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Chatter / Re: The Spring Garden (Fall Porch in S. Hemi.)
« Last post by Laurie H on Yesterday at 06:37:13 PM »
Happy Belated Birthday, Linda. 

I was busy with DD and Mitchell and missed it.  They left early this morning to go home.  It really was a busy weekend, as it always is with them, but it was nice as well.  Mitchel never ceases to amaze us with his knowledge and his humor and his attitude about things and his attitude is not always appropriate, but when it is, it's wonderful.  He's so funny when he interacts with DH.  He just 'gets' DH so easily. 

DD and had lots of time to chat and that's always an extra nice time.

Last night, actually a bit late for us, DH was still out in the garage with a friend when a little female beagle walked up the driveway and into the garage.  DH didn't see any tags and it was dark, so he brought her in.  She immediately drank all of Bud's water and ate his food.  Dh took her back outside for a bit and we talked about what to do.  I said we could call animal control in the morning and have her see about finding where the beagle belongs.  The animal control officer can be reached easily at home and she knows who owns all the dogs in the area.  DH wasn't sure that was a good idea, but I told him to bring her in for now and we'd decide what to do later.  When he did, I checked her collar myself and found that the tag was actually on the collar.  I read off the phone number and he called.  He had to leave a message and while he was calling, she found Bud's bed, made it comfy and promptly fell asleep.

This morning, the owners noticed the message and called us.  Apparently, 'Betty' had gotten out of her pen a week ago and had been missing since.  They had been searching everywhere and thought that coyotes had gotten her by now.  We understood why she seemed so exhausted and just wanted to sleep.  They came and got her and was so thrilled to have her back.  She needs a good bath and more food and a lot of sleep, but it's nice to know that she's back where she belongs. 

So glad our friend was here later than usual.  Otherwise, DH would have been inside the house and we never would have known she was trying to find someone to take her in.  I think she saw people and possibly Bud and realized that this was a safe place to be.  She was so tired and dirty and hungry and just needed a soft, dry bed.  Glad we could provide that.
Chatter / Re: Please help with on-line votes for my nephew, Zach
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 06:32:09 PM »
Wanted : Caring and kind people to vote for Zach to win a wheelchair accessible vehicle ! 

Zach has 467 votes right now !  :)   :)

Everyone,please log in and vote twice !  ;)
I  think that I have finally just given up trying to get the Kristen Kimono tee.  When I downloaded it, I somehow did not print out the pattern part, have everything else.  Every time that I try to get it again, I'm told that Im already enrolled so no luck.  It does look like a nice top so Enjoy, Ruthie.

Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Etsy?
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 06:12:11 PM »
English is a second language for me,(I forgot the others  ;D I learned once),and make lots of spelling and grammar errors.  ;)   ;)

It's "wholecloth",A wholecloth quilt is done on a solid piece of fabric. Traditionally wholecloth quilts are done on a white or cream background. There is nothing stopping you from choosing a bright pink piece of fabric if that is your favorite color. When it comes to thread, you will need plenty depending on the size of your wholecloth quilt. More here.
Machine Embroidery / Re: Free Embroidery Designs 2015,2016
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 06:03:22 PM »
The Story Book Pendant alphabet has begun. Important: The letter "A", is not be free of charge. You will still be able to collect all the other the letters whether or not you purchase the "A;)

Ladybug, Jacobean Flowers to collect, small Flower Basket


How I love red, Ruthie! Great pieces! If you sometime find them missing from your closet, look for me! Oh, but I live in Arizona. ::)  Oh well.
Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Etsy?
« Last post by KarenR on Yesterday at 05:56:56 PM »
Good point Martha, I hesitated on "whole cloth" but since I thought I'd heard it somehow outside the sewing community I didn't mention it. As one among us has discovered it a new term perhaps that could be eliminated as well. I think the viewer can see it's not pieced, it doesn't really need a name!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: make new friends and keep the old
« Last post by cheriemg on Yesterday at 05:52:05 PM »
What a great post! Love your new and old friends.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: make new friends and keep the old
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 05:50:56 PM »
Well, I just had to look at the patterns that have so taken your fancy, Connie.

Style Arc Alegra Jacket/Coat

Loes Hinse Sweater Set:

Style Arc Tessa Pants:

Nice choices!


Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Etsy?
« Last post by vtmartha on Yesterday at 05:43:02 PM »
Kudos to Karen for her thorough reading!  I proofread DH's writings quite thoroughly but I'm a little less brave when it comes to most anyone else. 

Here's another one, haha!  What is 'whole cloth'?  It's not something in my vocabulary.  Maybe it's a quilting term but it's not likely that quilters will be your customers.  I saw the term used in two slightly different ways.  My assumption is that it means that the fabric isn't pieced but is printed to look that way.  In another reference, you use it as part of the size description.
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