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October 23, 2019, 03:14:11 pm


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CCL's Pre-2020 SWAP Jacket Challenge / Re: The pre-2020 SWAP jacket c...
Last post by CCL - October 17, 2019, 07:17:45 am
Sorry, Sharonspils...wasn't sure which way to go... perhaps a jacket to go with the dress you are planning?

CCL's Pre-2020 SWAP Jacket Challenge / The Guidelines, deadlines and ...
Last post by CCL - October 17, 2019, 07:07:59 am
Dear Stitchers' Guild Friends:

I am posting the Guidelines for the Pre-2020 SWAP jacket challenge.

There are two separate categories - Beginner to Intermediate and Intermediate to Advanced.  More thoughts about how you might decide which category you want to enter into are listed at the end of this message.  The important thing is that there'd be two "winners."

The Challenge:
Make a garment that can be worn as a jacket (long or short) between October 15th and December 26th 2019.  The jacket can be for anyone above age 14 years - so it can be for yourself, your guy, your son, a friend, your sister, a daughter.  Other items I think should qualify are: boleros, shirt jackets, coats. I am also thinking this might even include Sewsy's coat dress, if it opens fully.

The jacket must incorporate one thing new to you.  This could be a new type of fabric - if you have never sewn velvet and you want to make a velvet smoking jacket, velvet could be the new "thing."  It could be a pattern you've never made before - such as this kimono pattern that I have in my stash and would love to make :eyelashes:

or a technique that you haven't attempted - such as welt pockets, underlining, invisible zipper installation -  the idea is really to grow your skills - so whatever the new thing is, it will probably involve some practice or a muslin.

The Timeframe:
This is a pre-SWAP sew, so the start date was Oct. 15th 2019 and the final date for sewing is December 26th, 2019.  We can vote while munching on holiday cookies.  Final details of voting still to be worked out.

Submitting your entry.
Three photos (Front, Back, and Side) of the finished garment on the intended recipient (this may cause some difficulties if one is sewing for someone at considerable distance).  DragonLady will be helping set this up - but ideally we did for last year's Pre-SWAP 2018 Dress Challenge.  Stay tuned for the details.

More about The Categories:
I think the skill level determinations last year worked reasonably well.  You need to self categorize using the following suggestions: If you can check off all five of the major bullets below, then you can self-define as Intermediate to Advanced and enter in that category. If you cannot check off all five, then you can self-define as Beginner to Intermediate.  It would be up to each entrant to decide, so this list is offered as a guideline.  Maybe next year we can add an Advanced to Expert category, but I thought that again for this year, we could create some more level playing ground.
  • Made over 50 garments
  • Made more than 3 of the following types of garments:
    • Jacket
    • Shirt with stand and front band
    • Coat
    • Fitted dress
    • Pants with fly front zipper
    • Lined garment
  • Sewn garments out of more than 3 of the following:
    • Lace
    • Leather or faux suede
    • Chiffon
    • Silk Duponi
    • Boucle
    • Wool coating
    • Fake or real fur
    • Taffeta
    • Satin
  • Successfully used more than 4 of the following techniques:
    • Invisible zipper
    • Hong Kong seams
    • Welt pockets
    • Underlining
    • Bias binding for neck or armhole finish
    • Set in sleeves
    • Bound or hand made buttonholes
    • Calculated for turn of the cloth
  • Used at least 3 of the following hand stitches
    • Slip stitch
    • Back stitch
    • Catch stitch
    • Pad stitch
    • Whip stitch
    • Blanket stitch

Questions about the Guidelines?  Post them here or in the other thread, I will try to check in.  Most of all, I would like this to be fun for folks and give us an excuse to develop our skills - and also to encourage the newer sewers by having the two categories.

Finally, MODs, if I didn't do this correctly, please move my post to where is more appropriate or make other corrections as necessary.
Was hoping it would be a dress.

No matter I do have a jacket in mind and it is a new pattern company for me, I just need to figure out what fabric to use which could also be a new challenge for me.
CCL's Pre-2020 SWAP Jacket Challenge / Re: The pre-2020 SWAP jacket c...
Last post by CCL - October 16, 2019, 05:27:56 pm
Yay!  Glad you guys are in!   I am going to try to sew along as well... Similar to Indigo, I am going for a more casual "shirt-like" jacket.   I bought the Pendelton 49er jacket pattern and really want to try it out.

SWAP 2020 / Re: Pre-rules discussion SWAP ...
Last post by marciae - October 16, 2019, 04:47:47 pm
Quote from: indigotiger on October 14, 2019, 10:31:19 pmNoum -
As far as allowing "accessories", while there is no reason to not use accessories when photographing for SWAP, the focus of Sewing With A Plan has always been on garments, as they are the basic building blocks of a wardrobe (the "cake" as it were, for which the accessories are the "frosting"). Also, as someone who personally sews a number of my own accessories such as hats and bags, I also know that accessories are a lot faster to make than garments, and require significantly less in the way of "fitting".

I have to agree with Indigotiger about the accessories.  Well stated.  I've never joined a SWAP and don't intend to.  I do, However, follow closely, get inspired and order every new pattern that I see!  I've been sewing "forever".  Accessories add a 'touch' to an outfit.  But, you can wear an outfit without accessories.  You can not (or shouldn't!!) use accessories without the clothes. :D
SWAP 2020 / Re: Pre-rules discussion SWAP ...
Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews - October 16, 2019, 04:10:30 pm
Earlier in the year I made a jacket for the second round of PR Sewing Bee. I didn't progress further in the contest, but was pleased with my garment. However I don't actually wear it much.

I have a whole bunch of co-ordinating fabrics so it would be fun to make it into a SWAP.
I used 3 fabrics in the jacket (and 2 for the lining) and have more of all 3 of those fabrics, plus prints and other plains.
I do need to wear red lipstick with it but it is in my colour palette (just)
SWAP 2020 / Re: Pre-rules discussion SWAP ...
Last post by indigotiger - October 16, 2019, 03:51:41 pm
Susan wrote:
QuoteI really do enjoy the planning -- perhaps more than the making, or at least the fitting.
... and apparently she speaks for a number of us, certainly I feel that way! That is part of what I am currently enjoying about coming up with the rules for SWAP 2020, in that I need to do a LOT of planning to try and figure out rules that will work for various sorts of wardrobes and styles (as opposed to what I usually do to figure out how to adapt "the rules" to my own quirky personal wardrobe needs). I am glad to read that people are starting to look at their current clothing and think about what will be useful to fill gaps or to take care of a previously unmet need, such as a vacation/travel wardrobe, or refurbished professional clothing, or simply replacing now worn out favorites.

For those of you interested in wardrobe planning -

Janice over at the Vivienne Files has been posting her Weekly Timeless Wardrobe posts, which gradually build into a wardrobe that is very SWAP friendly. In addition, this past week she posted her year-long plan for the timeless wardrobe posts, which seems to me to be a good potential guideline for someone either uncertain about what components might work well together, or curious about what might be some possible wardrobe gaps and how to fill them.

and Lisanne shared a link to Threads article that seems also to be of use for those planning to SWAP, the article discusses Nancy Nix-Rice's ideas of how to choose the most flattering print fabrics, based on colors, warmth/coolness, print scale and shape, and how those interact with each person. I found the article helpful in explaining why some of my beloved print fabrics look better than others, when I am wearing them...
I'm thinking of joining in again this year, as I could use another easy to wear cardigan jacket... Currently feeling inspired by the Zambeesi Jacket pattern by Pearl Red Moon:
I'd like to take the concept and apply it to my own TNT loose shirt pattern; purchasing the actual pattern, plus the cost of printing it out, only to then have to make multiple toiles to get it to fit, since it doesn't come in my size, seems like an inordinate amount of pre-sewing faffing about.

I'm now thinking about what would be the "new thing"... maybe patchwork/color-blocking a whole garment? or, I have some velveteen sitting on the resource shelves that could become part of it?, or ???
CCL's Pre-2020 SWAP Jacket Challenge / Re: The pre-2020 SWAP jacket c...
Last post by Joyce P - October 16, 2019, 12:58:38 pm
Yay! I was hoping to make a version of Eileen Fisher's Notch Collar coat, as well as a much-needed rain jacket/coat. So I think I'm IN!
SWAP 2020 / Re: Pre-rules discussion SWAP ...
Last post by JenSaCan - October 16, 2019, 12:28:35 pm
This is exciting!! I've always loved the challenge of SWAP. Though I've never finished, each time I participated I came away with a few much needed additions to my wardrobe.
As far as rules go, I'm open to try anything, though it would be nice to have the option to include a dress or two. I love sewing and wearing dresses.
I've been back sewing for a few months now and have been working on getting the fit right for a sleeveless blouse pattern, so that will likely get featured in a few versions. I need to reduce my stash in a big way and have organized it by colour, so it makes it much easier to coordinate and pick fabrics.
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