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Chatter / Re: Mother of the Groom
« Last post by tazzieM on Yesterday at 09:06:01 PM »
Bessiecrocker has a point about the "pop" of colour against a black & white wedding party for the pics.  I'm in a similar situation to you Carole except I'm the step mother of the groom so have to tread very carefully indeed, lol.  DIL wants a formal wedding, tuxes for the men including fathers, all long gowns for attendants and family, with black for the maids' dresses.  The wedding party colours were chosen specifically so the bride would "pop" in the photos and ceremony.   The mothers were told we could wear whatever we felt beautiful in as long as it was long and NOT black.  DIL to be is quite emphatic that black is not flattering to most women of a certain age ;)  We are, however, expected to "support" the bride in all the photos as opposed to attract any attention, I'm sure.  (She and her mother even looked at the venues with an eye to how they would photograph.  oh boy....)  Initially it was going to be a Christmas wedding so dark colours were easy but now they've changed to a June wedding so that makes it a bit more difficult to settle on that non-distracting-from-the-bride colour.

Terri is absolutely right though about how becoming that rose colour is on you.

The dress is beautiful Carole and my first thought when you mentioned pants for the MOB was that if she wore a lace top over flowing pants, you two would be perfectly in sync for the photos.


SWAP 2015 / Re: SWAP 2015 Discussion
« Last post by Bohocute on Yesterday at 08:54:59 PM »
Elizabeth, congrats on your new plan. It's scary to shake things up when we get comfortable.

I think that I need a silhouette to call my own. I'm pretty boy-shaped. thirty-six, thirty, thirty-six. If I do skinny jeans, I like a jacket with some faux waist shaping, like a riding jacket, and fitted longer top. Otherwise, I like a nice trouser pant with a fitted top and sweater. At least, I used to. Now that I'm doing more button up shirts, I'm not sure about jackets and pants. Do I tuck? I don't know how to tuck. Maybe I can find something on pinterest.   ???
Chatter / Re: Mother of the Groom
« Last post by Carole on Yesterday at 08:50:14 PM »
It's about a year before the wedding so a lot can change.  When the bride to be was considering having the bridesmaids wear saris (she is part Pakistani) he threatened to wear a kilt (he is part Scot).  Now the bridesmaids are choosing their own black floor length gowns to flatter their figure...

I again thank Terri for her color suggestions.  I have only begun to think about lace.  We have a nice fabric store here in town with a lot of extravagant fabrics, and I will be in Baltimore (son's area) next week to check out Michael's Fabrics as well.  And there's always New York.  I'm sure I can find something irresistible (not black or navy).  There is very little online of the type of lace seen in the illustration.  Am I not using the correct search term?
Reviews / Re: Craftsy classes sale $19.99
« Last post by Helen M on Yesterday at 08:38:37 PM »
I've been debating mine since I got the email! There are quite a few I'd like.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by SuziQz on Yesterday at 08:26:41 PM »
I just started cooking my turkey.  Pretty soon, the house will smell marvelous.

Terri, I like that idea for soup!
Chatter / Re: Mother of the Groom
« Last post by bessiecrocker on Yesterday at 08:01:08 PM »
I'm back for another 2 cents worth:

The avatar dress is wonderful...but it's a pretty strong color. An unwritten "rule" at a wedding is to avoid upstaging the bride. If everyone else at this wedding is in black and white, the pink is going to be a very loud pop! If it was me, I would not assume that risk with a new DIL (especially if she has already voiced doubts about my clothing selection.)

The pink dress could work, and could turn into a very nice black-ish dress that's not black...with a black lace overlay. I would do a full overlay, and not just the bodice. My advice is -- fine to go with the pink, but really bring down the intensity of the color. 

This is at Gorgeous Fabrics, on sale. Does not look at all bridal to me...

I'm confused... DS is NOT planning to wear a tux (formal), and MOB is in pants...and this is meant to be a formal wedding?? Find out the length of the bridesmaid's dresses...just to be sure.
Chatter / Re: Mother of the Groom
« Last post by vtmartha on Yesterday at 07:31:22 PM »
Fantastic suggestion, Terri!
Thank you Lisa!

Happy day to all.
..the NL pattern number. I couldn't clearly see the number and i hope to find it.

New Look A6249 has both coat and vest.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Endless Chain Sew Along
« Last post by Summer272 on Yesterday at 07:15:12 PM »
I am resetting my plan.  I am almost finished with the first two pieces of my 6 Pac, and am going to use the red skirt as the first piece of my chain.  Right after I hem it, I'm making a pink top. I love red and pink together!
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