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Fabrics / Re: How big should a stash be?
« Last post by Celia on Yesterday at 08:12:25 AM »
I really had not thought before of my stash as a sort of money in the bank for when times are harder or also when looking towards retirement, this gives me a very different view and has really helped me to not feel so threatened or guilty about my stash. After all we would not feel guilty about having too much money in the bank would we?
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by RuthieSews on Yesterday at 07:35:38 AM »
SWAP stands for Sewing With A Plan and is a contest here on SG normally from Christmas to April where each person sews 11 garments in a co-ordinated collection, the rules vary slightly from year to year to keep things fresh.

This thread is the board members making suggestions of what they think this year's rules ought to allow.
The actual rules will get announced ones the board owner/moderators have finalised them.
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by Donna H on Yesterday at 06:56:22 AM »
Ok.  A few things in reading this thread:  being a newby, I was trying to figure what we were going to swap.  I've participated in pin cushion swaps, cloth doll and teddy bear swaps, etc.  I was wondering if we were to make a wardrobe and swap with another person, or maybe swap fabrics with which we would then try to make something out of...see the rabbit hole I was falling into?  Then---slap on the dense (and possibly empty) head!  SWAP may mean "sewing with a purpose"?  I heard that somewhere.     ::). Duh!

So, for someone like me who mostly wears blue jeans, knit tops, and tennis shoes these days, but would like to make some not too dressy clothes to wear to Church on Sunday, what would that wardrobe look like?  I'm very interested in following along to see what you all come up with for your SWAP.   :D
Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by DebbieY on Yesterday at 06:09:51 AM »
I had to replace the inlet valve in the toilet in the ensuite this week (it was continually filling and dripping), anyway while in there I did a quick sort of the cupboard under the sink - one bag of stuff tossed and nothing out of place - it really is the small things that make a difference :)
Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by RuthieSews on Yesterday at 05:53:22 AM »
I must admit I've not made a lot of progress over the last few days, but all the workmen are lined up for the home improvements needed and my washing machine comes today.

I have unpacked one or two more boxes, but not huge numbers.
This weekend I am hoping that DBF and myself can sort out some minor jobs like curtain rails in the bedroom (I've been using blackout blinds only which is a bit stark), a rubbish bin fixed inside a kitchen cupboard etc.

Just a bit everyday and it eventually gets done.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by judic on Yesterday at 05:52:32 AM »
...too bad, Lynda. His 'office' will soon be back - with improvements to the rest of his living areas. Sometimes our 'guys' just have to adjust to our quirks.

Laurie, I hear you when you have frustrations that the men in your life can't understand. It would be so much easier on them if they'd just do the simple, right things that need to be done.

Chatter / Re: Stylish DSLRs-- What do you think?
« Last post by DebbieY on Yesterday at 05:51:28 AM »
I have had a Pentax K-X for years. I really like that it has so many colour options and at the time it came out you pretty much had a choice of black or black and it was like a breath of fresh air, but that wasn't the reason I bought it. I wanted a decent (but not top level) camera that could do the job but it had to be lightweight as well due to RA which affects (among other things) my hands, elbows and shoulders and I didn't want to pay a mint for it. It This one suits me well.

So in answer to the question - if it did all I wanted and happened to be stylish too then all well and good but I would not be buying it based on looks alone.
Site News and Announcements / Re: 2014 Contribution Drive
« Last post by Donna H on Yesterday at 05:29:28 AM »
Just sent a donation.  I'm a newby, but already love this site.

Sewing Environment / Re: Show me your sewing area!
« Last post by Donna H on Yesterday at 05:07:20 AM »
Bunny, thank you so much for your detailed information on pins, needles, etc.  I've been sewing for about 60 years (made a duster when I was 5 with my mom's help), but never really paid much attention to needles and pins.  (Wow!  How have I ever created anything?) I will adapt many of your suggestions in the future.  I'm sure it will make things easier in the long run.

Now, I don't have pictures of my sewing area, yet, but my DH is making me a sewing room in the basement of the old Craftsman home we just bought.  It will have one small window--its a daylight basement-- but I'll mostly be using artificial lighting.  I have lots of cabinets that we got from a medical clinic that was remodeling, so lots of closed door cabinets.  Shelving will also be installed between the cabinets for tools, thread, etc.  Since its an unfinished space, there's lots of room for design.  I'm very excited to finally have room to get all my crafts together in one area as well as lots of sewing space.  Anyone have suggestions on lighting or work space for me?   Thanks.  Donna
Chatter / Re: Stylish DSLRs-- What do you think?
« Last post by Cherylanne on Yesterday at 04:35:51 AM »
I get where you are coming from.

 I purchased a NikonD5300 body and upgraded the lens,. The body is smallish,   has Wi-FI and it comes in RED .  Previously I had  Canons which dd liked to borrower/trash.   DD says it is an embarrassing camera as it has a POP up flash, not like her 'real' cameras a Canon 70D  and 5D mark 11 (full frame).  I am pretty happy with the red Nikon as it does not get borrowed and I always know where it is.

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