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April 01, 2020, 06:10:54 pm


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SWAP 2020 / Re: Stephanie's Lumberjack Chi...
Last post by stephaniecan - March 19, 2020, 01:12:08 pm
Well, things are still tense in my neck of the woods, as they are all over the place. Because of my job, I'm working on the policy response to this crisis so I can't actually get away from it...ever, but it is nothing like it must be for health care workers, for whom I feel the greatest sympathy and concern.

I forced myself to start putting together my coat last night, but it is slow going. So far, a bit of pad stitching and some dart sewing. I'm pretty happy with my pattern matching so far, however, so that is something!

SWAP 2020 / Re: Demented Fairy's A-Lister ...
Last post by dementedfairy - March 19, 2020, 12:37:06 pm
Last day of school tomorrow for the foreseeable future, and I can't wait.  Have spent the day calming kids that are worrying about missing their qualifications after so much work, and, to be honest, treading water.
All the little dancers who were to have worn the 15 masks I made were brought over to me today to see them...and I'd already moved them back home.  Ah well, they have had to make do with photos for now.  Here's a quick snap of a few of them
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by dementedfairy - March 18, 2020, 03:32:08 pm
I've been stalled on sewing since World Book Day, taking the chance to make FIFTEEN masks for school presentation evening.  Which got postponed a couple of days ago.  Today of course we've been told that school is closing on Friday, for as long as the crisis lasts.
While this is causing agitation amongst the most serious students, as all exams for this summer are now postponed, I must admit I'll be quite happy staying at home and spending time quietly sewing through my stash, as the last couple of weeks at school have been very tense.
Stay well everyone.
Site News and Announcements / "The Fray" Permissions
Last post by DragonLady - March 17, 2020, 02:11:13 pm
I just discovered the permissions for "The Fray" have been borked.

Any registered member -subscribed or not- who is a member of the group "The Fray Sewing Competition" should be able to post there.  If, for some reason, you cannot, please let me know.

SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - March 16, 2020, 07:21:56 am
Yay, Wendy!

@CCL: I can understand the hesitating re. closure options! The coat I am making only has one buttonhole, so I am thinking I might do one bound buttonhole and leave it at that. I love self-covered buttons, but a jaunty red sash could also be so charming!

I did some very basic pad stitching of the interfacing for the chest of the coat yesterday, so I didn't get much done, but I feel accomplished nevertheless! After work today I will do some more and start working on the lapel. I really am enjoying this stuff. I'm eager to get further along in the coat to see if all of my careful pattern matching worked out. :) There always seem to be nasty surprises, no matter how careful I am!!! :)
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by warpjr1965 - March 15, 2020, 07:13:42 pm
I have finally gotten some sewing done! it has been rather a week, I had no energy for it. I hope tomorrow to take a few pictures so you all can see what I've been up to.

This week sometime I think I can hem up at least 2 more tops.  I've really come to the conclusion that my sewing set up is bad news: cluttered and cramped. So I just took the machine out to the dining table and did my work there. I don't know if I can keep that up for long, we'll see.
SWAP 2020 / Re: Paris in November?
Last post by Susan in Saint John - March 15, 2020, 06:43:01 pm
First top is a success.  That makes 3 pieces in my SWAP -- not impressive but now that I'm not going on vacation for 10 days, I do have some more sewing time.  2nd bra was finished and needed a bit of alteration which I completed today.

I've gone down the trouser fitting rabbit hole again.  The West End Pant based on measurements was probably not going to fit.  I took a good look at Silhouette Patterns #3000 -- a basic pleated pant.  Then I decided that perhaps grading up the Loes Hines Oxford pant which fits me sort of might be a more reasonable approach.  My experience with pants is that the fit can be quite dependant on the fabric.  Some fabrics have absolutely no give in the crosswise direction, other fabrics have some give, and then there are stretch women's which I tend not to use because they are synthetics.  The 2 menswear suitings which I am planning for trousers both fit into the no crosswise give category.  I made a muslin based on my last pair of Oxfords in muslin with no give -- had to let them out so I could sit in them!  I also did a Peggy Sager's slash to increase the back crotch length.  The pattern is ready for another muslin or perhaps a test garment.

Today, I worked on my skirt from the Brooks Ann Camper skirt skills course.  I'd drafted the pattern but not made it up.  I found some fabric in stash to make a test garment which will be wearable, I hope.  It is underlined and everything is now thread basted.  Perhaps tomorrow after work I'll baste it together for a first fitting.
SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by CCL - March 15, 2020, 12:55:05 pm
Agree with Stephanie, Mahgret, nice blouse!  Isn't it wonderful when we sew something and even if we are trying new techniques for the first time - it all comes together?

BoppingBeth - Here's to you getting your sewing space back and to you - Warpjr1965 -finding that mojo.

Ruthie, I have been meaning to post that I think your black and red SWAP is really lovely -

Morzel, I love your shirtdress...but I love that silk blouse best of all.  I am impressed that you made the gelatin trick work for you.  I did it once, it just seemed so weird, but I didn't do it on silk.  You inspire me!

KathrynT - Pants- you are smart to be sewing for the seasons.  And thank you.  I wasn't sure I would like the stripey dress - pretty bold colors for me - but I surprised myself.

Stephanie, good luck with the coat, I love the fabric you have chosen.  I am still dithering about the buttons on my coat.  Right now I have a set of self fabric covered buttons pinned to the coat while I practice button holes. I am inclined to go this route.

I am also going to sew up a solid red tie belt (just enough fabric to do it) to see how that works - just for fun and something easy. 
SWAP 2020 / Re: Stephanie's Lumberjack Chi...
Last post by stephaniecan - March 15, 2020, 08:56:37 am
I just wrote a post that I lost. Oops!

I wanted to share that my partner is currently in central Italy caring for an elderly relative, so things are hardly cheerful in my neck of the woods. He had been predicting this sort of outcome, globally, for quite some time, as he is a scientist. Unfortunately, things have evolved rapidly.

For my part, I am locked down at home in Canada, as I think we all need to do our part to minimize the potential burdens on our respective health care systems. I can say very clearly from the Italian experience that this is not something to be taken lightly, whatever your age, but most particularly if you have any pre-existing conditions or risk factors, or if you are over 65. I hope that all of us will remain informed and will take all necessary steps to protect our health and that of our loved ones, while keeping the burden on our health care workers as low as we can possibly manage.

Although I don't feel inspired by pretty clothes at all right now, I took the time to cut out my coat last week. Sewing has always been a way to calm my nerves and to move forward in an incremental way, so I think this work can be useful right now.

Hopefully today I will start some pad stitching.

Please stay well and take care. I have posted some articles on my blog that some people may find useful, to better understand how epidemics like this can work. Best wishes and big hugs to all of my fellow seamstresses.

SWAP 2020 / Re: SWAP 2020 general discussi...
Last post by stephaniecan - March 15, 2020, 07:02:09 am
Great work on the blouse, Mahgret, with all of those firsts!
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