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Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis. The Spring Garden)
« Last post by ljh on Yesterday at 03:43:34 PM »
Laurie, I hope you and the new director have a long and happy road ahead of you at work.  So far it sounds like you're off to a great start.

Jan, maybe your DU could write a "healthy lifestyle" book so we can all eat like he does? ;D  Whatever-it seems to work for him.

Rene, congrats on winning your corner of the "war on obesity."  Not easy, but a very good thing.

I'd be really happy if the food industry didn't add a ton of fat, salt and sugar to everything. 

As for labeling food, that can be really, really hard since the economy is global.  What if you have a simple can of stew containing beef, a bit of oil, carrots, onions, celery, peas, flour (to thicken it) salt, pepper, saffron (it's really high-end stew...) and a couple other spices.  The beef could come from the US, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada without any significant change in the quality.  The oil could be one of several vegetable oils from the US or Canada, or it could be a more problematic one like palm oil.  At certain seasons the veggies might come from Mexico, other times, the US, etc.  I threw the saffron in there because apparently a lot of saffron labeled as Spanish is actually from Iran.  If the stew maker buys something labeled "Spanish" are they liable if it is Iranian?  Should they have been able to tell?  And on it goes.  They would have to have dozens of different labels ready to go.
Then we can add that the spices have very likely been irradiated, there is a chance that if there is corn oil it likely contains some GMO corn, etc.
I would also add that while I'm a fan of healthy eating (well, most of the time  ;)) many of those "unpronounceable" ingredients are preservatives that give people access to foods that have a reasonable length of shelf life and have been a boon to rural populations in particular.
A lot of it comes down to voting with your grocery dollars.  If enough of us spend the extra money on fresh, local food (easier in CA than a lot of places...) raised in a way we're happy with, the food industry will notice.  (As always, if you can't afford to do that, I'm not talking about you.)

Maybe we should all get together over dinner and talk about it?  I'll volunteer to cook.  :)
Chatter / Re: podcast suggestions?
« Last post by mrs.eccentric on Yesterday at 03:29:02 PM »
I'm a podcast fiend! I used to listen to talk/public affairs radio all day and all night, nowadays i listen to podcasts all day and all night!

Sadly, there is not much at all when it comes to podcasts about sewing clothing. There's more about crafting, quilting, starting/running a small business.

The one exception in my book is Thread Cult, hosted by Christine Cyr Clisset, of the sewing blog She talks with many people who sew for all different reasons, and is a great interviewer. Episodes have been scarce since the birth of her child but she has a nice back catalog.

My tastes run towards true crime, the weird, audio drama, and crass comedy.  Just start poking around, searching topics you like to get started. Then, podcasts you like will generally link to other similar podcasts, you can find lists online, etc.  There's also an app called 'Swell' which feeds you podcasts, then takes your feedback into consideration to show you more you might like. I've yet to try Swell but sounds worth a try!

Alison, i know you like Nightvale so here's a couple more audio dramas with paranormal twists for you to try:


The Black Tapes

The Bright Sessions

Shameless plug follows. My friend Greg Bishop hosts Radio Misterioso, a mostly weekly pirate radio show/podcast with conversations on weird stuff and weird music. Kind of a combination of a sensible, brainier Coast To Coast AM with Dr. Demento-style music.

Mr. Bishop interviewed me and my collaborator a few weeks ago about an experiment we did on precipitating synchronicities, but it's not posted yet. Not for everyone, but definitely mind-expanding and one of a kind.

Here's hoping one of our stitching guilders posts some sewing podcasts for us!!!!
Chatter / Re: Clothing for Arts' Sake?
« Last post by Fatwetdog on Yesterday at 02:55:49 PM »
Oh wow, that's gorgeous. The "lucid" dresses look like they're made out of magic.  :D :D :D
Chatter / Re: I hate phones
« Last post by theresa in tucson on Yesterday at 02:20:11 PM »
Jan, I'm the one in this household who plays with telemarketers, behavior, I believe, learned from my cat. >:D
Chatter / Re: Sewing/Making Christmas Gifts
« Last post by sewvt on Yesterday at 01:13:33 PM »
That's never a pleasant experience, datcat, and I'm sorry it's happened.  You make such lovely items. 

Unfortunately,  this is part of gift giving and receiving, whether handmade or purchased.  The gift that "misses" for whatever reason can only be resolved so many ways and it's hard to know which might come back to bite you.  There are people who just retain no memory of who the giver was.  One of my friends sent a unique piece of art to her sister, only to receive the same item back as her next BD gift.  OOOPS!  They are close and it wasn't meant to be hurtful. 

The recipient must at least have appreciated your gift enough to want someone else to enjoy it if she couldn't use it herself.  Better that than simply discarding it?   In that case you would never have known, but might have continued to put effort into making more items for her.

I wish someone would invent a foolproof way of dealing with this one.  I think most people have received a gift that doesn't work out and have maybe given one as well.  If it's some small thing, no problem.  When you get to handmade and higher value things, it gets sticky...
Chatter / Sewists' Eye Candy
« Last post by sewsy on Yesterday at 01:06:42 PM »
Three of my favorite sewng bloggers are Wendy Grossman, The Couture Counsellor; Mary Funt, Cloning Couture and Leisa Staunton, A Challenging Sew. I love that they are so exacting in their approach and the clothes they make rival haute couture creations. Leisa has moved her blog and is now here:

Her most recent post details a beautifully constructed embroidered lace skirt and top. She details what she did, and it's wonderful to behold: Here's the direct link to the post:

Beautiful work. Just beautiful. And I'm lovin' those SHOES!!!!

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Patterns and Instructions / Re: New Patterns at Vogue II
« Last post by Ann C on Yesterday at 12:59:22 PM »
Garden Girl, 

I'll be watching as you tackle this coat!  Here's another who is losing weight - slowly - and I don't want to start this just yet and have to alter later.  I think it is really a pretty coat and I'm anxious to see just what problems might arise as you take this on.  Mucho luck!  I haven't purchased the pattern yet, but I think I will the next time Joann's has a Vogue sale.  Sometimes I buy patterns just to read and see how the design is approached. 
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis. The Spring Garden)
« Last post by janquiltz on Yesterday at 12:54:37 PM »
Yay Laurie!  I'm so glad, that K is there, and that you are so compatible.   Way better than her being there and there being no compatibility!!!   :o

I'd like to see lots change on food labels.   With Ry's allergy, it's hard enough, one might think sesame would be on the label if it is in there, but no, it can hide as 'natural flavoring' or some such thing.   I know in the UK the label for it as for other allergens like eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, etc.    But not here.   Truth be told I never really wondered what natural flavoring might be before.

My war against added sodium has gradually weaned us from most prepared foods.   We used to enjoy canned soup on weekends for lunch, and now I either pay a fortune for cans of no salted added soup or make my own.  Granted I have time to cook more from scratch now than I did in past years when working or chasing kids around all day.   And it's not just salt.   Or sugar.   Must be preservatives or other flavorings, but most any of my old 'go to' packaged quick add ons for a meal now make my reflux really act up.

Basically if I can't pronounce most or even any of the ingredients, I leave it on the shelf.   And, I no longer buy products loaded with sodium.

My DU is supposed to limit salt, and he does.  So he says.  He puts it on eggs (which he eats every morning) but adds it to nothing else.  I've pointed out to him that it isn't necessary to add salt to Spam, canned stews, canned corned beef, bacon, etc.   I get a blank stare.    I point out that sodium equals salt, and he fusses then says 'well I don't know'.  At which point I shoot right back, 'yes, now you do, I just told you!'.

I've tried cooking for him and he asked me to stop, he said he had to add too much salt to what I bring  :faintthud:

So yes I've given up with him.  Salt and sugar are big no no's, and he considers cookies as part of the foundation of the food pyramid.  He's 89, still on his own, needing minimal help with things around the house but not with his own care or even with his laundry and so on.   Maybe he has something there?  Maybe I should start ODing on salt/sugar?   My mom, his sister, followed all the food rules, and she's gone...

Chatter / Re: I hate phones
« Last post by janquiltz on Yesterday at 12:40:49 PM »
We also still have our land line, and as someone says I prefer talking on that to my cell.     We were on a Do Not Call list, but it seems to be pretty porous.    I am generally very polite, but I am not with calls I don't want.  I no longer listen to the spiel, or give any excuses as to why I can't/won't buy/donate/whatever.  I maintain a vestige of politeness and say 'no thanks' and hang up while the person is still rattling on, I don't wait for them to take a breath.   I do have caller ID, and it is good to screen some of the calls, but while we don't use the phone for a business as Laurie's DH does, we do get calls from people whose numbers I don't necessarily recognize, or who come up as 'Private Caller'.    If I see a toll free number it isn't a 'private' person calling, and I usually don't pick up at all.

And thank goodness, no political calls yet this year!    Almost to Election Day, and nary a one.   I don't know why but I'm not asking questions, I'm very grateful!

I have talked to people who have called (using a different 'local' number each time) purporting to be from Microsoft and saying that my computer is in grave danger and they want to walk me through a fix.    Very obviously and definitely a scam, and I've said to them, computer, what computer?    That throws them off their script.  Then I've bawled them out for being part of a scam.    Silly, but it gives me some satisfaction.   Reporting the number isn't going to help, I've had that call from several different ones.

Haven't gotten the 'IRS' call yet...

I figure I don't have to charge the land line, (like a cell phone) and while the cordless units won't work in a power failure, the wired ones will.   Last power failure we had we couldn't charge the cells, so were grateful we had the land line if needed.

We still have two basic land line phones we can use in a power failure.

That all said wanna bet I'll get the first political call later today?

DH has missed most of these calls over the years, so when he gets a telemarketer (a live one that is) he loves to listen and ask questions and play along.  I lost patience for that decades ago.

I had a cousin who used to ask anyone who called around dinner time to give her their number and tell her when they eat dinner so she can return the call then :D

Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes 2
« Last post by Bellie Jean on Yesterday at 12:29:55 PM »
Thanks for sharing the discount code Elephun!  I picked up a class on my wish list for $14.99!

Ellie :)

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