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Machine Embroidery / Pfaff Creative Vision machine embroidery
« Last post by evac on Yesterday at 06:12:43 PM »

   I am learning how to sew on this new machine (to me) and I am taking a class but they are only once a month/
   Are there any blogs, suggestions, ideas on how to use the machine?
   I went to You Taube and watdhed a short version of threading etc but not much else.
  I would like a place where I could ask questions and GET a reply back.  Any help or info is greatly appreciated
  thanks Christine
Chatter / Re: Sandra Betzina Sewing Retreats
« Last post by FrancesGrimble on Yesterday at 06:11:29 PM »
I use my nose to ID many fabrics. Silk and polyester have very different smells. If in doubt, warm up the fabric or trim by ironing a small portion, or even putting it in a teacup with hot water. That's how I ID whether random cotton-look laces from Ebay contain any polyester. When I heat them I smell plastic.
Chatter / Re: Grave Markers/Death or Accident Location Markers
« Last post by FrancesGrimble on Yesterday at 06:00:18 PM »
I'd rent a cat for a couple of weeks if it would get rid of the critters in the attic and the voles or moles in the back lawn. A neighbor's cat has used our back lawn in SF as its living room for years, but the cat is very old, overweight, and does nothing but sleep. So no hope there. Has anyone considered training hunting cats for a rent-a-cat business?

In California it is illegal to text and drive, but of course some people do it anyway.  I don't get it. I do not drink and drive, but because people do the drinking at a party and *then* drive, I kind of understand it. They may have become more influenced than they thought and don't realize it. But texting or even chatting on a cell phone *while you drive*?  It's so unnecessary when most messages will keep and you can pull over for those that won't.

Diane, I'd like to see West Virginia again. I grew up in southwestern PA and it is beautiful, but I always thought West Virginia was even lovelier. Anyway, I've been on those WV mountain roads.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Color and Wardrobe
« Last post by sewsy on Yesterday at 06:00:05 PM »
There's a section in Nancy Nix-Rice's Craftsy class where she edits someone's fabric stash by comparing it to their colour swatches.
Good Luck with your colour consultation !

If anyone's interested, Nancy Nix-Rice sells fabrics on her website, and describes them not only according to color and type, but how they figure in with the color theory she has established:

A clear, dark navy that is more blue than black-ish.  Easy to accessorize to flatter blondes, redheads and silver-haired gals.  We can’t insure color accuracy on every monitor, so here are thread colors that match this fabric:  Gutterman 279   and Coats&Clark 4900.  Or you can email for a 2×3” color sample –

Here's the link to her site:
Sewing Machines / Bernina foot confusion
« Last post by annenet on Yesterday at 05:54:19 PM »
I found something cool about the old feet- I have a lot for my 1010 and the fit in the Barbie case!

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Chatter / Re: Grave Markers/Death or Accident Location Markers
« Last post by vtmartha on Yesterday at 05:34:03 PM »
Nearly a third of US traffic fatalities in a recent year are alcohol related and that is thought to be underestimated.  For the Native American population, the number is much higher.  The .08% blood alcohol level at which one is considered too impaired to drive was a compromise.  I would be too impaired to drive at a much lower blood alcohol concentration than that.

One June, years ago, I attended a social gathering in Norway.  It was understood that we would be walking back to our hotel as there would be beer at the party.  It was a long walk at 2am, made even longer by the fact that we turned the wrong direction and had to retrace our steps, but the penalties are stiff enough that no one took the risk of drinking and driving.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes 2
« Last post by sewsy on Yesterday at 05:32:23 PM »
I've gotten about halfway through the Pattemmaking Bodice class. Wow. I'm so impressed! Middle DD has the day off, and just before she heads off to her social engagements for the day, I'm going to get her measurements per Suzy's instructions.

I've got a roll of heavy drawing paper, but I don't think that it will be as malleable as a doctor's exam roll of paper, or something akin to that weight. I've located a paper that I think will work, it's at Michaels, this one:

If it doesn't work well, then I'll get some of the Bienfang tracing paper that Kate and Shams recommended.

I'm going to take it slow, and hopefully come up with a working draft from which I can make her jacket muslin. I've been playing around with the trims I collected for the jacket, and settled on a few different ones and a final design. When I get it put together, I'll post a picture of it.

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how this craft paper will work. If it's the same weight as it's brown counterpart, basically paperbag weight, then it'll be good to write on with the colored pencils, certainly, but if I need to use markers, there shouldn't be much bleed through.
Chatter / Re: Sandra Betzina Sewing Retreats
« Last post by sewsy on Yesterday at 05:14:03 PM »
Paula, wherever you decide to take the class, I'm sure you're going to have a great time! Some of the best tips I have in my sewing arsenal are from Sandra. Earlier, I pulled out her book More Sewing Savvy, in order to determine the type of fabric I'm thinking of making a prom dress from. It's a silk taffeta, based on the burn test I did, and Sandra's description of what the burnt fibers will look/feel like.

She's a handy resource to have in one's sewing room!

Hope you have a ball!
Chatter / Re: Grave Markers/Death or Accident Location Markers
« Last post by Diane in WV on Yesterday at 05:04:27 PM »
We have roadside memorials all over the place out here in rural Arizona.  They don't bother me at all, and I do believe they may serve as a reminder to drivers that roads here can be very dangerous.  It's open range, so cattle in the roadway can be a real problem.  At night it's dark, and the roads can be die straight so people relax and stop paying attention or even start to daydream -or nod off!

Also, I think it probably helps the family to deal with the utterly unexpected loss.
Here in West Virginia, the roads are very curvy, and usually you can't see around the curve because of the mountains.  That and deer are a very big problem, oh and if you've seen the commercial where squirrels run in the road, cause you to go off, then high five (I think that's what it's called) each other, they don't high five, but they run on the road right in front of moving cars.  Drinking is also a major problem, DH saw one coming, so he pulled over, he was still hit...the guy was drinking, it was his third DUI (he was too drunk to run off), no license, and he was driving his (former?) girlfriend's car, which he totaled, and caused three thousand dollars of damage to ours.
Chatter / Re: Grave Markers/Death or Accident Location Markers
« Last post by Diane in WV on Yesterday at 04:57:46 PM »
Maybe that's my concern.  That we really don't pay much attention to the markers.  As a child, I didn't realize the family might have placed them there. I thought the highway people installed them to remind us that the road was dangerous.  I think that actually was the case.  So I was always worried that the road was unsafe where there were crosses.  I wonder if they frighten other children unnecessarily?
I could be wrong, but I don't think the children would pay too much attention to them. They are probably in the back seat of the car playing their games...or texting. Just a guess, from what I see kids (little kids) doing while walking around Walmart. I don't have a smart phones, these little ones all do.
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