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Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by andib on Yesterday at 11:30:17 AM »
Happy anniversary judic!

Pasties must be a northern thing (I think they originate in Finland)

We used to get them all the time when we lived in a small town in the upper peninsula of michigan.  They are good!

Do you mind sharing your pastry recipe?

Do you use any special spices?
Suzy, congratulations on finishing another item. You have shown good examples in your 6 piece plan.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: what to do with pears?
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 10:52:46 AM »
Pears in Rum
2 pounds pears,1 pound sugar,3 vanilla beans,3 star of anise,1 liter rum Vol 40 %. Mix and heat 10 Tbsp. rum and sugar.Add scraped out vanilla bean,let cool.Peel pears,core and cut into halves.Prick pears a few times,place in a large jar with star of anise.Mix the cooled rum and rest of the rum and pour over pears.Sealed airtight it keeps for months.Serve pears warm on cold days.

I used to make Rumtopf with mixed fruit.I liked the firm dark cherries the best.Now I only have the large glass jar;D
Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by andib on Yesterday at 10:27:29 AM »
Congrats Ruthie!

On the de cluttering front, I finally got donations dropped with almost every charity.  No I need to re fill the next bags to go.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Fitting Pants 2
« Last post by andib on Yesterday at 10:14:12 AM »
So you are saying I may be able to get a good crotch fit but not thigh?  You mean I can't have it all? LOL

BTW, I have always had a flattish butt, so I am used to that! ;)
Fabrics / Re: How big should a stash be?
« Last post by mcgintie on Yesterday at 09:42:28 AM »
I am trying to keep my stash to a minimum, and remove all dead fabric. This is what I call stuff I will never use. I see it in every fabric shop I visit.
This place sewsassy is good for reference because they have a good website with excellent explanations and photos of all the different kinds of elastic.
Sewing Environment / Re: difficulty finding used free-arm cabinet
« Last post by bessiecrocker on Yesterday at 08:51:03 AM »
This is an interesting query...I have an 830 but I am happy it's a portable! I can find lots of used Bernina cabinets (from the 70s etc.) where I am, but it seems most people wanted the 830 to be used as a portable...I couldn't find furniture really made for them---but I know it exists. Do you have the removable (rectangular) original table that fits on the machine?

My advice would be to shop around for a regular machine table...whatever suits you and your budget. Then get a custom plexi insert cut to fit your machine.... like this

Various places will cut custom sewing tables (that will fit into your furniture) or you might find a place that will do it locally (like the closest hardware store).
Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by Helen M on Yesterday at 08:25:15 AM »
That's great news Ruthie!

On my decluttering, I put 8 books in a bag for the next charity bag collection or I'll drop off when I've a few more items. Our weather is set to change by the weekend so time go put away summer things and I'll do a sort as I do that.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Style Arc Patterns 7
« Last post by Helen M on Yesterday at 08:21:20 AM »
Celia I've just finished the Molly top and I made it in a single knit cotton I'd say light to medium weight.

One thing I found was the neckline came a bit lower than it does on Anne's photo. I think you raise it by taking a tuck at the centre tapering it to zero at waist level (that is how Chloe advised for the Creative Cate) but I've not had a reply to my email (only sent it Sunday) to confirm that doing the same on the Molly would work. I'm only 5'1" so maybe it's that's why? Otherwise it fits fine.
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