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Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis. The Spring Garden)
« Last post by Garden Girl on Today at 06:31:36 AM »
I watched the debate.I have known since May who will be elected. :grinning: I read the personís horoscope.   :grinning:

Ha! We won't even go there!  ;D I watched it too. I dislike my party candidate. I dislike the other party candidate as well. I'm only watching to see if one of them can become less unpalatable in the next few weeks.

They both had excellent makeup artists for the debate; it looked like they both were wearing the same "fake tan" shade. Unity, I like to see that in politics.  Mr. T seems to have a slightly better tailor.  >:D
Doll Clothes Patterns,other freebies can be found at the top.

Pina, thanks for reminding me about Pixie Faire. We've talked about it frequently on the different doll clothes/ 18inch doll/ doll SWAP threads. I went and looked at what I've been missing and signed up so she can email me stuff and set up an account.  ;D. Hopefully on Friday I'll remember to go for the freebie of the week.
Sewing Environment / Re: 2016 Annual gussy up your sewing space!!
« Last post by Garden Girl on Today at 06:13:02 AM »
Remnant, it's good to see you posting again. Any space is a good space. As someone who has two round dining tables, I can relate to the joy they bring to the sewing experience.

Saashka, goodness, that was quick!  "Seven large wardrobe boxes that hold the fabrics" Does this mean your fabric is hanging? I could pack a LOT of fabric in seven large wardrobe boxes.  ;D

Ruthie, that is a lot of thread. I'm quite certain that you show more white thread in that photo than I have used in 50 years of sewing. Not kidding. So, does this mean that sometimes you use regular sewing machine thread in your overlock and coverhem  machines? I've used it in the needle on the serger but find it makes seams too heavy for my taste if I use it in the looper.

Too bad we can't all teleport together for a great big fabric swap session.

Not much here. I did give away an entire bag of patterns at my machine embroidery group last week. I was really pleased that they took them all. And I'm pulling out some quilting cottons and quilt magazines. I'll be going to the quilt shop to sew next week...knock on wood. I haven't sewn since July 5th. Other wise I realized I've had 7 doctors appointments or test sessions this month. No wonder I've not done much.

I did decide that if I ever come up with a space to use where the machines stay set up I think I want a coverhem machine to add to the herd. I've realized my biggest RTW hurdle is decent fitting undies. A coverhem for the elastic bits would make it very quick, or so I'm told.
Sewing Environment / Re: 2016 Annual gussy up your sewing space!!
« Last post by RuthieSews on Today at 05:55:46 AM »
So while I haven't exactly gussied up my sewing soace, I CLAIMED a space and have made it perfectly useable. It's brght, clean, open and cheery. And I have made many things over the last week or so.

Shows its working then Lisa! Enjoy your sewing.

Patterns and Instructions / Re: New Patterns at Vogue II
« Last post by Garden Girl on Today at 05:53:16 AM »
Just got the email.  Winter/Holiday patterns released.

 :-X Vogue got a whole load of ugly going on in this batch. Sad. Paco Peralta makes his debut with two impeccably drafted frumps. Zandra Rhodes has the little number below with odd sleeves. There is an interesting group of hats and a collection of fur trimmed accessories. And Mizrahi has an outfit that might appeal if you like skinny pants. I don't but the two pieces might be worth a look for some of you. A lot of the rest look tired or derivative.

 I thought this aubergine coat might be the best in the collection. I'm thinking raw edge, unlined, mismatched buttons and I've got something for Lagenlook. Or use the black cotton core rayon micro faille for something almost sinister looking. Do enlarge the photo (click) and look at the inside of the hem. It appears the lining is having an issue. I might go for this one.

Sigh... I haven't bought a Vogue pattern in months.

Sewing Machines / Re: What machines do you have?? 3
« Last post by Debbie S on Today at 04:29:33 AM »
What a GOOD husband!!!   Looking forward to your impression of the machine, and if possible, the equivalent model in the USA.
Sewing Machines / Re: What machines do you have?? 3
« Last post by ejvc on Today at 04:23:25 AM »
My husband is an excellent enabler. Believe me, I dithered, which is not like me. But I think this is likely to be a good machine, and it was good value for an embroidery machine, which is to say ridiculous.
Sewing Environment / Re: 2016 Annual gussy up your sewing space!!
« Last post by Ann on Today at 04:12:12 AM »
I'm waiting for renos and paint and trim and DH is waiting for cataract surgery.

I did sort a bunch of quilting cottons and most will exit the building. I still want to do more sorting while I wait for said renos.

Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis. The Spring Garden)
« Last post by Debbie S on Today at 04:07:23 AM »
Andib, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Thinking of you and you family.
Shams, a beautiful moto jacket. Looks great on you.

Tala, what a great travel purse. Lucky DD. 

The black/white flecked fabric is a knit and is a t-shirt and leggings.

Thanks for all your kind words on the doll outfit. Hopefully I'll get the next one done soon.

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