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Thanks - no, I don't have that!
Patterns and Instructions / Re: New Patterns at Vogue II
« Last post by shams on Yesterday at 09:31:15 PM »
Interesting, Kathryn. When the new site went up, it also showed that I was *not* a BMV member. I was pretty sure that I was, but once I started crawling through my invoices, I couldn't prove it, so maybe it did lapse.

So I joined up again. Their website showed me as a member pretty quickly. Hopefully your email will sort it right out.
Chatter / Re: Great British Sewing Bee 2016
« Last post by Lisanne on Yesterday at 09:09:27 PM »
Episode 2 - children’s week

Here’s the link to the BBC replay, for people in the UK

I hope to watch it tomorrow evening !

And here’s the Sewing Directory post about fabrics, patterns, techniques
(do they have someone there with a finger on the button waiting to post immediately the show finishes !)
Chatter / Re: Any Outlander Fans?
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 09:07:34 PM »
  Outlander Kitchen recipes. There are only 10 holds on a cookbook I requested from our local library........ "Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook" by Theresa Carle-Sanders,chef and food writer presents historical and character-inspired recipes. I hope I didn't upset the applecart,if "yes" I will delete my comments again.   ;)   ;)
Chatter / Re: Credit card fraud
« Last post by LauraM on Yesterday at 09:06:39 PM »
A month ago, for the first time ever in my 52 years of having a credit card, was an unauthorized purchase made on my bank card.  This card never leaves my possession, and it is the only card I carry when I'm here in my home environment.  I noticed it on a Monday, the day after the purchase was made on a Sunday and it was for health equipment.  I immediately called my bank who put a freeze on my account, and in due course, credited my account and issued a new card.

When I inquired as to how the purchase was made, the bank could only tell me that my number had been keyed in, not swiped, and the item was purchased over the internet.  The conclusion is that my purse was "scanned" and my number retrieved that way.  I immediately went out and bought one of those aluminum/metal wallets that is supposed to not allow scanners to read your card numbers and that is where I now keep my credit card.  We'll see how well that will work.......have hopes.
Hope this comes through!
Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Etsy?
« Last post by Syndi on Yesterday at 08:47:31 PM »
thank you andib......I am narrowing my focus for my next sewup.   :)
Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Etsy?
« Last post by andib on Yesterday at 08:45:11 PM »
Good Luck Syndi!  Looks like you have made a good start!
99 too... would love to know what you are making. which way does the stripe run?

You did a good job of converting this to measurements that work in NON-metric. But, for all those "imperial" folks out there, I urge you to start getting a grip on metric. It's easy to figure out and can make you life oh-so-much-easier in the long run.

How wide did your edges turn out? What happened to the extra 2 inches of fabric width that you first posted?
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