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March 25, 2019, 12:31:14 pm


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SWAP 2019 / Re: M lambie's Why So Blue SWA...
Last post by M lambie - March 12, 2019, 10:31:51 am
It's been a month since I've posted and I've got no sewing done at all! At this point it feels like a deja vu of past failed SWAPs... And it is, but it isn't.

I don't want to go on about it, but as mentioned above I've lost a good deal of weight. I posted elsewhere on the board but I've been going through a style/fashion crisis and have been trying to figure out what I actually want to wear at this size and what actually might look good! Basically I have second-guessed everything.

In the end, I decided I do in fact wish to stick with the planned styles after all. However, I'm not feeling the ruffles at the moment so I will probably do simpler styles of skirts (bonus: faster sewing) and do less embellishing in general. I can always add more later if I feel a garment is lacking.

So, realizing that I am running out of time, I will just forge ahead anyway and see how far I get. As we have begun to have a few warmer days here and there (and by warmer I mean 40 F!) I noticed that I really want those cropped cardis to wear with my dresses. I have one RTW cardi recently acquired that I absolutely love (and may use as my SWAP RTW option!) but it is too lightweight and delicate to wear regularly right now. It is navy and my desire to wear it really highlights my need for both overlayers in navy and cropped toppers in general.

I have partially cut out 2 skirts (navy & black eyelet) but stopped as I was no longer certain of what style I wanted. However, I will go back to what I decided a month ago and get that navy cardi done first. I may then just do the black one and get it over with, or try to finish my easy skirts next.

Here is the RTW cardi paired with my three definite SWAP dress fabrics and one RTW dress that I could include:

SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by M lambie - March 12, 2019, 10:02:41 am
A few thoughts on everyone's progress.... :))

Sharon, your dress is beautiful and makes a great start for SWAP! I hope you will share some more of your updated plans here when you have time. I liked the lemon tee you posted on your blog as well! Nice work on the hemline change. Also, I really love your kitty and her name! So cute.

Wendy, it sounds like you've made excellent progress! I am also curious to see how your Ivey Abitz-inspired vest refashion comes out! I hope you'll post a pic when it's done. ;D I'm also curious whether you'll do the color-blocked top.

Stephanie, I'm glad you are becoming more mobile and that you are ready to do some actually sewing work! So exciting. ;D Meanwhile, I really love the striped sweater. I am a huge fan of striped sweaters anyway, but also I like how you're doing the colors and varying the stripe widths. Too bad the purple got left out though! (My mom also hated purple so I can relate LOL.)

Elizabeth, don't think I've said it, but I love how you've made a plan using what you have. And the colors are great too. I hope you will manage enough time to sew your SWAP. And I hope you'll share a photo of the voile scarf with tassels even though it's not a SWAP piece.

Melinda, best wishes for your recovery! It's great that you have a hand stitching project to keep you occupied while you rest. Your Alabama Chanin stenciling is just gorgeous - great design choices and so well done.

Luz Clara, I like how you've used different shades of purple together. That Tilton cardigan/wrap looks really cool and I hope to see you model it later. Your inspiration fabric jacket is beautiful as well. This will be a fun collection! ;D

Indigotiger, I love the glimpses of your striped dress and its fabulous buttons. You're really on a great pace to finish this thing! I think your cardigan WIP looks really amazing and I'm so glad you decided to use it as one of your neutral pieces. Also the sleeve alteration you did for your blouse looks really cool (and effective!).

Morzel, wow, you got a really fantastic fit on those jeans! They look so professional! Also I love your skirt, both the pattern you used and the fabric. I'm curious, what color is the cami you finished?

Crazyquilter, that crochet edging is very cool. I wasn't picturing something so elaborate with multiple types of thread/yarns but it is awesome. I would love to see the pics you took when constructing the drawstring casings for your dress. The new dress is so pretty and looks great on you! You are really rocking the Ivey Abitz look! ;D I think the dress is great with its single ruffle but another would be lots of fun.

DementedFairy, nice work on your first four pieces! Love the flared pants, so fun, especially in purple! And that topper/pullover looks so cozy, I love it.

Sorry for the long post, that's what happens when I apparently don't post here for a month! (Time flies!)
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by M lambie - March 12, 2019, 09:27:44 am
Angelia, I'm so sorry to hear of your eye injury! :grouphug: I am sending positive thoughts your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

Regarding skinny jeans, I just want to clarify that when I say skinny jeans, I mean the type that look like leggings and that are worn super super tight such that they reveal everything about a person's body! I still see the teens here (high school a few blocks away) wearing these as their "uniform".  For the record, to my eye this silhouette is quite different from the slim trouser/pant that I believe Lisanne is referencing. Of course I could be wrong. ;) Either way, I hope the super skinny jeans (and leggings as pants) trend will soon die here. ;D And like Stephanie, I would really like to see ankle coverage be a thing again.

I also have the impression that the waterfall cardigan as a trend is waning here (Chicago). But I agree that we should just wear what we like and not worry if someone else declares is to be unfashionable. My preferred silhouette (slim on top, full on bottom) has been out of fashion for a while apparently and I just really don't care.  8)

So this weekend I got a chance to read everyone's SWAP updates and took notes for a post... but apparently didn't actually post. So I'll add them separately. Sigh.

SWAP 2019 / Re: Angelsweb's Another Try at...
Last post by angelsweb - March 12, 2019, 08:21:31 am
Well, the stars seemingly are just not aligned for me to complete SWAP, again.

On Sunday, I suffered a retina tear and detachment. Currently I have almost no vision in my right eye, so sewing is pretty much impossible.  After about 15 hours in two different hospital emergency departments Sunday night and Monday, surgery is this afternoon, and I'll be face down for several weeks ... which is a real bummer. Luckily, I was referred to one of the nation's best eye hospitals.

As sewists and crafters, I know y'all appreciate how terrified I am.

Prayers and positive thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by ejvc - March 12, 2019, 07:36:53 am
Oh dear, sorry to cut and run, I didn't mean to be absent.  And I see I have been thoughtless in my use of the word "dated".  I would say that where I live there has been a shift in styles. No one is wearing the waterfall cardigan here, and it has been a while since I saw one.  Of course I still see skinny jeans but my hope that they will disappear springs eternal (they are bad for *me*). I don't mean to sow doubt and confusion!

The students are all wearing cropped ankle length jeans with no socks and canvas shoes. It is also still snowing here, so... fashion is pretty dumb.
SWAP 2019 / Re: Demented Fairy's Peacock/C...
Last post by dementedfairy - March 11, 2019, 11:12:02 am
FINALLY garment #4.  NO more side tracks or I have no chance of getting this done in time!
Style Arc 'Victoria' blouse, in a teal viscose twill, with small black 'knot' buttons.  The print unfortunately hides the style lines but I'm happy with this, although I think I will definitely shorten it.  Seen here with the 'Linda' trousers in navy.
More here on the blog, plus lots more pictures

Very wrinkly as I'd been wearing it all day with a cardigan!
SWAP 2019 / Re: Demented Fairy's Peacock/C...
Last post by dementedfairy - March 10, 2019, 08:48:54 am
I got sidetracked making a costume for World Book Day [on the blog if you want  a peep]
And now I'm ALMOST back on track, but my MOB dress for August is calling, and the silk samples arrived this week.  I need to choose three out of 6, which makes TWENTY combinations [and they are all in my SWAP choice so I don't feel bad about getting distracted here, maybe it will be a wildcard?]
I would appreciate any feedback on the blog re the est combinations
Here is the sample of all 6 just to tease you

And the blog post with all 20 options pictured is here Please help a confused Fairy!
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by crazyquilter - March 09, 2019, 04:25:21 pm
Thank you, Wendy!  I can't wait to see your IA inspired shirt vest thingy.  That reminds me that somewhere I have a partially finished IA inspired shirt vest thingy too.  It's a black check that would probably go with my SWAP too.  I need to hunt it down and see if I still remember what it wanted to be.
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by warpjr1965 - March 09, 2019, 04:17:31 pm
Love your dress Crazy Quilter!

I got completely side tracked, as DD wanted to grab some cloths from the thrift store for a re-fashion challenge with me, and now i'm making an Ivey Abitz inspired shirt vest thingy.  It is in colors that will go with SWAP, a blue and black plaid, so at least that is good. Style-wise I'm not so sure.
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
Last post by crazyquilter - March 09, 2019, 02:30:30 pm
Thank you, Lisanne.  The jacket is one I bought at the thrift store. The brand is Willi Smith and it's 100% linen, one of my favorites for spring.

Stephanie, I agree about style and out of date.  I'm all for wearing what pleases you.  I did enjoy when others started wearing cropped and ankle pants since I have long legs and purchased pants are frequently that length on me anyway.  In addition to long legs, I am short waisted, so petites usually fit me better there.  Thrifted petite pants wind up as crops on me.
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