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Sewing Machines / Re: Adjusting the needle on a Brother JX2517
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 07:23:46 AM »
Hi everyone!

I've been learning how to sew by hand (for the first time) this week!  I was given a Brother JX2517 sewing machine as a present to also learn on but I'm currently a little stumped.  I've never used one before so I'm not sure if this is even something possible.. but I noticed the needle is placed a little to the right of the guide on the foot: when I start sewing it always stitches to the right of the guide. Is it possible to adjust the needle placement?

Also I can't figure out how to adjustment the pressure foot to allow me to sew in a circular motion.  My mom (who is an avid sewer) was a little confused as well: on her old machine she was able to adjust the pressure to move the fabric to allow circular sewing.

Any help is definitely appreciated!

Hi  polaris,welcome to Stitcher's Guild !  :)   :)

Iím not familiar with your nice looking Brother JX2517 sewing machine.  ;) I downloaded and looked at the Brother JX2517 pdf user manual here and didnít see any presser foot pressure adjustment dial or different needle positions lever.

Which stitch and presser foot are you using when "the needle is a little to the right of the guide on the foot" ? Can you post a picture with the stitch settings on your machine when that happens ?

When you say "sew in a circular motion",are you talking about free motion quilting ?

Introductions / Re: Hello from Long Island, New York!
« Last post by Saashka on Yesterday at 07:02:19 AM »
Hi Rachel and welcome to Stitcher's Guild!
Chatter / Re: Marie Kondo Tidying (KonMari)
« Last post by RuthieSews on Yesterday at 06:50:48 AM »
Enjoy sewing Sylvia. I have not managed anything sewing wise since I started the KonMari.
I moved my bags to be in the bottom of the wardrobe but I am still using the old black handbag for work, so yes need to think about where I want them, and where I will have the contents box. So far the contents box is unused in a cupboard downstairs, with the bags upstairs and thats not working.

Its too hot to think rationally about socks and tights which is my next category, maybe another day!
Chatter / Re: Marie Kondo Tidying (KonMari)
« Last post by SylviaS on Yesterday at 06:24:51 AM »
I did my handbags!   I have realised that even though they 'spark joy' they never get used as they are all tucked up in their protective bags and it is easier just to use my old faithful black messenger bag. So, they have all come out to see the light, are arranged so I can see them at a glance and I am planning to use them more.  I was not awfully keen on the idea of removing everything from your handbag every time but I have found a suitable container to live with the handbags and I am giving it a whirl.  At least that way it will be easier to chose a different bag.

Well done on the books everyone.  I need to start those soon.  Getting the sewing machine out today for a change!

Sewing Machines / Re: Any advice please on sewing machine upgrade?
« Last post by Fabrickated on Yesterday at 06:07:45 AM »
Lots more useful information. I bought a John Lewis "esmeralda" for my Grandson to learn on. It is yellow and is only £35 in the sale. I had a go and it is a proper electric machine. What a lovely piece of equipment.

I have a Juki overlocker. The DVD was laughable and "amateur" all pastels and sleepy music. But it did show me how to thread it up, which is the only thing I couldn't do without help.
Sewing Machines / What is my Janome doing?
« Last post by hayatiggs on Yesterday at 03:50:56 AM »
Wow, thank you all so much for the advice and tips!
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Tina Givens Patterns
« Last post by Penwalk on Yesterday at 03:23:21 AM »
You have adapted this style so well into your personal style. Each outfit has it's.own lovely focal point. The blue outfit is my favorite.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Tina Givens Patterns
« Last post by Debbie S on Yesterday at 03:20:50 AM »
Twotoast, wonderful outfits! You certainly are a quick seamstress....thanks for sharing pics!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook Sew Along-Month 4: BOTTOMS!
« Last post by twotoast on Yesterday at 03:13:46 AM »
Twotoast, love the full skirt and pants that go beautifully wirh your previously made garments. Great job!


Thank-you Karendee  :D
Sewing Machines / Re: Sewing with twin needles on my 1975 White 477
« Last post by button on Yesterday at 02:51:49 AM »
I have a white 477, just checked manual,no mention of twin needles.
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