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Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sharing, Inspiration, and Project Photos XXXI
« Last post by su-sew on Yesterday at 09:20:22 PM »
I've been thinking about the gaping on my yoga top. First of all, if I make it again I need to make the V neck higher by a least an inch- what looks relatively modest on most looks daringly low on my high bust. By making it higher the scoop out will be less, but probably it needs a negative amount of elastic along the edges of the V to hold it in.

More thoughts on this after tonight's yoga class: needs more negative ease all around.  Tonight I was wearing a purchased yoga top that's not a very snug fit, it has a higher neck but gapes too when I'm in downward dog.
Chatter / Re: The Spring Garden (S. Hemis: The Fall Porch)
« Last post by janquiltz on Yesterday at 09:12:25 PM »
Andib, the choir outfit sounds lovely.  Sorry you are having so much pain :(

I think we are always too young to get old!

My eyes are old...I saw a specialist today and am scheduled for cataract surgery next month.    I had a lot of issues with new glasses about 6 months ago, and finally got a refund because they really didn't help.  They were made 3x, and the first two times were errors by the lab, the third time, well, supposedly no errors but still not right.  So I decided to wait til I saw my retinologist in January before trying again, and he said he thought the cataract forming in one eye was part of the problem.   So I waited until today to see the doc I wanted for that, she was on maternity leave, just got back yesterday.

So the right eye is done next month, and the left hopefully about 2 weeks later.   Left is not as 'ready' as the right but I have such a strong prescription she said both really need to be done or I'll have problems with glasses.   As it is I'll have to walk around with one lens in and one punched out of my current eyeglasses til both eyes are done!   That will look VERY interesting, LOL, and it might make the world look 'interesting' to me as well.   I am a bit scared, though I know it is one of the most common and most successful surgeries performed.    On the other hand I am excited about maybe being able to enjoy handwork I've pretty much given up because I can't see well enough to do it.   I've been OK with quilting and machine sewing, it's the finer handwork that gets me.   I told her about my stitching, and that helped influence what she recommended in terms of what lens to implant.

It will be interesting to see just what I've been missing in terms of what I see.  I suspect it is a frog in the kettle sort of thing, where the change is so gradual it's hard to see it happening.  I'm fine with most things I do, but everything is a bit blurrier than before.   I hear that colors will be brighter/clearer too.   LOL hope I like my quilts as much after the surgery as now!
Fabrics / Re: JoAnn's Fabrics - Let's Talk! 2
« Last post by Miranda Y. on Yesterday at 08:55:05 PM »
I'm still going to disagree that it's bait and switch. Improper signage perhaps but, IMO, it doesn't meet the standard for bait and switch. bait and switch requires intent. Staff not putting up signage appropriately doesn't meet that. Like I said, that's my opinion though.

Every time the scenario you describe has happened to me, I've looked it up in the weekly sales flyer and it was on sale, clear as day, in the flyer. In store signage or not, they publicly stated it was on sale in some manner. In my time in retail, the weekly flyer always trumped lack of signage in the store and it was at the stores discretion to honor mistakes. As far as I know, we were never under legal obligation to honor % off coupons if the sales flyer said it was on sale but there was no sign in the store.

The only time I've experienced improper signage at JoAnn's actually worked in my favor. I was at JoAnn's rather late in the day, 7:30-8:00, and they were posting the next weeks signage. I picked up some fabrics thinking they were on sale. As usual, I asked them to check before cutting. When it came back as not on sale, I showed them the sign. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the signage wasn't good until the next day. they gave me the fabric at that price anyway because the signage was there. I thought that was quite honest of them and thanked them. If they hadn't done that, I simply would have put the fabric back and come back the next day.
Costumes, Costuming / From Christmas to Costume
« Last post by Morticiax on Yesterday at 08:37:49 PM »
I recently got an giant bag of random type materials ranging from scrap fabric to more sheets and even old Christmas decorations. Well, one of the Christmas decorations is a lovely red chair cover, complete with bead trim and belts. With all my eventing I do, mostly pirating, I couldn't help but think how perfect the color and fabric was for a skirt.

Without enough fabric there to entirely remake it into something else, I started thinking of ways I could modify it to look and fit how I want it to. Thought everyone might like to follow along on the progress, and so someone might be able to use it almost as a sort of tutorial :)

Any questions throughout the progress, just ask. Hopefully I'll have a couple pictures tonight to show the original form of the chair cover so I can do a before and after look.
Fabrics / Re: JoAnn's Fabrics - Let's Talk! 2
« Last post by spookietoo on Yesterday at 08:09:44 PM »
Actually, the way that JA's does the "bait and switch" is very blatant at the store close to me.

The 50% off coupons are printed and then mailed. They are clearly marked that they can not be used on SALE merchandise, which I for one, understand perfectly well. You then go to the store and choose a fabric with no sale signage clearly posted over it. It MUST have clearly posted signage to be considered "on sale" - that is the law. If the bolt is marked $12.99 and there is no sale signage - by law JA's MUST honor the 50% off coupon and sell you the fabric for $6.49. But JA's programs into their computers for almost all of the fabric in the store to come up at 25% off, they then fraudulently state that since the item is "on sale" for $9.75, you cannot use the coupon.  I promise each and every one of you reading this, that this practice is BLATANT "bait and switch". Bait and switch is not limited to advertising an item and only having 1,2, or 3 of those items in stock. That is a minor portion of the law and by stating "limited quantities" even that nuisance may not be bait and switch.

If a store has an end cap (end of the shelving system) sign up that says 50% off and has items clearly stocked on that end cap that are not considered to be 50% off - by law they are to give you a 50% discount. I stopped shopping at Wallyworld for more than 3 years for pulling that one. They had very cheap candles marked 50% off, they then also stocked enormous quantities of extremely shopworn more expensive candles on the same shelving. By law - all of those candles were to be sold at 50% off, but they wouldn't honor the pricing on the shopworn candles. Bait and switch, plain and simple.

As for electronics stores and bait and switch: if you ask to see an advertised item and the employee leads you to that item and then says " but you really don't want this - its been giving lots of problems, this item for $45 more is much better, etc.". That would be bait and switch. If on the other hand, he takes you to the sale item and you ask"Why is this other item $45 more?" then he is free to "sell" you the more expensive item by describing its benefits.  Its definitely a slippery slope in some instances.

At my JoAnn's, it is very definitely a blatant fraudulent business practice as far as how they refuse to apply the 50% off coupons. I've decided how I will deal with it should it happen again.  Should be interesting..... >:D 

Think of it this way - the "bait" is that they give you a 50% off coupon for anything not on sale and not listed as an exclusion.  The "switch" is that they don't tell you an item is "on sale" for 25% off until you get to the cutting counter or in my case - the cash register.  They know that a certain amount of people will still buy the item because they have decided they want it.
Other Hobbies and Interests / Re: So...who enjoys gardening? 2
« Last post by Ann on Yesterday at 07:50:56 PM »
We have had it up and down with the weather here in our neck of the woods. On March 22, we ran in the snow and everything but the road turned white. Crazy, Crazy!!

But we have had some really nice sunny days that have been in the low 70's. Other days have been cool and today it is raining like crazy. DH is happy as he spread the fertilizer on the lawn when it wasn't raining. The fruit trees are coming into bloom now and soon it will be time to plant the garden. Thursday we head in to get everything we need for kid's gardening, hanging baskets, and flower beds. Soon it will be hot and we'll be complaining about the heat.

Chatter / Re: Spring 2014 Reading
« Last post by Elona on Yesterday at 07:02:08 PM »
Overall, I think Kipling.  That guy really had a way with words.  But followed closely by Steinbeck, because he wrote so accurately and beautifully about parts of old California that I knew very well back in the day, and because of the richness of his characters.  In the foreword of The Log from the Sea of Cortez, he wrote so eloquently and in such revealing detail about his friend Ed Ricketts that I was tormented for weeks by the absolute certainty that I had known that man somewhere--but I just couldn't remember how or when.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Lekala Russian Patterns
« Last post by LyndaC on Yesterday at 06:46:36 PM »
Sleeve length is probably the easiest alteration of all, but only if you are forewarned.
Machine Sewing / Re: Machine Knitting 3
« Last post by vtmartha on Yesterday at 06:42:54 PM »
Well, I cast another vote for Tania's posting a picture.   ;)
Chatter / Re: Sew Beautiful Magazine
« Last post by sdBev on Yesterday at 06:35:28 PM »
I didn't have time to sew once I had a child. No way I would have attempted such complex sewing. I purchased the magazine years later when Martha started added women's patterns and projects. I will wear a touch of tatting, a bit of lace and machine embroidery.  I do love a few pin tucks and some ribbon.  I never have and never will make a childrens heirloom christening gown. But I will miss SB's center pull out that detailed the designs. That's what I used to transfer SB's ideas to my clothing.
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