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February 24, 2020, 04:52:19 am


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SWAP 2020 / Re: Ruthie's Red and Black Col...
Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews - February 17, 2020, 12:42:26 am
My two entries for the sewing bee were a diversion and don't fit with my SWAP plan.

As the rules this year are different, I want to make top and trouser outfits and then have a choice of layering pieces which can work over any of the outfits.
Some of the tops and bottoms won't work well together, but others will and this is OK.

First up is the black quilted coat, this will work over any of the outfits.
For the second layering piece I am planning a long red cardigan. (not yet sewn).
The animal print knit top, needs a plainer bottom, so some black bengaline trousers are in order there.
A plain black knit top with some interesting details would work well with the tartan trousers.
And I'm planning a knit top in red jersey with a splash print on it.

After that if something can work with either a plain black top or plain black trousers and go under the coat or cardigan it can be in the collection.
I want to use the silk which inspired the whole collection. This will be another top.

Maybe some grey bengaline trousers would be another good piece as there is grey in the animal print and the silk.
And then leave things open for piece 11 as there are lots of ways that could go - red dress, red top, red skirt, black dress, black pinstripe tailored trousers....
SWAP 2020 / Re: Morzels smart SWAP *commen...
Last post by Morzel - February 16, 2020, 12:52:59 pm
I forced myself to sew on those buttons (25 in all, and then I had to take off three and reposition them). Feeling good.
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by warpjr1965 - February 16, 2020, 11:26:01 am
Loving everyone's progress!!

I did make it to the sewing meetup yesterday and finished (mostly) 5 items, all of which would be fine for SWAP: 3 variations of Jalie 2805, and 2 variations of the Fancy Tiger Wanderlust Tee, which I am now in LOVE with. All need hemming, but that is small stuff.

I may sew up the fleece hoodie that I just had no time or brain cells for yesterday. Oh, I managed to make 3 mistakes on one of the shirts: sewed neck band inside out. Fixed it, then sewed it backwards on the body, fixed it and then sewed it inside out!! Then I quit that and realized I was hungry so ate lunch. Sewed a whole lot better after that!
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - February 16, 2020, 07:33:50 am
@Morzel , @CCL so happy to see you back, as I was wondering where you had both gotten to. I also say "Ditto" to everything Morzel wrote (Eva: You are always so great at picking out important points re. everyone's work). Waving at everyone else as well!

Eva, I was thinking about your comment about things turning casual when you think you are aiming for "smart." To my eye, although focused on casual items, your collections always look "smart," because they are always well-fitted and well-sewn and well-coordinated. Something my partner always says to me (in Italy, where they definitely know how to dress to the nines), is that it is more elegant to wear simple items (even casual things like jeans, with a nice sweater), but with nice details, than to force oneself into evening wear that is not comfortable or necessarily appropriate. I'm sure you will find your middle ground. I also tend to gravitate to clothes that are nice but not too fancy. I had my "fancy" days when I was young, but I find now that I want to be elegant while being warm and comfortable, too. For me that usually means pants of some kind and maybe dressing up just means a silk blouse or a jacket and a brooch.:) I rarely enjoy wearing skirts and dressy tops that aren't warm. Love the idea of the velvet trousers though so I hope you do make those!!

@CCL: Looking at Mahgret's joyful colours and plan also give me a lift. I hope you are OK. I have had a low winter myself, so SWAP is something to give me a lift.

SWAP 2020 / Re: Stephanie's Lumberjack Chi...
Last post by stephaniecan - February 16, 2020, 07:26:12 am
I know I'm flogging a dead horse with this shirt, but I finally completed it and wore it to work for casual Friday. My colleague immediately complimented me and so I felt the elation of praise when I have struggled in recent months to get going!

I am both working on my coat toile and started sewing (some hand sewing) my green silk blouse ysterday. I'm feeling good. There's more work to do on the coat toile, but overall I think it has plenty of potential:

The toile is unironed and the pictures uninspired, I know, but this is only the first toile to check my FBA. I need to move the darts in, do a shoulder adjustment and probably adjust the lower back slightly. Overall though I think it is coming along well.

Happy sewing, all! XX
SWAP 2020 / Re: CCL's Sew-Along SWAP - Fa...
Last post by CCL - February 16, 2020, 07:04:09 am
Finished BH's vest last month and have been working on the red coat in bits and pieces.  After testing out and liking the muslin of the Lissette cut a couple sizes larger, I decided to go for it with the Lissette pattern and cut out the wool.

I have been plugging along until yesterday when I realized that the way I want to do the shoulder pads isn't compatible with the construction sequence and techniques in the instructions.  I usually use pattern instructions as merely guides, but in this case decided to go ahead and attach the facings to the lining  by machine as instructed.  I didn't attach sleeve lining to the rest of the coat lining because I want to to attach them by hand so I can put the shoulder pads between the lining and coat.  (The instructions have one cover the shoulder pads and place them on top on the lining...so they show on the inside.)

I am having a rethink before I sew the front/back facings with the lining attached to the coat proper.   I may instead run a stitching line around the neck edge to attach the collar...then work out the shoulder pads, and then attach the facings/lining. 

I also didn't do the sleeve hems before I inserted them.  Not sure why as I usually do, except that since I cut a larger size, I wanted to hem after the sleeves we're inserted so I could doublecheck length.

Phew.  Typing this out helped me think through my dilemma!
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by CCL - February 16, 2020, 06:40:31 am
I AM on my tablet (and already lost my post once, so I am just going to quote Morzel and say "Ditto!")

Did want to add, Mahgret, that one day when I was feeling rather low, I saw all your lovely fabric choices with their corresponding Fiestaware pieces and they made me smile and cheered me up immensely.
Quote from: Morzel on February 15, 2020, 11:31:18 pmFinally I got some time to comment here on the thread - I have been reading (and commenting to myself), but never had time to type something... I only do so at my home computer with a real keypad to it, as I hate to type single fingered on a tablet or phone...

@Sew Ruthie Sews : Sewing with a colour scheme only is more or less all I did for the last few years - it really is a sort of plan, I think. And fives a lot of freedom of working on your SWAP without feeling too restricted, getting bored. You´ve got quite a collection already! The latest addition, the musical shirt - are you going to wear it for choir sessions? It is great. Classic. Love the buttons on that shirt!

@stephaniecan : I was struck by the unusual pockets on your shirt and instantly liked them A LOT!  :D I also have two shirts hanging here with only buttons amiss... the least favourite task. Will do today.

@dementedfairy : Classic shirts with beautiful buttons (like the non-roundness of them) - and a hidden button placket. Never tried such a one, what a good idea.

@sewordinary : Your first item is so clean and crisp! And those latest fabric choices - yummy colours!

@Susan in Saint John : I sewed the same Silhouette pattern a few years back. Interesting enough, I never thought about how to do the button holes as I used snaps (like Kam snaps). The pattern (again) is a great example of her bad picture choices on pattern envelopes - the blouse is a favourite of mine because of the great design detail, but is out of print- it looks outdated on the envelope.

@mahgret : Love your mantra. Love the pictures of fabric with the corresponding dish on top! The latest shirt is wonderful! It is a beautiful fabric and fits you so well.

@boppingbeth : Dresses! What fun. The black one looks very sophisticated! And just start on that coverstitch. It is less scary than it seems. But do remember to tie off those threads - otherwise the unraveling will start after washing... (ask how I know)

@LillieT : going the same path here, I also need some smart clothes for celebrations/official events/smart events. Looking forward to seeing your collection.

@warpjr1965 : so happy to hear about the already much worn pants of your SWAP. It is so satisfying. Did you get sewing done with your friends? But the, you have already quite a few items done, so no worries anyway.

@KathrynT : Soo many items already sewn! Great progress. How are you doing on your new technique? AC or CC?

@indigotiger : Your sewing is more artwork - beautiful things you make for yourself!

@crazyquilter : how are you getting along with the top pattern? With tops?

@Medea : you are probably busy with your fabric shop now? It is so exciting, I wish you all the best!!

I hope all of you are sewing a bit here and there. If not, don't get discouraged by not sewing. Even sewing a once in a while for yourself is rewarding!
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by sewordinary - February 16, 2020, 05:02:56 am
Trying to catch up with everyone's progress
@GraceNZ - love your classic capsule, navy red white and black are my fave capsule colours!

@Morzel - looking forward to the velvet pants, they sound really great for evening wear, lush yet understated.

@Sew Ruthie Sews I understand what you mean about needing some plainer pieces, it's so much more fun to sew with prints and florals!

@dementedfairy lovely details on your shirt!

@KathrynT good idea to cut and flip the lapel front fabric and lining!
SWAP 2020 / Re: Sewordinary's Old School S...
Last post by sewordinary - February 16, 2020, 04:37:02 am
Coral Bias slip skirt in Japanese Sildoll by sewordinary, on Flickr

The Coral skirt is done. Fabric is Japanese Sildoll and pattern is self drafted. Now to sew a top that can be worn with this skirt.

This fabric is not in my original choice of fabrics listed in my first post. I'm deviating from my original plan. Instead I'm going to sew 3 or 4 mini capsules and finish off with a topper that can be worn with all. I've been sewing mini capsules, and I find it works well for me.
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by KathrynT - February 16, 2020, 03:58:43 am
I'm enjoying everyone's updates on their SWAPs.
Unfortunately, what I suspected would happen has happened.  My pace of sewing went form one extreme to the other once the summer holidays finished.
I did do some sewing last weekend and started my french jacket.  I cut the fabric and lining and quilted and assembled the back.  I had great plans for a trim from frayed fabric.  It's really interesting fabric with a variety of different green threads in one direction and pink in the other.  I was going to remove the pink to get a green fringe and use the pink to make a central braid.  The little sample looked gorgeous.  Unfortunately, I had to use every little scrap to cut the main pieces.  Not enough for a front facing so I thought a lapel was not possible.  Yesterday I had a great idea of putting a seam on the lapel fold line and flipping the lining and fabric along the line.  I started with quilting the front and then realised I had forgotten the silk organza in the middle, so I stopped there.  I'll have to have another try when I'm not tired and have the energy for unpicking.
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