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SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by warpjr1965 - February 10, 2021, 11:54:05 am
Making an attempt to stay connected here, my creative mind is wandering all over the place!

@karine I really like your first 2 finished garments, they look comfy and wearable!

I am really stalling on DH's shirt, and I've got some placemats on the go, but I just bought some new (!) fabric for a work t-shirt, might whip that up this week. Unless my mind wanders elsewhere...
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by LillieT - February 10, 2021, 06:29:54 am

Everyone's garments are amazing - @treefrog I have been admiring your work - those jeans look like perfection.  Your skill set is amazing and I am a bit envious.  I plan to tackle a pair of jeans for the sixth piece in my half monty and if they turn out half as nice as yours I will be ecstatic. 

@stephaniecan  - If I were doing a full SWAP I would certainly include a lovely yellow coat like yours.  I could use a raincoat since someone needed one worse than me and stole mine out of the back seat of my car.  However, I live on the cold, high dessert side of Oregon so a raincoat isn't always practical.  I do plan to watch for suitable material and make one in the future - it will definitely be yellow.

SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by sharonspils - February 09, 2021, 11:57:14 pm
@stephaniecan your blouse looks perfect to me and you must remember that a lot of people pay top dollars in RTW for non matched garments that are very obvious.

@LillieT wowzza your jacket looks amazing and frustrating about the buttonholes but those heavy duty snaps look like they were in your original plan.
SWAP 2021 / Re: Lillie's Late to the Party...
Last post by LillieT - February 09, 2021, 06:27:43 pm
After all the bragging on the buttonholer it wouldn't handle the thickness of the band.  So......try the buttonhole attachment for my current machine.........no go.  After repairing the band where the failed buttonholes were I attached heavy duty snaps.  They look just fine - I am pleased.  Took the better part of the day to get there but I believe the jacket is good to go. 
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by stephaniecan - February 09, 2021, 07:56:01 am
Your capsules are wow!, @treefrog. The linen pants and top look to be beautifully made.

@LillieT Your jacket sounds fantastic. I look forward to seeing a picture.

I am finding everyone's productivity and posting this year a wonderful thing to follow and a great distraction from other worries. Thanks, everyone!
SWAP 2021 / Re: Lillie's Late to the Party...
Last post by LillieT - February 09, 2021, 06:56:08 am
My yellow/grey patchwork jacket is finished except for buttonholes and buttons.  Luckily, I had buttons in my stash that work well.  I finished sewing Monday morning but then had to launder the jacket to eliminate washable marker construction marks and just grime from being handled so much.  Also, I wouldn't guarantee that all of the fabric was clean as some had been stored for several years.  I am very pleased with the final product.   I am glad I switched my base pattern to Carol's jacket.  It turned out to be a really good choice and made piecing so much easier working on the smaller pieces that comprise a jean jacket. 
Changes I made to the pattern include - Adding a button band and eliminating the front facing; Drafting a mandarin collar to replace the traditional shirt collar; Narrowing the sleeve 1" from the elbow to the wrist and simply binding the raw edge.  Hopefully, pictures will follow this afternoon after I clear off my Mama's old Singer and make the buttonholes with the marvelous buttonholer that came with her machine.  I have never been able to come even close to the perfection of that buttonholer on any of the several machines I have owned over the years.  I am hoping the thickness of the front band won't pose too much of a problem.

After finishing the jacket, I must stop and clean my sewing room.  It is a complete disaster with little snippets of yellow fabric everywhere.  Lillie rightfully pointed out that I am not the neatest sewist.
 So.....I am off to finish the jacket and restore some sense of order in my extremely cluttered sewing room.
SWAP 2021 / Re: Stephanie's Fiorenza/flowe...
Last post by stephaniecan - February 08, 2021, 08:40:07 pm
I'm the world's slowest seamstress. To make matters worse, after I cut things out I seem to be cursed with trepidation/regret, so I wait before starting to sew.

I finally started sewing my Liberty shirt yesterday and I'm happy with how it is turning out (after all of that angst!). I redrafted the front in January and I think the fit is quite good. I'm usually quite a careful pattern matcher but I note that this time I didn't quite get the front bands perfectly lined up (there are double flowers!). I think I forgot that I was using a one-inch seam allowance. That said, the horizontals are perfect and the back yoke is perfect, too. Small victories!

Happy Sewing!

SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by sharonspils - February 07, 2021, 11:17:07 pm
Well the shorts were a success at the Zoo, we rode push bikes and managed to leave before the heat got too hot - thank you @stephaniecan and @Hilda Rose for your compliments.

I can now focus back on my sewing, our trips for the time being are finished and I had the best news today that Customfit (this is what I use for all my knitting patterns) is not disappearing so all the swatching I have been focusing on for the last month has not been in vain but a big sigh of relief that I don't have to get more swatches into the system before it shut down.
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by sharonspils - February 07, 2021, 11:08:45 pm
@treefrog take care and hope things have improved.  Your heaving jeans looks great and interesting the changes you made for the stretch.  I also really like your deviation of the linen jeans and the striped kimono T shirt.

@stephaniecan gorgeous yellow coat, love it and the lining.

@indigotiger so glad your Mum is back home and the she missed the COVID.  Have you progressed any with your capelet?

@LillieT, your Lotti top is gorgeous and the grey wool leg pants will be a great staple in your wardrobe.  Your jacket sounds like it taking shape and it is interesting to read about your thought process.

Your yellow circle skirt @warpjr1965 will be smile where ever you go, how did it go this week?

@CCL all your work with the grainline for your dress has worked a treat, it looks great and love the neckline.  Your grey wool crepe and wool plaid plans sounds perfect and I will be interested to see what way you go with them.

@Pagog two great pieces for January a lovely woven top and a great striped knit top.
SWAP 2021 / Re: CCL's Sew What You Got - 2...
Last post by CCL - February 07, 2021, 11:46:05 am
So it's snowing outside - predicted 5 to 8 inches.  I can either do my taxes or dither and daydream about my next project.  I have two more wool pieces that if I want to make something that I will wear this season, I need to get busy. I actually hope to get dresses and jackets out of each.  I have three yards of the grey wool crepe (from the Woolhouse) - I have black lining (more appropriate for a jacket than a dress) and some purple Ralph Lauren rayon/poly from FabricMart.

The dress pattern I am considering is a late sixties/early seventies Vogue (V8615) that I have made at least once.  I would do it with 3/4 sleeves or full sleeves... I also have some white, turquoise, and cerise lining on hand, but if I stick to what I have, the purple for the dress is the most fun - I can use black lining for the jacket (which might give it a bit more versatility).

Grey wool crepe- purple

Vogue 8615 View B

Finished Bootstrap 4167 Jacket - unbuttoned

The crepe has some drape and I think this pattern will work - not sure though.  Haven't decided on a jacket pattern for this - a jacket out of the grey wool wasn't part of the initial planning -but if enough fabric, the bootstrap military jacket might be fun.

The other possible project to start is the 2.5 yards of maroon, black and grey plaid from Sawyer Brook.  I am thinking of a basic Vogue sheath pattern for the dress and this jacket pattern (V7975) - I am pretty set on the jacket, but the dress is more open.  If there isn't enough... this might become jacket and skirt.  I can use black lining, or I might have to order some maroon lining - if I want to go that route.

Wool plaid - 2.5 yards

Vogue 7975 jacket

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