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For any of you who are interested, there is an old OOP pattern available on Etsy at the moment - Less is More -

Hope that link works, otherwise just go onto the site and enter 'Cutting Line Designs Less is More'.  It's very reasonably priced too.

Me - I'm waiting for this re-issue of Pure & Simple!
Love the contrasting bound edges and fussy cut fabric  of your Pure and Simple shell,  Martha, but you always seem to find ways to add special touches to your clothing.
Useful and inspiring post from Elizabeth - and thanks for the ‘plug’  ;D
Kwik Sew also have a basic pant pattern, K3482, if like me you haven’t got the legs for leggings.
Here the general link to their Kwik Start patterns
And here’s the general link for Simplicity Learn to Sew

Only a few of these patterns are ideal for ‘first project ever’ sewers, but they do have extra help which is specially clearly written.  So they’re good for ’next project’, when you’re past being overwhelmed by the basic processes of using a machine, understanding a pattern, and cutting out, and want to add to your stock of basic techniques.

P.S.  if you like ‘art to wear’ styles, the Shapes learner patterns from Louise Cutting and Linda Lee are also noted for their clear instructions.
Add Louise's famous one seam pants, and you could easily make a 6pac from them too.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Merchant and Mills Workbook
« Last post by Lisanne on Today at 08:29:03 AM »
There are photos of 5 of the styles here.
The jacket is ‘boyfriend’ style, basic shawl collar but large and long, don’t know if it would work over the wrap top.
photo of jacket here

Here’s the UK Amazon source if that would help with shipping.

These clothes look marvellous on Ruth.
Oddly, I love and have most of M&M’s single patterns, and their other 2 books, but the styles in this  book are not really ‘me’.  The dress and top which look so marvellous on Ruth would not be good on my body shape at all. . .
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Real Shortcake (Strawberry, Peach...)
« Last post by Ann C on Today at 08:15:26 AM »
Yes, Karendee, that ripening part can be so exasperating!  I went to Google to find a good way to get my peaches ripened and a blog by a farmer said to set them on the cloth on the stem end, not touching, and cover them with another cloth and that they would ripen perfectly! They have been sitting there since Friday and they are softening - though ever so slowly.  He said if he waited for them to ripen on his tree, the ground hogs, squirrels, etc., would get to them first.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Merchant and Mills Workbook
« Last post by bessiecrocker on Today at 07:57:42 AM »
It has 6 separate patterns, most with variations, and I am more than pleased with the results so far.

You can do a layered-look wardrobe or a pared down look from this pattern book - it's up to you!


This looks fab on Ruth. I'm curious! I love M&M stuff, but it tends to be expensive. Here is an analysis of the 6 basic patterns in the book.

1. Jacket/coat...narrow shawl collar
2. Top: with wide U neckline. Cami, sleeveless, long (or short?) sleeve
3. Skirt (loose)
4. Pants/shorts
5. Dress
6. simple wrap vest/sweater. half sleeves. collar similar to jacket

back again to modify the list...since I don't have the book, I'm guessing a bit. There are actually two top/dress patterns. One is the oval neckline cami top/with a longer dress version too, it seems. The other is the wide, u-neck, longsleeve top/dress/could also be a tunic?. This is a really sensible way to put a series of patterns together for a wardrobe.  The cami version, however, would never work on my body. I don't show that much skin around my shoulders. But this provides lots of ideas for putting together your own set of 5 or 6 "wardrobe" patterns.

mta: Can you layer the vest under the jacket? I'm not sure the sleeve style is compatible.
Chatter / Re: Kitchen Remodel Info
« Last post by bessiecrocker on Today at 07:37:47 AM »
  On the other hand, I *am* designing an Arts & Crafts (late Victorian, early Edwardian) kitchen. I'm trying to get away from the modern look as much as I can manage, given the appliances.

Frances, if you still have another sink option...look at sinks with an attached drainboard. I used to have one in my old kitchen and loved it. Lots of drip space and it didn't take away from the work space. And it can look "old" ...
one example...tons of others...

Also, take a look at Martha Stewart's (huge) kitchen that she put into her house in Maine, called "Skylands" an internet search, tons of pictures. That's a modern kitchen that has the period feel that you are looking for. It will give you ideas. She has a drainboard sink combo:
Junebug, you might recommend to the girls that a lacy bolero may save the day.

Yeah you are right, a lacy bolero shall helps a lot. I also used that while sewing.

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is TNT a pattern brand?
"TNT" as an abbreviation/acronym, is often used to mean "tried and true", in referring to a pattern that a particular person has worked with enough to have the fitting and construction difficulties worked out... For example, I have a TNT knit top pattern I know fits me, so can do things like change out the neckline shape, add a collar or turtleneck, and vary the sleeves to make tee shirts and long sleeve knit tops. Easier for me to adjust or add details than fitting a different new pattern each time I want to make a new knit top
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 3
« Last post by CraftyMe on Today at 05:24:30 AM »
You can definitely wear the bright colours, su-sew! Lovely dress!
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