!

Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by LyndaC on Yesterday at 12:54:32 AM »
Hope you are all through shopping for Thanksgiving!  I had to go by Costco this afternoon to get food for a family whose father just got a bad diagnosis.  Every checkout was open, and the lines went to the food aisles.  No parking places without waiting.
Reviews / Re: Craftsy classes sale $19.99
« Last post by Bellie Jean on Yesterday at 12:45:01 AM »
I just noticed that all the sewing classes on the Craftsy website are $19.99 or less now.
No special email or third party link is required to get the sale prices now.

Yippee!  I picked up a few from Suzy Furrer!

Ellie :)
Sewing Machines / Re: Sergers
« Last post by marie-louise on Yesterday at 12:44:42 AM »
If you can afford it, a Babylock Enlighten is a wonderful machine!

The obvious-it's easy to thread. Serge two seams on a T-shirt, then change colors. No worries. I know no one looks inside our clothes, but I like the inside of my garments to look nice-for me. So I never hesitate to get just the right color thread and use it.

The other fairly obvious reason: the LED lights. IIRC, that's the main difference between the Imagine and the Enlighten. And IMO-they are worth the extra cost.

One of the best things about it, which won't be obvious until you've used it for a while, is the automatic tension. You just thread it and go. I can serge denim, then fine silk without turning a dial. And the seam always looks perfect.

"All" I use mine for is serging seams. I have a hemmer and a few other attachments, but I don't use any one them. I do like that my regular clear presser foot has a little slot for feeding elastic in it. I use that slot to serge in a piece of clear elastic into the shouders of my T-shirts and the crotch seam of my ponte pants.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by ljh on Yesterday at 12:35:59 AM »
Miranda, my condolences on your relationship with your mother, but I kind of agree with Suzi that there is a comic aspect for those of us who don't have to live with her.  ;)  Glad you survived your visit, and best of luck to your DF with his upcoming surgery.

Laurie, I hope you get everything you need to do, done.  And without killing yourself.

I'm much better rested than I was yesterday.  Going to bed at 1 a.m. is just not a plan for me...  I did get the marmalade made.  Kind of a nuisance, but it has that nice 'bite' that commercial marmalades miss out on.
I'm finally at the actual weaving portion of the silk shawl project.  I imagine I can get it woven off in a couple more days, if I apply myself to it.  Which I may or may not.  I am interested to see how the fabric comes out.  I'm not sure how drapey it will be.  Despite having put a lot of time into this, I'm not really heavily "invested" in it.  If it doesn't make a good shawl I'll use the fabric another way.
Chatter / The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by Miranda Y. on Yesterday at 12:26:15 AM »
Laurie You forgot the cranberry sauce?! TRAGEDY!!!!!! One of the ladies on my Facebook Coonhound group was just saying that she now needs to go Thanksgiving shopping again because her dog ate a loaf of bread, all of the Hawaiian sweet rolls, and some garlic naan. First rule of owning a coonhound,  never leave the food out! :D

I hope your DH can get up the energy to help you out. You've been doing so much work you deserve the help!
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by SuziQz on Yesterday at 12:11:33 AM »
Miranda, since I don't have to live with your mother, I find those exchanges funny.  And understand why you don't.  I'm trying to imagine your mother teaching a history class.   ::)   :spacecraft:  I do remember the Star Trek cartoon.   :ufo:

And Laurie is right about supporting your dad.

Jan, I'm sorry poor Ry got sick. 

Judi, I'd be just as happy if it stayed cool, but there aren't enough hours of heat to make the house uncomfortable this time of year.

Laurie, as usual, you got more done in a weekend than I do in a week.  And I always forget things at the grocery store. 

Chatter / The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by Miranda Y. on Yesterday at 12:08:56 AM »
Lynda, sadly she's always been this way. She's always right and she gets super defensive if you disagree with her. It drove her nuts when I wouldn't call off my wedding 15 years ago after she decided I was making a huge mistake. She was so angry that I was defiant.

I love my dad dearly and will be there for him in any way I can. Even if that means sucking it up and dealing with my mom. He means so much to me and I can tell he's really concerned.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: How to read Burda Style pattern envelope?
« Last post by TempestStorm on Yesterday at 12:03:59 AM »
I have no old sheets. Those got thrown out by my sister as they were too icky when we moved in February. So she bought us new ones.

ETA: Muslin shouldn't cost too much, I don't think.
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