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Fabrics / Re: Black stretch "leather"....
« Last post by Syndi on Yesterday at 11:48:39 PM »
OOH! Good find. I bet that would work. Oh la la! A leather tunic dress? That screams french runway!
  ;D  Thanks for the optimistic nod!  I remembered this pattern that I've made once before....easy to sew and I thought looked good on my body...
Not sure if the leather will cooperate on the cowl, but if not I can use plain black knit- right?
Kathryn- I had also thought of adding it as side panels but that idea I'm using for a  1 yard piece of wool I have (black wool side panels) :) 
I'm definitely not going for catwoman!  :laugh:
I'll check my order and post the link...I just got it this week
Faux Leather/ Vinyl

HURRY! Almost Sold Out.
Product #: FP25623
Price:   $9.99   / Yard
This is a very light weight, synthetic vinyl with a embossed snakeskin pattern. Very delicate, stretches out easily. Has a polyester backing.
Color: Black
Width: 58"
Chatter / Re: Sewing education
« Last post by Susan in Saint John on Yesterday at 11:43:43 PM »
There are also cruises for quilters and knitters.  I don't know that they would meet your requirement for "in depth".  On a cruise all the rooms are double occupancy so if you go alone you pay twice the per person rate.  You can go with someone who does not participate in the quilting/knitting program.
Reviews / Book Review of Create the Perfect Fit by Joi Mahon
« Last post by Susan in Saint John on Yesterday at 11:32:45 PM »
Here is a link to where you can preview this book

I have read this book from cover to cover but not actually tried it out yet.  I have also taken both of Joi's classes at The first class, Fast Track Fitting comes with the Vogue fitting pattern and is followed up with Fast Track Fitting in the Details.  She is not particular about what size pattern you start with so this method works if you have a vintage pattern that's way too small or the closest size range was sold out when you bought a pattern so you bought the larger range.

Joi teaches a method of fitting which I've not seen elsewhere and which seems to me, at least, to be very logical.  It involves measuring small areas of a pattern and the corresponding areas of the body.  Initially you make flat pattern adjustments without reference to any other pattern pieces or area in the pattern piece.  If you need to add hip circumference, is it logical to add it equally to each quadrant of the lower body?  Perhaps it is for some bodies but for others, the extra is needed in the seat or the tummy so that's where you add it.  Most people have figured out by now that if you're bigger than a B cup, you need to increase the front pattern piece(s) only -- not the back [but you will still see instructions for adding the increase equally at the side seams].  I'm interested to try her solution for full busts which is based on dividing the bust area into 4 quadrants and adjusting each of these.  The divisions she makes on the garment/body/pattern appear to be similar to those used for grading patterns.  They are also similar to the horizontal and vertical balance lines that you might mark on a muslin.

Once you've altered the pattern based on a comparison of your measurements with those of the pattern, a muslin is essential to refine the process because in the end, you do have to make the pattern pieces sew together.  There are a couple of adjustments I've not seen before including one for lymphedema in the arm.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sharing, Inspiration, and Project Photos XXXII
« Last post by CCL on Yesterday at 11:24:03 PM »
Checking in to see the eye candy and gain inspiration from you all...

Shams, fantastic jacket -- the material is almost like a stenciled Alabama Chanin fabric ... or at least to my very untrained eye.  Oh and I love the hat!

Sharon, great cardigan.  The material and style are such a great match, and the finishing details are wonderful.   

Miranda, that Goodwill curtain fabric dress turned out perfect --the style is ideal to show off the whimsical print and you were so smart to use that red trim... it pops and is delightful.

Erinalter... terrific blouse - l like the front yoke, and it's a perfect color. Great job on making all the necessary adjustments to get such a nice fit.

SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by JuneBug on Yesterday at 11:16:27 PM »
I am also anxiously awaiting the announcement... Saturday is November 1!
ooo! that is quite lovely, Miranda! i am adding it to my list! i haven't sewn burda before, so that could be fun :)

eta: and in looking at that one, i realized i forgot to check simplicity. 1278 also seems to have potential, with the neckline at least. the bodice looks a little too closely fitted for what i imagine.
Fabrics / Re: Black stretch "leather"....
« Last post by fzxdoc on Yesterday at 11:02:14 PM »
Syndi, black stretch leather was meant to be used that way, IMO. Body con, I mean but in a kinder gentler body con sort of way if you get my drift.

 If you're not a leggings girl, then adding the stretch leather panels to the side front/side back pieces of a classic princess sheath would be an awesome way to use the fabric. Black stretch leather does not necessarily translate to Batman and Catwoman. I'm just sayin'.  ;) :) ;D

Good luck with whatever you choose to make of this fabric. In the meanwhile, even though I'm on a strict fabric diet, I may head on over to Mood and see if I can score a piece of that faux stretch leather.

Do you happen to have a link?

Site News and Announcements / Re: Sandbox IV
« Last post by Maggie T on Yesterday at 11:01:54 PM »
Thank you Lisa for turning my photo around.  I think maybe using a computer instead of an IPad would be better for uploading photos.  I will practise on Sandbox when I want to upload an image.  Once again, thanks for your help.  I am loving the community and reading what others are doing.
Fabrics / Re: Black stretch "leather"....
« Last post by Miranda Y. on Yesterday at 10:56:39 PM »
OOH! Good find. I bet that would work. Oh la la! A leather tunic dress? That screams french runway!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Endless Chain Sew Along
« Last post by Sewshopper on Yesterday at 10:48:49 PM »
I finished my first item - it is a white sweater knit L H Boatneck top with the cowl neck.  My plan is to do 3 more tops before a charcoal TSW Helix pant and EOS grey/black Pams Cardi.  Next top is an LH Bianca top with a morphed Boatneck collar.  Logic is the machines are already threaded!!

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