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December 04, 2020, 01:50:18 pm


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SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - Official Rules
Last post by indigotiger - November 20, 2020, 12:13:21 am
Thank you treefrog - I am quite impressed with how you have adapted our beloved SWAP to suit the conditions we all find ourselves in these days... I just might be able to participate, with the "half-monty" option
SWAP 2021 / Stephanie's Fiorenza/flowering...
Last post by stephaniecan - November 19, 2020, 08:54:53 pm
Ah...how fun! I like Ruthie's idea of a "ready for everything" SWAP and mine is a bit like that. I know that I want to make a vintage-style fancy dress out of a piece of nice green jacquard I have, and probably a yellow coat with some yellow wool. Everything else will be more versatile and in the middle - e.g., a blouse with full sleeves, some winter white corduroy pants, maybe a soft wool jacket with some fabric my beloved gave me (and I feel guilty about not having used!). I may knit a little cardigan in yellow or green to be worn with the vintage-style cocktail dress.

I have many lovely choices and so it should be easy to make a half or a fully monty. I want to make things that are comfortable and also cheerful (except for the fancy dress, which doesn't need to be comfortable, per se!).

My one big goal for this year is to finally make a garment before Dec 26 for a change!

SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - Official Rules
Last post by stephaniecan - November 19, 2020, 08:23:08 pm
Great rules! Yes, thanks for doing this and for being the moderator. It is very generous of you.
SWAP 2021 / Re: Mahgret's Up Your Game SWA...
Last post by mahgret - November 19, 2020, 02:38:57 pm
LOL I definitely need to up my game, this is the second day I'm wearing an old sweatshirt of my husband's from a football team my son played on when he was 12 (he's 26 this year). Anyway, I went through some fabrics yesterday so I could order matching thread.  Here is a list of some thoughts:

1) I need to make a replacement for my grey ponte pants which are wearing thin.
2) i would like to make a few cardigan type toppers to avoid wearing decades old hoodies.  I have some nice sweater knits- one a lovely cream color, the other a black and white variegated. THese would go with most of my existing tops for layering.
3) I would like to make a new pair of jeans, using the Style Arc Misty pattern. I need to retire one pair I made because of wear.
4) I have a few patterns from 5oo4 Patterns for tops that would be more wintery. I paired them up with some cream jersey, some blue scuba, some grey textured knit, some teal textured knit, some red french terry and some pink variegated french terry. (considering a traditional simple tee for the cream jersey to make a twin set with the sweater knit cardigan)
5) I need to alter my two pairs of black ponte pants so they fit better, they are a real wardrobe staple for me.

So I guess I am on the road to more than a half monty but I really want to incorporate existing items so I think I will edit.
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by Susan in Saint John - November 19, 2020, 09:53:31 am
Quote from: Sew Ruthie Sews on November 18, 2020, 06:16:39 amThinking...

Maybe an all eventualities SWAP would be the one to go for, something to try and cover whatever 2021 throws in my path.

I seem to remember that ejvc posted something about a wardrobe plan for that sort of thing a number of years ago in one of the wardrobe planning threads.  It included having something suitable to wear out for a fancy dinner on short notice [not too likely right now but we can live in hope!], to a funeral, to a wedding, to a pool party, to a job interview, etc.  For some reason the number 21 is sticking in my head -- not sure if that was the list of kinds of occasions, or the number of outfits, or what.

I'm sure you're going to land with both feet firmly on the ground, you're that sort of a woman.  None of us know what the next year is going to bring so an all eventualities SWAP is probably a good way for many of us to look at SWAP.  Actually, we probably have a better idea about what's not going to happen -- big parties/gatherings, out of country vacations, not needing a mask.
SWAP 2021 / Turquoise's All Seasons All Re...
Last post by Turquoise - November 19, 2020, 09:49:53 am
I've learned a lot more about what I actually like to wear and do wear from the previous SWAPs I've joined. 

I already worked from home most of the time before all the lockdowns and mayhem of this year and although I do have some dresses and skirts that I love, most of the time I wear "jeans" in various colours and then vary the tops and layers to suit the season. Most of the time when I go out I want to wear similar outfits but like to have some sort of jacket to give a more smart-casual look. 

I bought a pair of green jeans that I wore a lot in the height of summer with a couple of purchased sleeveless tops and I love the colour but I'm not wearing them now due to a lack of things to wear with them. 

So what I want to do in this year's SWAP is to make some garments so that I can wear these green jeans throughout the year; so have a range of tops and toppers to suit the different seasons and a few smarter co-ordinating pieces.

As yet I've never finished a SWAP so it would be nice this year to try and do that so I'm going to start out with the idea of a half-monty SWAP plan and then see if anything changes as I go along.

As part of the "Loosey-goosey 6-PAC" I've made a green cardigan and a green top that will go with these jeans and I have started knitting a jumper.  I've been pulling out previous makes from my wardrobe to try and see if anything else would also go with these jeans and so would fit the half-monty criteria for items already made.  I've also been pulling out various fabrics from my stash to see what would work for new makes.  It's good to find things that I forgot I had but I wish it was as quick to put things away as it is to pull out and make a mess :)
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by mudcat - November 18, 2020, 11:15:29 am
I'm thinking to do something like the endless combo using some of my Style Arc 2-3 piece  combos like Parker, Como, etc.  I already was planning to join the PR fabric stash contest next month (which runs for two months!) and pump out a bunch of new workout clothes as mine are all 12-15 years old and starting to lose their elasticity. 
SWAP 2021 / Re: Ruthie's Ready For Anythin...
Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews - November 18, 2020, 09:29:06 am
I've had a bit of a think about what my 'Ready For Anything' clothes would be and reckon I need:-

3 Plain dark bottoms - leggings, casual trousers, smart trousers
1 Simple dark coloured dress
4 tops - smart blouse, workout top, 2 long sleeved tees
3 layers - sweatshirt or hoody,  cardigan and jacket

that comes to 11
SWAP 2021 / Ruthie's Ready For Anything SW...
Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews - November 18, 2020, 08:44:03 am
Given the uncertainty in work and social life right now I am currently thinking about doing a 'Ready for Anything' SWAP which covers as many different situations as possible, including some which are not happening right now.

1. work from home with voice only calls
2. work from home with video calls
3. return to working in an office
4. interview for job over video calls
5. interview for job in person
6. go to the pub with boyfriend
7. meet friends or family for a meal
8. video call with friends or family
9. exercise at home
10. relax at home
11. go out for a walk
12. attend a funeral

Not quite sure what wardrobe would cover all of those
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews - November 18, 2020, 06:16:39 am

Maybe an all eventualities SWAP would be the one to go for, something to try and cover whatever 2021 throws in my path.
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