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Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Summer 2014 6PAC (May-July) sew-along
« Last post by warpjr1965 on Today at 02:05:49 AM »
Nice work everyone! 

I have totally lost the sewing mojo.  A week on vacation that was fun but exhausting, and then recovery week brings me to the end of July.  I have no more energy for this SWAP.

I did however, finish 6 garments: one outer layer, 2 tops, and 3 bottoms.  Although they are not totally interchangeable, I can wear them in many different combinations.  I am too tired right now to take photos, but I will in the next few days.

I've decided for the time being that I need to spend some time perfecting a few things.  For one, I am on the quest for the perfect T shirt, and haven't yet found it.  Second, I need to dive into pants making (gasp!).  And third, I need a few cardigans. So that will be my focus for the next 6 months or so.  Not saying that I'll have it down pat in 6 months, just that I may spend that time working on 2 or 3 garment types, and really looking at fit and sewing technique, rather than sewing for quantity. I really don't have the skills or the tested patterns for 6 PACs and SWAPs.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Personal Coloring
« Last post by su-sew on Today at 02:05:36 AM »
Over the last few years, based on a lot of reading here and of various style/ colour analysis books, I think I have figured out what colours looks and styles look better on me.

Years ago I read the CMB book and thought I was a winter- probably wrong. I'm likely a autumn if my colouring has to pigeonholed into a "season". There was a Trinny and Susanah book I read a few years ago I figured out I look best in mid tone colours - sorry I don't remember the rationale for it. ?contrast between hair eyes and skin?

When I heard about using your colouring as a guide to colour choices it made sense. I look good in browns and tans that match my hair colour and pale but definitely yellow undertoned skin and green is good too. I have brown-green eyes.

I have rid my wardrobe of solid black tops, most of my bright white tops and haven't worn grey near my face in years. Those colours make me look sickly.
Machine Sewing / Re: adjusting bodice for SBA with darts & princess seam
« Last post by su-sew on Today at 01:41:25 AM »
What a difference 1/4 inch shortening of the bodice will do:
(bad indoor, nighttime photos)

You know I'm in!!!!

  Not quite ready to start fall sewing for myself. So for the next week or two, I will be admiring your creations.
I have begun to go through the entire house decluttering and organising, and the sewing/guest room is becoming a high priority... That room is quite small (9ft x 10ft) and already has shelves to hold fabric, and a folding futon couch to hold guests. It currently also has a hollow core door along one wall, intended to be a place to sew, which never worked well as a sewing space. Once I clear away the various boxes and piles of things, I can move the futon-couch to the wall that doesn't have an outlet, and remove the hollow core door table.

I just don't like sitting facing the wall when I work, so instead, I drag my sewing machine to the dining table, or now, to the big worktable in the studio. It occurred to me that the back bedroom will look more welcoming to my fairly frequent house guests if is is more open; and if I have a folding table, or a small table on casters, I can sit in the middle of the guest room and look outwards, and put away the sewing machine(s) when I have guests

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions, or personal experience with either small folding sewing tables, or with sewing tables on wheels... As I have not found any sort of rolling small sturdy table, I have been considering a small folding table like this one:
Fabrics / Re: Sewing four-ply silk crepe
« Last post by sdBev on Today at 01:15:00 AM »
Thank you, sdBev, for the link to Mrs. Mole's blog.  In addition to having good tips, it was very entertaining!
You are quite welcome.  I think she is wonderfully entertaining and admire her sewing skills.  She shares some incredible saves.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Personal Coloring
« Last post by vwgrant on Today at 01:09:52 AM »
Indigotiger -l love your color scheme--can you share how you created your color example? 

l love the ease of figuring out which fabric to buy, based on those limits(says she who fell off the fabric wagon with a cool undertone solid taupe that's a match for what little color is left in my hair.) People who buy RTW have it way harder to find their personal neutral color ways if it's not black or navy.

Spookietoo-I'm with you on the confusing journey of not fitting the catagories. I've finally decided that the "color people " vary in their skill sets---some can see more than others. And some are better at explaining "why this but not that".

I've been trying to figure out why a true white doesn't work for me. You'd think white is pale and I'm losing my color in my hair so it ought to "go together", right? Wrong. It turns out that it's kind of the inverse of black--the contrast is still too stark for my coloring. My sewing instructor gave me the clue of going no brighter than the white value of my teeth. Since I don't bleach my teeth, this tip has worked out well.

What an inspiring wardrobe, Sharon!


This morning I'm tracing off Simplify Your Life. I bought some soft, puckered white & blue striped cotton from Mood Fabrics; I'm going to make baseball jersey-inspired top to wear w/ jeans. The pattern looks like it is going to fit right out of the envelope, except for adding length because I'm long-waisted. IMO, that earns you a spot in MY Hall of Fame!

I have the same pattern on my cutting table right now too.  I'm making it out of a rather brightly printed linen.  I don't usually wear bright colors, but thought I would give it a shot.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Summer 2014 6PAC (May-July) sew-along
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 12:36:15 AM »
Ruthie, i like this top a lot and find the  color distribution excellent. Many times to my eye scrap top looked like a top of scraps. This certainly does not. Great job!!!

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