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March 01, 2021, 03:43:33 am


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SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by Turquoise - February 04, 2021, 01:40:01 pm
@LillieT  - have fun with your Silhouette Pattern's Carol's Jacket  :)

Don't worry about making it from a knit.  My favourite version of this pattern is from a stable knit - just make sure that if you use knit where you are putting poppers or buttonholes that you use something to stabilise as I had to go back and redo with new cuffs on mine as the poppers came through the knit fabric because it stretched as I opened and closed the poppers on the cuff.
SWAP 2021 / Re: Lillie's Late to the Party...
Last post by LillieT - February 04, 2021, 10:41:43 am
I have all of the foundation pieces cut for the yellow zambeesi style jacket.  I'm not certain I am correct in likening it to zambeesi as I am pretty much doing my own thing.  I have applied fabric pieces to most of the front.  Since my pattern (PS Carol's jacket) is designed for woven fabric I decided to include some woven pieces for variety as most of my yellow knits are plain.  By lapping a knit over the raw edge of the woven I should eliminate fraying.  I am using a stretch stitch to apply the fabric to the backing that I call the herringbone stitch.  I have no idea what it's proper name is. 

It is a lot of fun figuring out what fabric to put where - but then Lillie pointed out that I am easily amused. 
SWAP 2021 / Re: CCL's Sew What You Got - 2...
Last post by CCL - February 04, 2021, 08:51:44 am
What's great about digital photos is that they can give instantaneous feedback on fit, problems etc.  Double-edged sword. 
Unfortunately I saw immediately from these photos that my hem needs redoing.  I have already ripped it out.  I am thinking I might use a doublesided fusible instead.  Or lengthen and try a dual needle (ugh, I don't really want to) top stitching.  Will think about it some more.

B6388 Back by CCL photos, on Flickr
B6388 Front by CCL photos, on Flickr

The black lekala jacket and this B6388 dress complete the "comfy-never-leave-the-house" portion of my plan. They were my "easy sews" to try to sneak up on something more challenging.
Sewing Related Items / Re: Looking for McCall's 2219 ...
Last post by kushami - February 03, 2021, 11:59:44 pm
Thanks for the link, @sewsy, but unfortunately that seller doesn't ship to Australia.

I'd love to learn to grade someday but at the moment it's a bit beyond me (not putting myself down - I have a medical condition that makes it hard to learn new skills).
Sewing Related Items / Re: Looking for McCall's 2219 ...
Last post by sewsy - February 03, 2021, 08:14:00 am
Interesting how things sort of converge. I was just watching the latest installment of Janet Pray's Facebook series about patterns. She discussed how one may want to be able to grade patterns if, for example, a larger (or smaller) size is needed than what the pattern is drafted at.

If you have a way to access facebook, just look for Islander Sewing, and you'll be able to see what she posted. https://stores.islandersewing.com/videos/

Which brings me to this point. Here's an ebay listing for the pattern you're looking for: https://www.ebay.com/itm/McCalls-2219-Misses-2-Hour-Bias-Dresses-Sewing-Pattern-Size-4-6-8-Uncut/372969041009?hash=item56d6afec71:g:HZsAAOSwqIldqgLY

Admittedly, it's not the size you want. But, if you are game and willing to try grading the pattern to your needs (while you wait for someone to post the size you need) it might be a way to get the pattern and perhaps learn a new skill.
SWAP 2021 / Re: Sharon’s Retirement Wardro...
Last post by sharonspils - February 03, 2021, 02:38:35 am
Well the shorts have been worn and don't feel too weird, the real test will be a few days time when we are at Dubbo Zoo.

I will add some width to the legs for the next version.
Sewing Related Items / Looking for McCall's 2219 2-ho...
Last post by kushami - February 02, 2021, 11:58:42 pm
G'day folks,

I'm looking for a copy of a 1990s/2000s McCall's pattern:

Largest size range - 14, 16, 18.

It's not on Etsy or Ebay at the moment so if you have one you wouldn't mind parting with that would be great.

I'm in Australia.

SWAP 2021 / Re: Patricia's "I've Got The D...
Last post by Pagog - February 02, 2021, 08:30:49 pm
My goal for January was to complete three items.  I only managed two with one of the two still needing buttonholes and buttons.  Both were not without challenges.  The striped knit top was not in my original photo of fabrics.  Since my bottoms and the jean jacket are plain, I wanted my tops to have some type of pattern.  I felt this piece would fit nicely in my plan. February is a short month, so I have my work cut out to get caught up with myself. February is going to be all about denim.
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by CCL - February 02, 2021, 09:22:07 am
Thanks @Hilda Rose !  Considering getting the stand-alone pattern in case the magazine never makes it here (Timeframe =April)

@warpjr1965 - such a cute skirt!

@luz clara - with you on the TNTs all the way!  Also, I too am really trying to sew up the beautiful pieces in my fabric emporium, though I am still working on the comfy weekend, never-go-outside-in-winter-unless-you-have-to pieces first.

@LillieT - Oh, that yellow and grey top out of the thrift shop shirts is glorious.  I love the overall piecing and the pleating on the one side.

@Turquoise - me too - I do love wide legged trousers.
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