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My Christianity falls into a very similar category to datcat's....I believe.....but not in organized religion....though on the rare occasion that I go, I choose to attend Mass. Can't explain my preference for a religion that excommunicated my Mom for marrying my Protestant father.  It is what it is and no degree of "witnessing" will change my mind at this point in my life. I respect the rights of others to worship as they see fit and know many good people that attend church regularly and also many good people that don't.

I do know that several bad people I have been forced to spend time with...mostly at work....have habitually announced to me and others what "good Christians" they are. As a result,  my attitude has become: if you have to constantly tell me what a "good Christian" you are, its safe to assume you aren't.

I would have responded to this business in the same manner as I would not want to find out why their behavior is so "over-the-top".  Very unprofessional..

We have freedom of religion in this country...not freedom from religion.   Everyone has the right to worship as they see fit..or not.  The line needs to be drawn so that the practice of one person or group does not interfere with someone elses civil liberties.Ifaccomplish world peace, wouldn't
Judith, I don't like people trying to shove their beliefs down my throat.  I have no problem with a simple "Merry Christmas" or something like that.  I don't mind discussing religion at times.  But I want a choice.  You didn't sign up for the newsletter to have them preach to you. 
Its an interesting thought Judith.  I am what I call a private Christian, in that I hold a certain faith, but don't subscribe to religion in any form.  A bit like supporting the team, but not interested in the cheer squad.  ;)

The first thought would be that its the company's choice to place whatever they want in their newsletter.  And in essence for your basic, "Merry xmas and god bless" message, I think that it would be acceptable.  However the prose you quote, goes beyond a simple message of thanks and blessing, and more into witnessing.  I am not fond of witnessing, because it fails to appreciate that right at the start, we had a choice (the apple and stuff), and witnessing bypasses the choice of the listener/reader to choose to accept the message.  This is not to say that the message is a bad one .... its not.  But I think choice is vitally important. 

Consider if it was a Hindu lesson, or a quote from the Quoran ? (oops sorry about the sad face.  Didn't mean to do that) Neither of these are bad at all ....... faith is universal I think, and a message from these religions would have just as much meaning as one from a Christian source.  But would a business be attacked for including those messages, but feel its ok to inflict a Christian message on its customers, especially unasked for?

My personal thoughts are, the message isn't offensive, but certainly I do feel its inappropriate.  Only my 1 person opinion though, and I don't feel that others should feel the same way. 
Sigh. I miss Stash.

Yes; we all do.
Chatter / Christmas message from a business, am I being overy sensitive?
« Last post by judith on Today at 02:24:33 AM »
I subscribe to Superior Threads newsletter. This month's newsletter, along with the usual notice of sales etc, includes a very long message about Christmas. The following is one paragraph:

"Sometimes it is not easy to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Those words about loving our neighbors, doing good to those who hurt us, forgiving, caring for others, and having no other gods (pride?) sound quite strict at times. However, all the teachings of Jesus are to bless us and to lift us up; not to hurt or punish or hinder us. He promises to comfort us with the Holy Ghost, to fill our hearts with joy, to strengthen us, and to forgive our sins and offer reconciliation through His atonement. These promised blessings are worth whatever effort is required on our part."

I am not a Christian. I try to be a good person. I try to respect the beliefs of others. I love Christmas, I celebrate the secular side of Christmas, I like to wish people a "merry christmas", but I do not share the beliefs that underly the essay in this newsletter. If a good friend talked to me with those words, I'd ask them politely to stop. And I think it's just way over the top for what is essentially a regular advertisement put out by the company.

I've unsubscribed to the newsletter. It means I won't hear about their sales, so probably won't be buying from them in the next year. That's okay. And I wrote a respectful email to the owner explaining why I'm not likely to be buying from them.

But maybe I'm being overly sensitive? I try to understand that someone may think that they are so absolutely right that they must share their views, but I just don't seem to be able to accept that.


Site News and Announcements / Re: Accidental and Coincidental Bannings
« Last post by shams on Today at 02:24:18 AM »
Sigh. I miss Stash.
Chatter / Re: European travel
« Last post by shams on Today at 02:22:48 AM »
Make sure that any credit cards he brings have the RFID chip. Many credit cards in the U.S. don't have those chips yet, and many places in Europe won't accept a credit card without one.

The RFID chip broadcasts the user's data, so also make sure he has either a "sleeve" for the credit card that blocks that info, or an RFID wallet, or similar.

These days the criminally minded can download an app to their phone that reads the RFID signal and can actually steal your identity without ever touching you, unless your card is protected by something that blocks it.

Machine Sewing / Re: Machine Knitting 3
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 02:09:46 AM »
Gorgeous job on the sweater, Aprilla!

Patterns and Instructions / Re: Jalie Patterns-sizing
« Last post by Lisa on Today at 01:55:33 AM »

Hi, I have just received the Jalie Hoody pattern. My 7 year old granddaughter requested that I make her a hoody and I thought that I would also make one for the other 2 granddaughters. I have a question on sizing. Reading on Pattern Review people are commenting that the sizing for children is off and to go 2 sizes bigger. This is a very slender 7 year old but the sizing for children is by age. Any advice?

Another question, they say to zig zag the edges then use a straight seam. I am just using fleece. Surely I can just serge the seams. Am I over thinking this? A hoody-pretty simple. :D

Which hoodie pattern do you have? Jalie seems to have several...the one I looked at uses age to get you in the vicinity, but then has measurement charts to allow you to choose the correct size.

Are the measurement charts on yours too? 

Just hoping...(nice GM, by the way!)


Regional Groups / Re: Any Aussies here?/Aussie Chat
« Last post by BeaJay on Today at 01:49:46 AM »
Thanks for your thoughts Helen and andib. Such a horrible thing to happen.
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