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September 24, 2020, 12:16:00 am


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SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - July 01, 2020, 07:48:12 pm
Too bad about the delay with the Farrow dress, Wendy, but congrats on getting so much quality sewing done. I look forward to seeing your collection!!
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by warpjr1965 - July 01, 2020, 06:18:55 pm
Well, I am done as well! The Farrow dress will not make an appearance, as I had some issues with the fabric stretching on the bias, which threw off the Geometry of the front seams. I believe I can fix it, but it is not hemmed, and therefore, not done.

I did some serious sewing this time and have more than 11 garments, which is great. I'll do some mixing and matching and come up with a grouping I like.
SWAP 2020 / Re: CCL's Sew-Along SWAP - Fa...
Last post by CCL - July 01, 2020, 09:19:27 am
Nothing to write home about, but I did at least finish up the plaid shirt yesterday.  Went with black buttons as it sort of enhanced the "lumberjack" feel of the shirt.

B4004 plaid shirt front

Plaid matching across the front was challenging, what with the cut on front band.  I went with narrowing the pink band along the fold lines and then matching the edges so that the darker purple of each made up the width of one purple.

Sleeve plackets cost me what little sanity I had left. Still ended up a tad off on but since I had recut one a couple of times (as there is a clear directional twill weave running diagonally - first time got the plaid right, but the twill weave ran on the opposite diagonal), I decided to live with it. Cut the cuffs cross grain to get a solid stripe of the purple around the wrist. What's the saying?  "The fabric always wins"?

B4004 - Sleeve Plackes
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - July 01, 2020, 09:15:21 am
Sorry to hear that you have not been able to sew as much as you would have liked, @CCL. The recent sewing you have shared is beautiful, as always. Sorry to hear, too, @Medea that you have not completed your collection, as I love to see your work!
SWAP 2020 / Re: Stephanie's Affirmation SW...
Last post by stephaniecan - July 01, 2020, 09:11:42 am
I just reviewed the rules - phew, I'm still in line. My collection morphed and meandered a little bit, but the initial inspiration of my ancestors and plaid actually morphed into something along the same lines, in the sense that it became about nature to some extent and became somewhat of a Canadian camping hybrid collection. The sweater is what ties it all together, and I'm thinking that I'll include a lightweight outdoor jacket I made a few years back as a second go-with-everything item. It became more about comfort and ease in my environment, versus more sophisticated versions of "lumberjack chic," which was my original title for the collection. In essence, it is more lumberjack than chic, but that's OK! It's my affirmation SWAP. Although the coat is almost done it will not be included in the collection as I am still finishing up the embroidery, and it would also be problematic to wear a wool coat over the shorts I made. My new technique tried therefore is not the tailoring of the coat but rather sewing with knits (my first time, amazingly!).

I think this is the final cut of my lumberjack chic/affirmation SWAP:

- green minoru jacket made a few years ago (goes with everything)
- love light sweater, inspired by my natural environment and also the pandemic (goes over everything)
- lightweight denim navy blue flares (casual)
- orange and grey plaid shirt
- green silk shirt, inspired by nature (I can dress up my jeans from time to time)
- navy blue button down
- navy blue knit polo shirt
- blue linen shorts
- blue heather knit scoopneck top
- red and blue "tulip" denim skirt
- one final item to be decided, but I think a brown linen skirt I made from a camping-inspired Burda spread a couple of years ago, with wooden buttons and big pockets

See you soon in the photos.
SWAP 2020 / Re: Stephanie's Affirmation SW...
Last post by stephaniecan - July 01, 2020, 08:40:33 am
I finished last evening! Last four items!

SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by Medea - July 01, 2020, 08:32:51 am
I didn't finish this year but I will make the garments and use them in my wardrobe even if it takes a little longer.
I'll love to see your finished garments and congrats to everyone who made it!  :applause2:
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by CCL - July 01, 2020, 07:10:55 am
All - so impressed by everyone's stick-to-it attitude - through injury, isolation, change in clothing needs, and new, COVID- related responsibilities.

Your garments are lovely. Congratulations to everyone, thank you to IndigoTiger for hosting, Mahgret for her wonderful FiestaWare and joy inspiration, Demented Faery, Stephanie, Wendy, Melinda, Susan, Lianne - and everyone else who is particiating - for their dedication to our shared love of sewing - I have enjoyed seeing everyone's progress and comments.

I have had a hard time actually sewing garments this year - for various reasons - but have been so inspired by everyone's persistence and creative wardrobe additions.

Like many, the SWAP I had planned and my evolving clothing needs are no longer a match.   I was going to plug along as I usually do, sticking with my plan but with sewing stretched out over the year(s).   However, I think I need to be more honest with myself, ditch my plan and sew comfortable clothes for "home." 

Edited to Add:  Enjoyed seeing Medea's thoughts and Ruthie's entire collection as well - any one else I missed.  In past years I so enjoyed the camaraderie of all the folks sewing along.  Hope that it can again happen in future years.
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - July 01, 2020, 06:50:08 am
@indigotiger Your sewing is so beautiful, so I have enjoyed seeing everything (but am sorry that you didn't quite make it in the end as I would love to see the whole collection together).

I didn't think I would make it and I only made it because I (for a change) made a sensible decision and whipped up a scoop neck top in a pretty colour right after I finished work yesterday. I thereby also managed to get the buttons on the woven shirt I had finished the day before. Finishing isn't important, but in this context it gave me a boost and reminded me how much I enjoy sewing and want to do more of it (and have an ample stash to accommodate that desire!).

Now to the photos, which will be challenging for me. I'll try to come up with an innovative solution to get better shots than usual even though I am alone.
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by indigotiger - June 30, 2020, 09:24:03 pm
I might will not make it... I finished my grey linen pinafore sometime after 9PM, and while I had decided this morning that the try-to-get-SWAP-done item would be a pair of dark grey knit loose leggings, probably the quickest item in my TNT list, I decided that 10PM was not the best time to begin a new project, however easy. I am quite happy with all my SWAP components, all of which went into immediate rotation in my daily wardrobe, and will certainly share them here anyway.
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